Scientology Emails About Narconon

This file is a collection of internal emails among members of the Church of Scientology in which Narconon is discussed. It is clear from these messages that Narconon is run like any other branch of the Scientology organization, and that its goal is to further the acceptance of Scientology into civilized society. Note: there is a Glossary of Scientology Jargon at the end.

Cast of characters:

Subject:  L.A. area Scns - fast survey

Dear San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Simi Valley and Crescenta
Valley Scn,

As acting President of the Valley Org Clear Expansion Committee, it has
come to my attention that there are Scns active in areas similar to those
of OT Committees and Clear Expansion Committees who are not connected up
to others or reporting wins or stats anywhere. Great power is achieved by
connecting up to an organized group. Please take two minutes to fill out
the following:1. If you are NOT currently connected up to an OT Committee
or Clear Expansion Committee and yet are active on a fairly regular basis
in any of the following areas, please put an "x" next to those areas:

Honorary LRH PRO
Recovering People onto the Bridge
Getting people onto the Bridge
Field Auditing or Volunteer Minister
Gung-Ho Group
Promoting, starting Missions
The Way To Happiness
Getting LRH Study Tech into the community
Narconon and Drug Handling
Criminon Drug Education
WISE - getting LRH Admin Tech into the community
None of the above

2. If you are not currently active but WOULD LIKE TO BE or would like more
info on how to be, tell me which areas attract you and how you can be
reached.  And finally, in any event, you are invited to attend "Wake Up
Call" dissem drilling at Valley Org (818 947 0600) every other Tuesday at
6pm, the next one being this Tuesday, 16 October. Snacks, like pizza, are
available. It's free  .It's fun. It's survival.  If you already are
connected up, well done. If you've been saying to yourself," I really need
to help more or to connect up," you are 100% correct. Imagine a future
Valley(s) area without drugs, crime, psychs, using Study Tech and Admin
Tech, with tons of auditing going on, tens of thousands of auditors,
missions all around, LRH and his accomplishments common knowledge, etc.
etc. Email me or call me at 818 764 1261.
Eric Krackow OT Ambassador and acting CEC Pres Valley

PS If there are any MUs in the above, let me handle them for you. EK

10/16/01 TO: From: Subject: Over 2,000 public schools requesting new Narconon video! Please permit me to pose 4 rhetorical questions with obvious but striking implications. Imagine that you had received a request for a Narconon drug education video from a US public school teacher in your area, and you knew for certain that it would become a part of the yearly curriculum for all of their classes. And, also assume that you knew for a fact that, if you personally did not get them this video that they were going to give their students psych-based drug education instead. Even if you had to buy it yourself, would you give it to them? Imagine that teacher agreeing to administer a special questionnaire to the kids after they viewed the video and agreeing to include their own written statement about the value of the video, and sending the completed surveys to Narconon for tabulation? Would that be useful in future promotions of LRH drug prevention materials? What if you had certainty that, conservatively, over 2,000 kids could be expected to view that video - and that it would only cost 2-1/2 cents per child to do it? Would that be a good investment in your neighborhood? And what if the whole cycle, once the video were donated to the school, could be competently administered and followed up by a very well-organized Narconon organization so you wouldn't have to worry about it? would that inspire you to put some energy into the cycle? Well, THE ABOVE SCENARIO IS ACTUAL! We have almost 2,000 (not 1,000 as we have had sponsored up till now) US public school teachers who have requested the brand new "Marijuana - The Myth" videos for this coming US Drug Prevention Week ("Red Ribbon Week")!!! And so, we need these additional 1,000 school teachers sponsored THIS WEEK in order to fulfill those requests! This could mean the difference in these kids deciding to avert the danger of drugs, or to plunge blindly into them. This is our moment of opportunity. This is our chance to meet the demand that is already in our hands in the form of written requests for our new video from US public school health teachers all over this country. Let's strike a decisive blow by helping to shatter the myths about marijuana and other drugs that seduce and trap our children and start them on the fast track to destruction, misery and death. These videos can be expected to reach over 4,000,000 school children with the truth about drugs. Without the correct data, what do you think they will get? Please help. DONATION FORM Give the kids