15-814 Types and Programming Languages


We will be using Zoom for synchronous (same time) sessions. The link is available on Canvas > Zoom.

Please make sure that your Internet connection and equipment are set up to use Zoom and able to share audio and video during class meetings. (See Computing Resources for information on the technology you are likely to need.) If you foresee issue, please contact the me as soon as possible.

Sharing video: In this course, being able to see one another helps to facilitate a better learning environment and promote more engaging discussions. Therefore, our default will be to expect students to have their cameras on during lectures and discussions. However, I also completely understand there may be reasons students would not want to have their cameras on, so it is not a requirement. Note: You may use a background image in your video if you wish; just check in advance that this works with your device(s) and internet bandwidth.

Recording of Class Sessions

All synchronous classes will be recorded via Zoom so that students in this course (and only students in this course) can watch or re-watch past class sessions. Please note that breakout rooms will not be recorded. I will make the recordings available on Canvas as soon as possible after each class session (usually within 3 hours of the class meeting). Recordings will live in our Canvas website. Please note that you are not allowed to share these recordings. This is to protect your FERPA rights and those of your fellow students.

Attendance and Class Participation

Active contributions by students are integral part of this course and a significant part of the learning experience. Therefore, students should attend the synchronous (same-time) lectures if feasible and ask and answer questions either by voice or in the chat window. I recognize that there are some for whom this will not be consistently possible, so the course offers other ways to contribute to the class. Specifically, you may ask or answer public questions on Piazza or participate during the community office hour.

Office Hours

There will be three office hours each week, and you may schedule additional meetings if those are insufficient or the times are not suitable. The office hours are divided into community office hours and personal office hours. You may join community office hours via the appropriate Zoom link in Canvas and ask questions or participate in the exchange. The personal office hour uses a waiting area and I intend to answer question or provide help one-on-one.

Assignment Due Dates

All assignments have due dates indicated on the schedule and assignment pages. In general, submitting assignments on time lets the instructional team provide feedback in a more timely and efficient manner. Assignments build on each other, so timely submissions are crucial to your progress in the class. However, given present circumstances, I will not strictly enforce the assignment deadlines. But please note that advance notice is required if your homework is delayed, and grading may take longer for late hand-ins compared to those submitted by the deadline.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If you have a disability and have an accommodations letter from the Disability Resources office, I encourage you to discuss your accommodations and needs with me as early in the semester as possible. I will work with you to ensure that accommodations are provided as appropriate. If you suspect that you may have a disability and would benefit from accommodations but are not yet registered with the Office of Disability Resources, I encourage you to contact them at access@andrew.cmu.edu.

Additional Support

There are a lot of unknowns this semester, plus a less-than-ideal mode of lecture delivery, office hours, and exams, all of which add to the usual academic stress. Please reach out to me at fp@cs.cmu.edu should you need support, help, or accommodations, or come to the regularly scheduled personal office hour on Zoom.

The university also offers support and counseling and we encourage you to take advantage of it if you experience difficult life events, or feelings like anxiety or depression. Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS) is here to help: call 412-268-2922 and visit their website at http://www.cmu.edu/counseling. Consider reaching out to a friend, faculty or family member you trust for help getting connected to the support that can help.

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