Andrew Faulring

I am a Research Programmer in the Human Computer Interaction Institute working for Brad Myers.

Currently, I am working on designing programming tools for End-User Programmers as part of the NSF-funded Variations to Support Exploratory Programming project.

Previously, I worked on several projects to improve documentation for programming tools. This work involves consulting with SAP and maintaining the Jadeite java documentation tool. I also assist with the Calcite and Apatite tools.

Before that, I worked on the RADAR project, which aimed to build intelligent personal assistants that help people to efficiently handle common office tasks such as managing their calendars, handling email, writing reports, maintaining web sites, allocating project space, and so forth. My research focused on how to build usable interfaces for intelligent agents.

Even earlier, I worked on the the Infocockpits project exploring ways to build computer interfaces that improve a user’s memory. The Infocockpits project was a collaboration between the Stage3 research group here at Carnegie Mellon and the Proffit Perception Lab at the University of Virginia.

But enough with school...

During the summer of 2003, I started playing ultimate frisbee. And I cannot stop. If you're in Pittsburgh, be sure to check out Pittsburgh Ultimate.

When not at school and not playing ultimate, I like to play guitar, take photographs, read, hike, ski, and work around my house.

I have designed and implemented a couple of web sites, including Waverly Farm for my family’s nursery, and Dianna J Dinka » Lampwork Glass Jewelry for my Aunt Dianna, who makes Lampwork Glass Jewelry.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

– Thomas A. Edison