Emma Brunskill

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Dept. Affiliate Machine Learning Dept.
Carnegie Mellon University
ebrunskill at cs dot cmu dot edu

My lab focuses on creating autonomous agents that learn to interact with people, envisioning systems like self-optimizing tutors that proactively improve their teaching as they interact with more students. Accomplishing this requires new algorithmic and theoretical advances in machine learning, optimal control and artificial intelligence. I am particularly excited about the potential of machine learning to transform the effectiveness of online education and most of my lab's application work focuses on education.

This fall I am teaching a graduate Ai class on Real life Reinforcement Learning. Join us!


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I am fortunate to get to work with a great set of individuals and I am currently working with

If you're an undergraduate or graduate at CMU interested in helping us transform and scale personalized learning, or tackling new challenges in sequential decision making under uncertainty, please get in touch!