the haiku log

These are what the zarchives have got with the word "haiku", plus a little context. The Olestra haiku have been segregated; you probably want Corey's Olestra haiku page anyway. If you've got pre-zarchive haiku or haiku on (graffiti) or haiku that I just missed, send 'em in. (When was the first haiku posted?)

Corey Kosak (kosak) (ace of base.haiku) [15-Mar-1995, 17:48]
Ace of Base Party
Many good friends dance with me
Now I am alone

James M Stichnoth (stichnot) (dinner.haiku) [15-Mar-1995, 17:50]
[From a while ago]
Steaming chicken plate
Calls from smoky Oakland bar
Stomach is growling

Peter Weyhrauch (pww) (ace of base.haiku) [15-Mar-1995, 17:51]
Lights sway the heady
Breath of writhing bodies dare
Spotlight on Hot Lust

David C. Steere (dcs) (haiku.d) [15-Mar-1995, 17:52]
zephyr traffic flows
work awaits my lazy ass
boredom overwhelms

Jonathan Hardwick (jch) (help.tex.haiku.bait) [ 7-Apr-1995, 14:52]
a demigod returns
the faq holds the answer, but
psu does not flame

Jonathan R Shewchuk (jrs) (help.tex.haiku.bait.d) [ 7-Apr-1995, 14:57]
A syllabic crime
Five-seven-five is shattered
jch has lost

Pete Su (psu) (help.tex.haiku.bait.d) [ 7-Apr-1995, 14:59]
though no flame occured
procrastination prevails
work was avoided

Jonathan Hardwick (jch) (help.tex.haiku.bait.d) [ 7-Apr-1995, 14:59]
/returns/asks/ -- makes more sense, too

Jonathan R Shewchuk (jrs) (help.tex.haiku.bait.d) [ 7-Apr-1995, 14:59]
jch retreats
to caffeinated remorse
jrs just mocks

James M Stichnoth (stichnot) (help.tex.haiku.bait.d) [ 7-Apr-1995, 15:00]
Jrs is lost:
Sushi always on his mind.
Dinner approaches.

Greg Morrisett (jgmorris) (help.mail) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:31]
to scotland I must
send a paper by wednesday night
monday mail alright?

Paul W Placeway (pwp) (help.mail) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:34]
by monday mail
do you mean the post awful?
federal express?

Paul W Placeway (pwp) (help.mail) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:38]
it's not clear to me
FedEx has an advantage:
computer tracking

Greg Morrisett (jgmorris) (help.mail) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:40]
haiku helps me not
my odious revising
of the paper due

Allan Rempel (rempel) (help.mail) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:40]
I don't believe any
mail carrier will get it
there in just 2 days.

Only couriers
have the speed you seem to need.
e'en spec. del. won't do

I tried to send mail
to SK within 1 week.
Needed courier.

Paul W Placeway (pwp) (help.mail) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:44]
SK took a week?!?
Canada not US state?
I guess it isn't...

Allan Rempel (rempel) (help.mail) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:49]
Needed guarantee.
Not a week but pretty close.
Canada too far...

Corey Kosak (kosak) (partridge family.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:48]
Partridge Family
Their talent--never surpassed
I think I love you

Robert OCallahan (roc) (talk.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:51]
My ultimate goal:
The paramount ambition -
All haiku defense.

Paul W Placeway (pwp) (partridge family.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:52]
Partridge haiku
has much beauty; little fat
I honor author.

La la LA la (snl) (talk.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:52]
i would be there, though
i don't even know you. such
art needs encouraged

Peter Weyhrauch (pww) (partridge family.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:53]
multi colored bus
fun family with ruben
must kill susan dey

Allan Rempel (rempel) (talk.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:54]
I am quite impressed.
Burg thing adds a novel touch.