in your area this opportunity to hear the truth about alcohol and other drugs. Sponsor as many schools as you can in your city or state to receive one or more of these vital educational videos. Please fill in one of the following: Full Grantor status ($100,000 contribution) _______________ Grantor and Executive Producer credit ($75,000) ________________ Sponsor 500 schools - our 1,000,000 Kids Club ($25,000) Executive Producer ($20,000) ____________________ Producer ($15,000) ___________________ Assistant Producer credit ($10,000) ________________ Special Acknowledgement ($5,000) ________________ Sponsor 50 schools - our 100,000 Kids Club ($2,500) Sponsor 25 schools - our 50,000 Kids Club ($1,250) Sponsor 15 schools - our 30,000 Kids Club ($750) Sponsor 10 schools - our 20,000 Kids Club ($500) Sponsor of ________ schools X $50.00 = $___________. You may also purchase your own copy of this stellar new product at the special price of $39.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling. (California residents add $3.20 tax). Please send me _________ copies of the video for my own use. $_______________ total. Accepted methods of payment: Check, or Credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover):Card # __________________________________________ Exp. Date ________________ Thank you! Charlie Burger Director of Fundraising Friends of Narconon International (a non-profit, public benefit organization) 622 E. Villa St. - Suite 201Pasadena, CA 91101 Tele: (800) 882-6862Fax: (626) 796-4302Website: email: friends110
Date: 11/25/01 From: (Joseph Hochman) Subject: Are We Still Doing Narconon Services? I get asked from time to time if we are (still) doing Narconon services. For about 15 years we helped Narconons by delivering Narconon services. We tended to handle a celebrity Narconon public. We did so quite successfully and saved many lives. Many of those we helped at Narconon went on to become Scientologists. We were licensed to run a Narconon. However, as we grew bigger, it became a problem because we were delivering both Scientology and Narconon under the same roof which could have created the apparency that Narconon was part of the Church of Scientology which it is not. There was no legal flap or anything like that, nor have we ever had one. The chapter in WHAT IS SCIENTOLOGY about Narconon explains the relationship between Narconon and Scientology. As we would be stretched too thin to run a Narconon in another location as well as the Scientology field practice, we discontinued the Narconon at least for now, and go went back to our primary purpose of making the able more able in our Scientology field practice. However, this does not mean we do not help people with drug problems using Scientology tech. The tech of handling drugs is in Scientology materials which we use. Much of it is in the SCIENTOLOGY HANDBOOK. We have a great deal of expertise in that area. So, yes, although it is not our main public, we do still handle druggies. In fact Ron Howson now works on our staff doing an excellent job of getting them through withdrawals and educating them and their families and then we do Purifs on them and the rest of the route. So, yes, you can still send these guys to us. We won't accept them all, but if we don't we will send them in the right direction. But, of course, our main public is the able. We maintain a very upstat, safe, personal service oriented environment for them. Call us anytime. Love, Joe Hochman Field Auditor Since 1971 818 831 6645 Toll Free Call: 877 BE CLEAR
From: Tony Bylsma Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 Subject: MEST Donations Needed for Narconon Drug Ed MEST Donations Needed Narconon Drug Prevention & Education (which has been based in Glendale for the past two years) has greatly expanded over the past three months. Delivery stats have 10Xed and our staff has 4Xed. In December alone, 5180 students received live Truth About Drugs presentations. January and February are currently both booked and stats are expected to be up again. We need a few things to help keep us expanding and have written them below. Your help is needed and would be greatly appreciated. 1. 4 current Ethics Books 2. 1 current Vol 0 3. Any other current OECs 4. 1 or 2 good computers. Does not have to be new but in very good working condition. 5. 17-inch, or larger computer, monitors (2-3) 6. And lastly, and most importantly, we need donated or very affordable office space. Preferably in Glendale or surrounding area. Space needs to be large enough for 4 people, six desks, and some filing cabinets. Storage space woulsd help too. Please contact Carole Crest or Sigal Adini at the above email address or at 818-662-9575. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you. Sigal Adini Program Director © Narconon 2002. All rights reserved. Narconon is a trademark and service mark owned by the Association for Better Living and Education International and is used with its permission.
