15-816 Linear Logic

Spring 1998
Frank Pfenning
Tu Th 1:30-2:50, Wean Hall 4601
12 Units, 1 CS Core Unit

This graduate course provides an introduction to linear logic with an emphasis on its applications in computer science. This includes the theory of functional, logic and imperative programming languages. We will also develop a linear type theory which will serve as a meta-language in which the theory of programming languages with state can be formalized effectively. An implementation of the type theory may be available for practical experiments later in the semester.

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Instructor Teaching Assistant Course Secretary
Frank Pfenning
WeH 8127, 268-6343
Carsten Schürmann
WeH 8121, 268-3069
Rosemary Battenfelder
WeH 8124, 268-3853
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Wed 2:30-3:30 or drop in Tue 3:00-4:00  

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Frank Pfenning