Corey Kosak (kosak) (thesis defense.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:55]
First year--sweet, carefree
Fourth year--bitter enslavement
Nth year--must get out

Peter Weyhrauch (pww) (obscene critique.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:56]
fucking haiku boy
get a life you creepy slime
must kill susan dey

Corey Kosak (kosak) (Burg thing.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 17:58]
Want to drive dahntahn
To get gumbands and pop, but
Battery needs charged

Peter Weyhrauch (pww) (image haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 18:01]
..... ..... .
--- ....**^(&*&^ )*( 9080
7987(*& sdf(& 0987098

Lin Chase (lindaq) ( [ 7-Apr-1995, 18:04]
misogyny in
confession zephyrs always
ski pole up my twat

Corey Kosak (kosak) (kosak.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 18:11]
six robotic arms,
and a whirling head. Robot:
I think i love you

Jonathan R Shewchuk (jrs) (kosak.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 18:13]
I warn you Corey;
flee Automata, she thinks
of nothing but hex

Peter Weyhrauch (pww) (kosak.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 18:14]
My gal is a bot
Touches where others will not
Hose me off -- I'm hot!

Corey Kosak (kosak) (kosak.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 18:17]
Ooh... Ahh... That feels good...
My sexy robotic.... WAIT!
<Garbage Collecting>

Peter Weyhrauch (pww) (kosak.haiku) [ 7-Apr-1995, 18:25]
Peter Paul and Corey
Discuss the Friday Haiku
Good Bad ... Must get out!

mature lion-hearted life-token (ghn) (weather.temp.haiku) [11-Apr-1995, 10:33]
When you lose a lime
The god's software cannot work
There is no weather.

Corey Kosak (kosak) (afs.haiku) [11-Apr-1995, 20:35]
Flowing poetry
On Zephyr winds flies so far
Anyone out there?

Jonathan R Shewchuk (jrs) (haiku.very.bad) [16-Apr-1995, 21:24]
Simply simplices!

James M Stichnoth (stichnot) (haiku.very.bad) [16-Apr-1995, 21:26]
Try strangulation.

Justin Boyan (jab) (haiku.very.bad) [16-Apr-1995, 21:27]
A W2
Is meant to have been stapled
To your paycheck. Dork.

Pete Su (psu) (food.spam.haiku) [20-Apr-1995, 10:26]
Pink tender morsel,
Glistening with salty gel.
What the hell is it?

Thomas Warfel (tew) (food.spam.haiku) [20-Apr-1995, 10:28]
Ears, snouts, and innards
A homogenous mass
Pass another slice.

Cube of cold pinkness
Yellow specks of porcine fat
GIve me a spork please.

Old man seeks doctor
"I eat SPAM every day," says he.

Highly unnatural
The tortured shape of this "food",
A small pink coffin.

Allan Rempel (rempel) (food.span.haiku.d) [20-Apr-1995, 10:37]
And the haikus don't even all fit the 5-7-5 scheme. I'm amazed at the
number of haikus that have appeared on zephyr that don't fit that scheme,
given how amazingly unchallenging it is to make something fit that.

Justin Boyan (jab) (food.span.haiku.d) [20-Apr-1995, 10:39]
Dear Mr. Rempel,
Please shut up about

Corey Kosak (kosak) (haiku.guinea-pig) [20-Apr-1995, 16:41]
from the GPIGS mailing list

Fragrant tomato
Stretching, climbing, squeaking, reep!
Happy eating, purrrrrrr.

Hamster ball rolling
Butt my head into the ball
Hamsters run away!

Lovely full food dish
Pellets scattered, dish o'erturned
Hungry piggy graze!

Piggywig (1995)
>From the Collected Works of Piggywig-- Volume I: Poems and Prose

Jonathan Hardwick (jch) (strange.things.haiku) [14-Jul-1995, 14:21]
"Senator Exon"

Exon the newbie
"Click, click, click, pornography!"
Fuck off, Nazi prick

- Mark Dallara

Pete Su (psu) (spam.haiku) [25-Sep-1995, 14:33]
net spam avoidance
will soon be an exercise
in futility

James Aspnes (asp) (www.netscape.haiku) [ 4-Oct-1995, 17:30]
I don't need this mail
From unhappy Lynx users
Who can't read my page.

James Aspnes (asp) (www.netscape.haiku) [ 4-Oct-1995, 17:35]
Netscape extensions
Will make Web-surfing harder
For non-customers.

