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  • I have been a TA for 15-212 Principles of Programming at Carnegie Mellon during Spring 2004. I taught the recitations for section C. I wrote down some of the things I presented at recitations as a reference for students. That information is available at:


    The material in this page refers mainly to my recitation section and contains material I have distributed during recitation or additional information on subjects I presented at recitation.

  • I have been a TA for 15-411 Compiler Design at Carnegie Mellon during Fall 2003.

  • From May 1999 to July 1999, I have taught "Concurrent Systems Programming" at CSEA in Torino, Italy.

  • During the academic year 1998-99, I have worked as a teaching assistant in the foundation of computer science course at the Politecnico di Torino, under the supervision of Luca Durante and Gianluca Cena.

Flavio Lerda Home Page - Teaching