From: "Jackie Flowers-Catarineau" <> To: Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2002 Subject: Learn how to do Drug Education Speaking from Bobby's Wiggin's PRO Hat! Narconon Drug Prevention & Education, Inc. is putting on a seminar on Saturday, February 9th, from 1-6PM on how to do Drug Education seminars. This seminar will be presented by Tony Bylsma and the material will be directly from Bobby Wiggin's hat (if you don't recall, he was an IAS Freedom Medal Winner for his thousands of presentations a couple years ago). The cost is $5.00 and will be held at the Foothills Mission, 2254 Honolulu Avenue, Montrose. Narconon Drug Prevention & Education does presentations to high school students which was Bobby Wiggins specialty. However, this data will prove invaluable to anyone who'd like to do speaking engagements on this area. Learn what worked so you can get started! Please contact Lynn Simmington the Public Exec Secretary to RSVP (otherwise, those will yellow jackets might get preferential seating? .just kidding, just kidding). Call her at 818-957-1500 to RSVP or with any other questions you might have. To find out more about Narconon Drug Prevention & Education, call 818-662-9575 and ask for Tony Bylsma or Sigal Adini. BY THE WAY, Sigal suggested that if anyone has any Volume 0s or Ethics Books that they could donate that would be cool. They can be the most current version or even one just prior to the current version. Also, if any companies would like to assist financially with the projects they are doing, please call. High Schools don't pay a lot (or at all) for the presentations so they run a on a tight shoestring budget! See you Saturday! Regards, Jackie Flowers Vice President of Public Relations for Renaissance Speakers, a public speaking club at Celebrity Centre Int'l Meets Sunday mornings from 9-Noon in the Downstairs Theatre,
From: Joe Hochman 13 FEB 2002 Dear Friends, This is a briefing that we have sent out to our friends in the world. We wish that you pass this on to whoever may be interested in our international expansion! “I wanted to give you a short briefing on the latest expansion of the Narconon network. At Narconon International, we currently are managing 109 Narconon centers, in 29 countries. There currently is a worldwide demand for Narconon® drug rehabilitation and education technology. The President of Narconon International, Clark Carr , Sue Birkenshaw, Public Activities Secretary and Bobby Wiggins, Narconon International's Senior Drug Prevention Specialist have just completed a 10 day tour of India. In India they delivered seminars and lectures to a number of doctors, social workers and college students to rave results and demand for training. As you receive this briefing, Clark Carr is enroute to Pakistan, where there is a large demand for Narconon drug rehabilitation and education technology. He will be delivering seminars to doctors, and officials, to assist this nation in resolving its drug addiction problem. Meanwhile, we have our Deputy Executive Director for Expansion in Washington D.C., Jeannie Trahant, meeting with various government officials, and coalitions of other drug rehabilitation and prevention groups and following up on reaches for new Narconon centers. Almost weekly, we receive reaches from individuals who run existing drug rehabilitation facilities asking for information on, and the possibility of including some of the Narconon procedures into their own programs. We are currently working on several pilot projects to export the Narconon program to these existing facilities. Additionally, the number of reaches to start new Narconon centers is increasing all of the time. New centers have just been started in India, Russia, Ghana, as well as all over Europe. The demand for LRH tech based Narconon program is increasing daily. The production of the Narconon network is currently in Affluence with the highest ever number of students on the program, and highest ever delivery across the boards. This also means the highest number of lives saved, or as the Valuable Final Product of all centers states “DRUG FREE PEOPLE WHO ARE VALUABLE, CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS OF SOCIETY RESULTING IN A DRUG-FREE AND CRIME-FREE AREAÆ. At Narconon International we have expanded to 22 staff members. We have set up our own courseroom and have developed new materials to train anyone who is interested in opening a Narconon or in additional data on running a Narconon center. With all of the expansion taking place, it is apparent to us that we need more technically trained personnel to assist us meeting the demand for training. In some cases, we are going to need to send people to help establish whole training centers in countries such as India. The wins of assisting with saving lives through the Narconon method are phenomenal. We also need fundraisers to assisting obtaining the governmental and corporate funding that exists for drug rehabilitation. We need individuals who are willing to go out and start up new areas, meet with officials, or back up our promotional and PR actions. Anyone interested in promotion, or compilations of new materials, are also needed. We ask that if you know of anyone who might like to assist us here at Narconon, please have them contact 323-962-2404, or by return email to Barbro. Please help us to achieve our Valuable Final Product of: L. Ron Hubbard's Drug rehabilitation and prevention technology in wide use resulting in a total revolution in the field of drugs and a drug-free planet.Æ Nancy Pomerantz Operations Supervisor Narconon International © 2002. Narconon International. All rights reserved. Narconon is a trade and service mark owned by the Association for Better Living and Education International and is used with its permission.
