Email Datasets

1. Personal Name Annotation

Due to privacy issues, it is very hard to get hold of large and realistic email corpora. Here you can find
a couple of email datasets, as well as a dataset of news groups text - annotated with personal names spans.

The full description of these datasets, including relevant statistics and references, is available in:

Einat Minkov, Richard C. Wang & William W. Cohen, Extracting Personal Names from Emails:
Applying Named Entity Recognition to Informal Text
, in HLT/EMNLP 2005 (PDF)

Some fast details: Download:

Email Datasets: person name disambiguation and threading

2. Person name disambiguation and threading

Here you can download Enron corpora and datasets, used for the general problems of entity disambiguation
and the extraction of inter-entity relations. Email here is represented as a relational database, which includes
text. Specifically, the tasks considered in these subsets of the Enron corpus are person name disambiguation
in email and intelligent message threading.

Two variations of the data are provided:

A. row email essages, and the corresponding datasets (queries and correct answers), as used in

B. graph files (net relations and entity declarations), and the corresponding datasets, as used in

Note: the corpora files of (A) and (B) are different representation of the same data (where reply lines
have been removed in the latter). The datasets are mostly identical, with the exception that some examples
were moved from the training and test sets to a development set.