CIF-Q (Simple Version) NS-2 Simulator Source Code (Sept 2001)

This implementation of the simple version of CIF-Q in NS-2 is based on our original proprietary CIF-Q code and is contributed by:

    Zeng Kai
    Electronics & Information Engineering Deparment
    Room 318, The East No.12 Qinyuan Dorm.
    Huazhong University of Science and Technology
    1037 Luoyu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, P.R. China 430074
Click here for the C++ code for NS-2 (ns 2.1b7a).
Click here for an otcl test script.
Click here for the explanation of some simulation results provided by Zeng Kai.

According to Zeng Kai, his implementation uses the WF2Q+ reference system instead of the SFQ reference system as studied in our INFOCOM'98 paper. The WF2Q+ base code that Zeng Kai used was developed by Shahzad Ali and is available here.

*** Note: This implementation of CIF-Q has not been fully tested by us. If you find problems with it, please inform Zeng Kai and us.

The CIF-Q paper:

T. S. Eugene Ng, Ion Stoica, Hui Zhang, "Packet Fair Queueing Algorithms For Wireless Networks with Location-Dependent Errors". INFOCOM'98 , San Francisco CA, March 1998 [.ps.gz] [.pdf]. The CMU Technical Report version is also available [.ps.gz] [.pdf]. Click here for my INFOCOM'98 presentation.