From: "Jackie Flowers-Catarineau" <> Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 Subject: Drug Education Speaking Seminar done by Tony Bylsma (Feb 9th in LA) - WOW! > Tony Bylsma gave a Drug Education seminar to the Foothills Mission VMs (what > a cute mission!) last Saturday. > > Tony is from the Narconon Drug Education & Prevention group. They go to > schools, parent and teacher groups, etc. and educate them on Drugs and their > effects. This was based on the hat by Bobby Wiggins in Boston. It's easy > to see why Bobby was SO successful with these talks. They're fun and easy. > > In brief, Tony walked us through the s-i-m-p-l-e ways to explain the mental > and/or physical tendency and then regular usage of drugs. This format > covers how the body absorbs drugs as well as how the mind works, with > pictures and how they scramble, become unclear, etc. We covered a basic > urge to be happy versus sad and how people will take drugs to be happy but > coming off them will go lower than before. In search of that "high" they'll > continue drugs and even experiment with stronger drugs. > > This talk was so cool, as it shows basics that we learn from the Scn and Dn > picture books but in an easy method which is not religious and gives them > LOTS of "R" on why drugs mess you up. > > The talk was a perfect gradient and about 15 people were present. I > encourage you to get your org or mission to have Tony do a presentation for > your VMs or public interested in drug education. > > They also have two videos available, one for elementary school kids and one > for high schoolers which are excellent educational tools if you know someone > who needs the info, even if psych drugs (as mentioned in other post, you can > always refer someone to the Alternative Mental Health site, if you can't > comfortably disseminate religion in whatever circles you dissem). All > profits go to placing more speakers into the school systems in LA. > > Meanwhile, one person from Houston and another from Atlanta wanted more info > on how to get trained as speakers in their area and Tony is contacting them. > > If you meet people who are affected by drugs or have loved ones who are, I > encourage you to attend one of Tony's seminars. > > You can reach them at 1-818-662-9575. Also there is a lot of info on drugs > at the Narconon site: > > Tell them Jackie sent you and good luck in your handlings on others! > > BY THE WAY, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT PUBLIC SPEAKING, > COME TO ONE OF OUR MEETINGS. Renaissance Speakers is a public speaking club > for Scientologists only at Celebrity Centre Int'l > Meets Sunday mornings from 9-Noon in the Downstairs Theatre, > > > Regards, Jackie Flowers > Vice President of Public Relations for Renaissance Speakers
From: "Jackie Flowers-Catarineau" <> Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2002 Subject: How to do DRUG EDUCATION SEMINARS... WHO's INTERESTED? (LA) Tony Bylsma of Narconon Drug Education & Prevention Group gave a Drug Education seminar to the Foothills Mission VMs on Saturday, Feb. 9th. These guys go to schools, parent and teacher groups, etc. and educate them on Drugs and their effects. Their presentations are based on the hat by Bobby Wiggins in Boston. It's easy to see why Bobby (IAS Winner a few years ago) was SO successful with these talks. They're FUN and EASY. TONY asked if I knew of any groups that would be interested in a presentation. I asked my public speaking club (Renaissance Speakers, we meet at CCI every Sunday AM) last week who'd be interested. There was quite a few that would like to attend something like this. I'd like to know who'd be interested in a 3 ½ hour presentation on this. It could be on a Sunday afternoon (we'd arrange the space with CC). What I' d like to do is find out how many people would be interested in attending something like this. This way, Tony gets the biggest audience possible. He does this as he's looking for speakers whether for Narconon, or as . (Bear in mind, as a Narconon speaker in the schools you don't mix the religious stuff - but the talks are needed everywhere!). Let me know if this would be of interest to you so I can then liase with Tony and CC!! Thanks - Jackie Vice President of Public Relations for Renaissance Speakers,
From: "Jackie Flowers-Catarineau" <> Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 Subject: COOL Drug Education & Prevention Seminars for Kids, Adults, Teachers, etc. (LA, 3/17) ANNOUNCING!! WHO: Tony Bylsma of Narconon Drug Education & Prevention Group TOPIC: Presenting a Drug Education & Prevention Seminar WHERE: Celebrity Centre Int'l in the Downstairs Theatre (seats 51 people) WHEN: March 17th (Sunday) from 2:30PM to 6PM (3 1/2 hours so you can afford the time). COST: The cost will be $15.00 which will go to this non-profit's funding (as well as pay for the thick pack of copies and references he hands out, plus the Narconon booklet). 