Eric Tilton (tilt) (www.netscape.haiku) [ 4-Oct-1995, 17:41]

Anwar Mohammed (anwar) (help.zephyr.newbie) [ 4-Oct-1995, 18:04]
I think I'll get sick
if I see one more haiku
or complaint about not sticking to the fucking haiku pattern.

restrained warm-brained fortitude (ghn) (landay.haiku) [25-Oct-1995, 13:54]
Anyone seen him,
Or has he left already?
To feed his meter.

obedient cautious-tongued bookman (ghn) (landay.haiku.d) [25-Oct-1995, 13:58]
I can't spell my one's
Without an apostrophe.
I am such a fool.

Corey Kosak (kosak) (haiku.d) [25-Oct-1995, 13:59]
landay's ass-worm has
squirmed into your brain. Haiku
are 5-7-5

Paul W Placeway (pwp) (landay.haiku) [25-Oct-1995, 14:04]
mister james landay / to feed meters every day / excuse to go play
(gawd that was bad.)

Robert Frederking (ref) (landay.haiku.d) [25-Oct-1995, 14:06]
According to, there is
controversy over whether the 5-7-5 rule is appropriate for English,
and tehre is a rule that a seasonal word must be included, traditionally.

healthy healthy-fed harmony (ghn) (landay.haiku.d) [25-Oct-1995, 14:08]
a tankka sounds like
a limerick from Japan
except for no rhyme
but the pattern is alike
two lines this way and three that

Robert Frederking (ref) (landay.haiku.d) [25-Oct-1995, 14:12]
For the seriously interested, see

Thomas McGinnis (tfm) (help.coke.haiku) [25-Oct-1995, 14:13]
No m&ms still!!
Who do I complain to?

Phoebe Sengers (phoebe) (help.coke.haiku.correct) [25-Oct-1995, 14:16]
No m&ms still!!
Where do I complain?

obedient lion-hearted plastron (ghn) (help.coke.haiku.correct) [25-Oct-1995, 14:31]
M&Ms now in
The machine on the third floor --
Colored like fall leaves.

James Aspnes (asp) (landay.haiku.d) [25-Oct-1995, 16:31]
Haiku... much simpler
Under the cherry blossoms
Not knowing the rules.

David gator Rochberg (rochberg) (www.geek) [ 1-Nov-1995, 15:50]
Sorry if this was mentioned while I was out of town, but
Sci-Fi Haikus.

confident pasta-livered constellation (ghn) (slitex) [ 7-Nov-1995, 15:39]
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
Go to fucking hell you damn fucking piece of crap software.
I will not use frame.

Corey Kosak (kosak) (slitex.haiku) [ 7-Nov-1995, 15:41]
Go to fucking hell
You damn fucking piece of crap
I will not use frame

Peter Weyhrauch (pww) (slitex.haiku) [ 7-Nov-1995, 15:53]
Corey: Although admirable talent has been displayed in you haiku, I
find some of the phrases objectionable, possible offensive. WE can
all get along and not use such words and still make *wonderful* art.

Allow me to show you how I would have composed you haiku

Fuck in fucking hell
You damn fucking piece (fuck) crap
Fuck: can't fucking frame

Jonathan Hardwick (jch) (slitex.haiku) [ 7-Nov-1995, 15:55]
Sorry, you still included the offensive word "frame".

Peter Weyhrauch (pww) (slitex.haiku) [ 7-Nov-1995, 15:59]
Pardon, you are so correct.... I forgot the obvious switch... freudian slip:

Fuck in fucking hell
You damn fucking piece (fuck) crap
Fuck: can't fucking fuck

James Aspnes (asp) (slitex.haiku) [ 7-Nov-1995, 16:04]
I'm not sure "fuck" counts as a season-word.
How about:

Cold autumn breezes...
Terminal out the window...
Frame drove me to this.

Corey Kosak (kosak) (sddd.haiku) [21-Nov-1995, 17:46]
Alpha AFS
No slower than a sun3
Where did my files go?

