NACLO Rules (2008)


The NACLO competition is for middle and high schools, and thus you may participate only if you are a middle-school or high-school student; it consists of two rounds, called the Open Round and Invitational Round.

Open Round (February 5, 2008): The first round is open to all interested middle-school and high-school students; its purpose is to identify the strong contestants who advance to the second round. The judges expect that about one hundred contestants will advance to the Invitational Round.

Invitational Round (March 11, 2008): The second round is for the contestants who have advanced from the first round, and the problems at this competition are harder than the Open-Round problems. The purpose is to select national winners, who will be eligible to participate in the international competition.

Problems and solutions

Allowed and disallowed materials

Conduct during the contest

Questions during the contest

Note to facilitators: The contact email for clarifications is Please do not attempt to answer questions about problems without contacting the judges. Also, please monitor your e-mail for possible clarifications and corrections.


Special needs

If you have special needs, please notify the contest organizers as soon as possible, and they will try to accommodate you. You should discuss all your special needs before the contest.

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