Protecting the Vulnerable
from Narconon/Scientology

How to get your money back from Narconon

Megargel lawsuit against Narconon of Southern CA

Locatelli lawsuit against Narconon of Southern CA & Narconon Joshua Hills
Text of the complaint filed June 29, 2009; settled September, 2009
Article at about the lawsuit

Narconon Stone Hawk and
A Forever Recovery: Fraud and Deceit

Narconon Exposed in Australia

Narconon also operates sites in the United Kingdom. We are currently seeking information on Narconon abuses in the UK.

Personal Stories of Abuse at Narconon
Newest document: Daniel L's story (June 2008)
Recent document: Jeff Z's story (January 2008)
Photos: Michael G's story (November 2003)
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Narconon Document Archive: Index
Some selected documents:
Not welcome: Rebuffed by Hillbsorough County (FL)
Photoshop madness! Narconon's disappearing advisory board
Fraud! Norma Tigerman never endorsed Narconon
More fraud! The paper that wasn't published
Mystery: Erasing Bob Adams
Graphic: Narconon's Place on the Scientology Org Board
Unaccredited: No insurance reimbursement for Narconon!
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Leona Valley (CA) Fights Back
Scientology's Sheriff: Leroy Baca (Los Angeles)

Narconon in Boston
Banned: Narconon prohibited from Boston public schools
Bobby Wiggins Hat: Drug Education the Scientology way

Narconon/Scientology Infiltration of the
San Francisco Unified School District

****** ARTICLES ****** Comprehensive article collection
Latest: Schools urged to drop antidrug program
Exclusive: Scientology emails reveal Narconon's true nature

The Battle for Newport Beach
Threat: Narconon's legal threat to Dr. Linda Orozco
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Rape at Narconon (Watsonville, CA)
Narconon of Northern California (Watsonville/Vista Bay)
More problems at Watsonville:
RipoffReport on Narconon Vista Bay
Complaint and timeline filed 4/9/2007 with California ADP
Police calls involving Narconon Watsonville for 2004-2007

Narconon staffer and alleged rapist Brett Alan Lengstorf. Like most staff, Lengstorf was himself a Narconon graduate. Six weeks after the rape, he was arrested in Santa Cruz County for possession of crack cocaine, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia. He died in 2005. (mug shot, more info)

Narconon Rejected in Sweden

Narconon Trois-Rivieres Exposed

Narcoon Warner Springs: Notice of Deficiency


Emotionally troubled starlet Kirstie Alley, a high level "Operating Thetan" Scientologist and former drug abuser, has long served as Narconon's celebrity spokesperson.

Please see for information on:
  • Narconon's real relationship to Scientology.
  • Narconon's lies about its effectiveness and success rate.
  • Narconon's scientifically unsound medical claims.
  • The physical dangers of Narconon's treatment regimen.
Please see Reaching for the Tipping Point for additional articles about Narconon.

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