Corey Kosak (kosak) ( [23-Jan-1996,
peter on the phone
must turn music down -- "too loud!"
he says.. he must die

Mark Thomas (mthomas) (network.haiku) [26-Jan-1996, 15:18]
The LANBridge is wedged;
Packets grow old and fall dead;
Woe is my HP (dennis) (haiku homepage) [ 1-Feb-1996, 10:05]
I wonder what they think of Olestra

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) ( [ 5-Feb-1996, 19:31]
at drinking fountain,
retroactive lactase tabs
follow pizza down

David Steere (dcs) ( [ 5-Feb-1996, 19:36]
Milk intolerant
But grads live for free pizza
it sucks to be you

Scott Draves (spot) (haiku.program-transformation) [ 5-Feb-1996, 19:47]
small program explodes
obscure tweek saves twelve-kay lines
growing fear of real code

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (haiku.tartan) [ 6-Feb-1996, 10:24]
Weekly dilemma -
comic fix, or clean fingers?
(should have chosen Web..)

Longer logger hens (ghn) (haiku.tartan) [ 6-Feb-1996, 10:26]
But in winter's cold
Decorate your office with
Plaid wrapping paper

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (zephyr.d) [20-Feb-1996, 16:19]
Lameness remedy:
return of dirty haiku.
Most syllables "fuck!"

David Steere (dcs) (zephyr.d) [20-Feb-1996, 16:21]
number of haiku?
hmm, syllable-counting tricky.
Darrell can do it

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (ukiah.itiffarg) [21-Feb-1996, 14:02]
our zephyr haiku
is not the one true haiku
*sniff* we still love it..

Corey Kosak (kosak) (gasleak?.haiku) [22-Feb-1996, 15:51]
does anyone else
smell the very strange scent? (I'm
on the 7th floor)

Longer logger hens (ghn) (weather.temp.haiku) [11-Mar-1996, 09:21]
outside it is cold
while inside it is silent
the zephyr tells naught

Stephen Gifford (sjg) (dan&eric) [11-Mar-1996, 15:14]
Subscribe to *,*
Live with the consequences.

Paul W Placeway (pwp) (dan&eric) [11-Mar-1996, 15:16]
Perhaps we should start sending olestra haiku to dan&eric...

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (dan&eric) [11-Mar-1996, 15:16]
Last two syllables in that haiku were *dam'* quiet..

Paul W Placeway (pwp) (dan&eric) [11-Mar-1996, 15:20]
Zephyr leaks
Society leaks
And Olean

Corey Kosak (kosak) (dan&eric) [11-Mar-1996, 15:26]
eric's anus leaks.
dan's sphincter tactility
dangerously smooth

Mismatching son (tfm) (haiku) [19-Mar-1996, 16:08]
[since consensus has been reached]
dkindred is gone
zephyr archives are stopp'd up
would olestra help?

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (haiku) [19-Mar-1996, 16:11]
olestra haiku
drips, unarchived, into void :(
our tears fall like rain...

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (test.haiku) [20-Mar-1996, 14:30]
all is quiet now
or my zephyr died again..
make noise to find out

David Steere (dcs) (test.haiku) [20-Mar-1996, 14:32]
somebody out there
has a wee bit too much time
on their hands it seems

Corey Kosak (kosak) (menendez.haiku) [25-Mar-1996, 12:20]
we just wanted love
and affection, but we got
lethal injection

Longer logger hens (ghn) (cow.contagion.haiku) [29-Mar-1996, 14:57]
Eating my brain out
May just drive you to madness
Kind of like grad school.

Karl Kleinpaste (karl) (gnus) [ 4-Apr-1996, 11:09]

you are the ragged edge of being really seriously screwed.

honestly, the safest thing to do is to toast that emacs entirely --
kill -9 the sucker so it gets no chance to hurt you.

otherwise, yes, if you haven't used unusual access methods (nnml &
whatnot), and don't read from more than 1 server, you're probably ok
to quit normally, remove .newsrc.eld, and try again.
save a copy of .newsrc as it stands right now, just in case.

Justin Boyan (jab) (gnus.haiku) [ 4-Apr-1996, 11:11]
You are on the rag-
ged edge of being really
Seriously screwed.


Corey Kosak (kosak) (DH.moving.haiku) [ 8-Apr-1996, 14:49]
Almost.... try

Again. No one knows
who is moving? Who will be
my new office mate?