1. Tony will go over how to do seminars but the information is SO basic that it'll show you how to handle kids, parents, teachers as groups OR ONE-ON-ONE on what drugs do to both the mind and body. 2. He gives examples of how drugs scramble the pictures in the mind, how it stores in the body and how it takes one down the tone scale lower and lower - ALL IN NON-SCIENTOLOGY TERMS. This is valuable for anyone that is telling others about the dangers of drugs, whether family, next door neighbor or co-worker! All the Scientology and Dianetics Handbook basics but in simple descriptions! PLEASE RSVP TO THIS EMAIL, SO I HAVE AN APPROPRIATE HEAD COUNT FOR COPIES, ETC. AN RSVP IS NOT NECESSARY TO ATTEND WE'D LIKE A LARGE CROWD! SEE YOU THERE!! PS. ABLE WUS will be featuring this talk but on the last Saturday of April at the ABLE Building including lunch for $40 and for a 5 hour seminar (more drilling time). If you can't make this one at CCI, plan on going there! ----------------- MORE INFO ON THE SEMINAR ----------------------- This presentation is based off of the hat by Bobby Wiggins in Boston (IAS Freedom Medal Winner of a few years ago) who spoke to THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS. The method is fun, easy and can be used anywhere. Tony would love to have speakers for Narconon but is just as interested that everyone knows this information. You'll see the video of the presentation done to Elementary School kids by Bobby Wiggins, plus lots of basics and drilling with each step. It's very easy, even for someone who's never done drugs before (you are more respected by younger children for this). If you want to contact Narconon Drug Education and Prevention, you can reach them at 1-818-662-9575. Also there is a lot of info on drugs at the Narconon site: Regards, Jackie Flowers Vice President of Public Relations for Renaissance Speakers
From: "Jackie Flowers-Catarineau" <> Sent: Friday, March 15, 2002 Subject: THIS Sunday... at CCI. Can you "ruin" ANYONE on the dangers of drugs (any drugs)??? TALKING ANTI-DRUGS IN SIMPLE ENGLISH TO ANYONE... even kids could learn this!! This is a MUST ATTEND for anyone who's ever tried to explain to anyone why drugs don't work and how they mess you up. Taught in PLAIN English, even for Elementary School kids (whether psych or street drugs) this is great stuff!! I already have a number of Scientologist teachers, parents, speakers and other attendees coming. I even have someone lined up to make a TV show on this topic for public access cable TV! VMs can use this to ruin people and then use your tech to help them out or get them to seek help!! Tell anyone you know who could use this tech to attend!! Let's fill up the Theatre, get the simple tech and get the word out one person or one hundred at a time!! ------------------ANNOUNCING!!--------------------------- WHO: Tony Bylsma of Narconon Drug Education & Prevention Group TOPIC: Presenting a Drug Education & Prevention Seminar WHERE: Celebrity Centre Int'l in the Downstairs Theatre (seats 51 people) WHEN: March 17th (Sunday) from 2:30PM to 6PM (3 ½ hours so you can afford the time). COST: The cost will be $15.00 which will go to this non-profit's funding (I tried to keep it affordable!) (as well as pay for the thick pack of copies and references he hands out, plus the Narconon booklet). 1. Tony will go over how to do seminars but the information is SO basic that it'll show you how to handle kids, parents, teachers as groups OR ONE-ON-ONE on what drugs do to both the mind and body. 2. He gives examples of how drugs scramble the pictures in the mind, how it stores in the body and how it takes one down the tone scale lower and lower - ALL IN NON-SCIENTOLOGY TERMS. This is valuable for anyone that is telling others about the dangers of drugs, whether family, next door neighbor or co-worker! All the Scientology and Dianetics Handbook basics but in simple descriptions! PLEASE RSVP TO THIS EMAIL, SO I HAVE AN APPROPRIATE HEAD COUNT FOR COPIES, ETC. AN RSVP IS NOT NECESSARY TO ATTEND WE'D LIKE A LARGE CROWD! SEE YOU THERE!! PS. ABLE WUS will be featuring this talk but on the last Saturday of April at the ABLE Building including lunch for $40 and for a 5 hour seminar (more drilling time). If you can't make this one at CCI, plan on going there! ----------------- MORE INFO ON THE SEMINAR ----------------------- This presentation is based off of the hat by Bobby Wiggins in Boston (IAS Freedom Medal Winner of a few years ago) who spoke to THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS. The method is fun, easy and can be used anywhere. Tony would love to have speakers for Narconon but is just as interested that everyone knows this information. You'll see the video of the presentation done to Elementary School kids by Bobby Wiggins, plus lots of basics and drilling with each step. It's very easy, even for someone who's never done drugs before (you are more respected by younger children for this). If you want to contact Narconon Drug Education and Prevention, you can reach them at 1-818-662-9575. Also there is a lot of info on drugs at the Narconon site: Regards, Jackie Flowers Vice President of Public Relations for Renaissance Speakers
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 From: Tony Bylsma <> Subject: $50 REWARD (LA) WANTED: LEADS LEADING TO RENTALS $50 REWARD WANTED: Leads leading to a 1 or 2 Bedroom apartment or house to rent in Los Feliz, Glendale, Atwater, Eagle Rock or Silverlake areas. Up-stat couple: on lines and on purpose full time delivering the best drug education there is to thousands of students in Southern California. $50 REWARD WANTED: Leads leading to office space for administration of drug education services. 600 sq. ft. or 1200 sq. ft. in Hollywood, Los Feliz, Glendale, Atwater, Eagle Rock or Silverlake areas. Donated space or rental. Reward will be paid to the person who's lead(s) resulted in rental of either or both of the above. $50 for the residential space and $50 for the commercial space. Reward will be paid after move in. Please contact Sigal Adini at 818-631-9575 or at (Please do not add this email address to any mailing list without prior agreement. Thank you.)
