NACLO Scoring

When scoring your solutions, the judges will award credit for both theory (understanding and explaining the patterns) and practice (applying the theory to answer specific questions). They will award about 40% for the theory, and about 60% for the practice. Thus, you need to explain your reasoning in order to get the full credit.

Example problem

Identify the pattern in Sentences A-D, and use it to complete Sentence E.

Example scoring


1 point for discovering that "Dogs" and "Mary and Jessica" describe multiple people/animals (plural), whereas "Brian" and "The bird" refer to a single person/animal (singular).

1 point for realizing that there is no distinction in the grammar between humans and animals.

1 point for figuring out that the verb "walk" takes an "s" if the subject is singular; note that you have no data about 1st and 2nd person, so you can infer only that singular takes "s".


5 points for using "walk" to complete the last sentence.

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