David gator Rochberg (rochberg) (www) [25-Apr-1996, 13:49]
Unabomber haiku

{Mismatched Parentheses) (ghn) (haiku) [26-Apr-1996, 12:06]
The lilac's in bloom
But we know it will snow soon
Living in Pittsburgh

{Mismatched Parentheses) (ghn) (haiku.graffiti.zephyr) [29-Apr-1996, 12:36]
When birds leave the nest
How often do they forget
What the straw felt like?

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (haikugraffiti.zephyr) [29-Apr-1996, 12:41]
Do birds leaving nest
Bring some old straw along, like
Sourdough starter?

Corey Kosak (kosak) (newsbites.write-only.haiku) [ 1-May-1996, 13:52]
Research suggests a
vegetarian diet
can be orgasmic.

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (newsbites.write-only.haiku) [ 1-May-1996, 13:53]
I wonder how, or
where one would get funding for
research such as that.

{Mismatched Parentheses) (ghn) ( [ 1-May-1996, 13:58]

ghn =

realloc(ghn, n

now i have space for
some ++haikus which will
be written in C

{Mismatched Parentheses) (ghn) (haiku++) [ 1-May-1996, 14:04]

{ int foo;

foo++); }
/* Figure out which parts
of this code you must pronounce
to get the meter */

Dis Patcher (snl) (haiku.d) [ 1-May-1996, 14:09]
bang! splat! grad students
sometimes allow advisors
to push them too far

Dis Patcher (snl) (haiku.haiku.haiku) [17-May-1996, 16:37]
sensitive chick flick
nonviolent goofy schtick
deserves kung fu kick

No scamming this (tfm) (net.burp.d.olestra.haiku) [20-May-1996, 14:22]
I fed my network
electronic olestra
packet sniffers swoon

Dis Patcher (snl) (hacking.haiku) [26-May-1996, 20:12]
pointers with sharp teeth
gnaw away at my eyeballs
i wake up screaming

Ralph Melton (ralph) (haiku) [28-May-1996, 10:40]
The sad fate of a
Vegetarian vampire:
Tofu does not bleed.

Dis Patcher (snl) (haiku) [28-May-1996, 10:41]
how wrong you are, ralph
soy milk dribbles down my chin
my fangs are happy

Corey Kosak (kosak) (pizza.lounge.haiku) [11-Jul-1996, 14:10]
diving for muff wigs
I learn so much on zephyr
May I graduate?

David gator Rochberg (rochberg) (sddd.afs.haiku.lame) [18-Jul-1996, 00:07]
hate hate hate hate hate
lose lose lose lose lose lose lose
grumble grumble afs

for the record, AFS has been treating me well as of late (knock on melamine)

John McClary Prevost (visigoth) (sddd.afs.haiku) [18-Jul-1996, 00:09]
While tears melt away
my files, my precious children--
Even fireflies mock me.

Corey Kosak (kosak) (sddd.afs.haiku) [18-Jul-1996, 00:10]
jesus, neither of you can count

Marc Unangst (mju) (help) [ 5-Aug-1996, 14:01]
better yet, in the form of a (proper) haiku

David Eckhardt (davide) (help) [ 5-Aug-1996, 14:03]

David Eckhardt (davide) (help) [ 5-Aug-1996, 14:04]

Jonathan Hardwick (jch) (help.haiku) [ 6-Aug-1996, 17:55]
I compile the chip
wait five minutes and then run.
ohhh, kosak++

Corey Kosak (kosak) (facilities.haiku) [12-Aug-1996, 15:35]
printouts very light
is iron out of toner?
operator called

David Steere (dcs) (facilities.haiku) [12-Aug-1996, 15:37]
unbearable light
Darkness adds definition.
some more toner please

Jonathan Hardwick (jch) (unix-forum.haiku.d) [16-Aug-1996, 17:11]
Wow. I'm, like, clueless,
Cannot understand zephyr.
Must drink more coffee.

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (help.english.d.d) [30-Aug-1996, 13:37]
haiku with spare tire
syllable: a little pregnant,
or fake-fat "before"?

Jonathan Hardwick (jch) (coffee.haiku) [ 2-Sep-1996, 12:20]
Coffee's good. I made
a pot. Get some now while it's
still hot. Burma Shave.

Brian Noble (bnoble) (coffee.haiku) [ 2-Sep-1996, 12:21]
Hey! Cite your source, even if I never put it in haiku form!

Eli Brandt (eli) (haiku) [24-Sep-1996, 09:57]
rain, rain, go away.
come again another day.
or just stay away.

Corey Kosak (kosak) (redux.haiku) [ 9-Oct-1996, 13:26]
Daily Redux dose.
How much weight have I lost? Uh,
I can't remember.

Moth Massing, Inc (tfm) (weather.haiku) [30-Oct-1996, 09:10]
high winds send autmun
leaves to and fro. but zephyr
still sddd.

Robert Thomas Monroe (bmonroe) (sddd.haiku) [31-Oct-1996, 16:32]
vending scam breaks heart
only thin air from machine
pair of quarters gone

John McClary Prevost (visigoth) (C++.quiz-of-the-day.haiku) [21-Nov-1996, 00:16]
foo["this is a test"]
looks much better to me than
"this is a test"[foo]

Corey Kosak (kosak) (elevator-haiku) [ 3-Dec-1996, 15:25]
lovely undergrad
skin so smooth, eyes bright and sweet
ride one floor: must die!

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (elevator-haiku.d) [ 3-Dec-1996, 15:26]
tasty undergrad,
eyes bright and sweet. never ride
one floor with cthulhu.

Corey Kosak (kosak) (elevator.queer-clothing.haiku) [ 3-Dec-1996, 15:30]
hey mr cowboy
gun under that poncho? Just
happy to see me?

Corey Kosak (kosak) (elevator-haiku) [ 4-Dec-1996, 17:22]
lovely undergrad
please god--is power failure
too much to ask for?

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (haiku.cs-core) [ 5-Dec-1996, 17:09]
like spores on fern frond,
an electron micrograph
of capacitors

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (confession.d) [10-Dec-1996, 16:50]
haiku are harder;
can't assume the cube will help.
must increase delay.

Eli Brandt (eli) (haiku) [16-Dec-1996, 17:08]
start grading final:
light outside. finish grading:
dark in the big room.

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (weather.haiku.shakespeare) [16-Jan-1997, 11:53]
Oh that this too too
solid snow would thaw, melt, and ...
argh ... *after* brushed off.

Scott Draves (spot) (sddd) [18-Feb-1997, 17:22]
spot doesn't use his brain.
Excel does use the fonts.
but PP doesn't.

Eli Brandt (eli) (sddd.hacked-to-haiku) [18-Feb-1997, 17:23]
spot doesn't use his
brain. Excel does use the fonts.
but PP doesn't.

Jim Zelenka (jimz) (help.english) [21-Feb-1997, 20:07]
The reference haiku:
Oh no Godzilla
Tanks and planes cannot stop him
Tokyo is ablaze

Falling asteroid
Need to buy some school supplies
You're soaking in it

Ralph Melton (ralph) (haiku) [ 4-Mar-1997, 15:46]
I hate being sick
Used kleenex fall like snowflakes
More cough medicine

Stewart M. Clamen (clamen) (graffiti.haiku) [15-Mar-1997, 21:42]
Starburst jellybeans
Undergraduate sandwich
Spot eating pizza.

Eli Brandt (eli) (graffiti.springtime.haikuized) [,]
Blue skies meet blue eyes
Gentle breez meets a fresh shave
Springtime! Olestra!

rochberg, david gator (rochberg) ( [10-Apr-1997, 23:31]
My alphastation
fan runs nearly all the time.
Think it's hot in there?

Eli Brandt (eli) (chat.haiku) [10-Apr-1997, 23:33]
/etc/edump is
thrashing my disk pretty hard.
time to go home now?

Corey Kosak (kosak) (sddd.haiku) [19-Apr-1997, 18:43]
Half Duplex Soundcards
Weird Soundcards that Don't Behave
Diff'rent DLL's

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (graffiti.haiku.randomly generated by lava lamps) [1-May-1997, 16:51]
shout poke thankfully
jealously eggplant new strong
revere cheesy bean

Bridget Spitznagel (sprite) (graffiti.haiku.spring-L18) [ 2-May-1997, 14:31]
dandelions in
full-blown promiscuity:
bunch'a fucking weeds.

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19 Jan 2002