Date: 12 Aug 2002 From: "Ray McKay" <> Subject: SAY NO TO DRUGS L.A. Holiday Classic Subject: SAY NO TO DRUGS Holiday Classic 2nd Annual Los Angeles SAY NO TO DRUGS Holiday Classic 10k & 5k race with 5K Family Walk -- Sunday, December 8th, 2002 10152 ½ Riverside Dr., #353, Toluca Lake, CA 91602 Tara Lee Gerson - Race Director - 213 407 4499 CSW RE: "Say No To Drugs" Holiday Classic 5K/10K Run/Walk. Situation: The 2nd Annual Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic 5k and 10k is happening on the 8th of December 2002. We need your support to help make this happen. Data: The 1st Annual Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic 5K/10K walk/run took place on December 16th, 2001. We had over 600 runners participate and over 900 people that came to the race expo and were exposed to the, "Say No To Drugs", message. We had 9 Elite Runners come out to compete for the cash prizes. (Anything more than 4 is newsworthy!) There were over 20 runners that ran with a Dianetics jersey. The Dianetics Soccer team and many staff from PAC orgs participated in the race. Amongst other things, all runners received an LRH musical CD, an OCA Test, printed material from CCHR, Friends of Narcanon, and the Drug Free Marshals. All those present got sworn in as Drug Free Marshals after the race. The Answers to Drugs Booklets were passed out, along with invitations to attend a free Purif lecture. An estimated 3000 pieces of promo was gotten into the hands of raw public. The name Dianetics and the slogan Say No To Drugs were aligned with many well know community businesses (Star98.7, Trader Joe's, Krispy Kreme, Western Bagel, and the LA Marathon to name a few) as they showed their support with booths in the exhibition area after the race. The event was highly successful in achieving its goals by aligning the name Dianetics with a successful, well-run, professional sporting event, getting out Scientology promo to athletes, and gaining more community support for the, "Say No To Drugs", message. Let me briefly tell you about this year's Los Angeles race and where you fit in. The 2nd Annual Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic is a 5K/10K Run/Walk, for all ages and ability levels, to be held in Griffith Park on Sunday the 8th of December 2002. It is that time again to start planning this year's, "Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic". Funds collected through sponsorships and race entries will benefit drug awareness, education and prevention programs such as the Drug Free Marshall program, the Friends of Narconon drug education efforts and Narconon Drug Rehabilitation program. The message of Say No To Drugs will be carried on all ads, banners, media promotions, race T-shirts, goodie bags, awards and presentations made at the end of the race, as well as various media press releases. We expect to have between 2000 - 4000 participants this year. Our intention is to build this race into an annual, major Southern California sports and media event. In order to ensure the message gets out, Say No To Drugs will be promoted heavily through flyers, newspapers, race magazines, media public service announcements and press releases. The race participants and spectators will be sworn in as Drug Free Marshals, after the races and prior to the awards ceremony. This is a popular program with youth groups and police enforcement agencies, which helps educate and empower youth in the fight against widespread drug use. Solution: Sponsor this race with a $(Insert Donation Amount Here) donation so that you can help attack the current drug problem that our area faces. The involvement and contributions of concerned individuals and businesses, such as you, are crucial to ensuring the proper education of our youth about drugs and their crippling effects. The positive impact in terms of improving our schools, communities and future is immeasurable. We eagerly anticipate your participation in the Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic through your sponsorship. All participation whether as a volunteer or sponsorship will be commended. Sincerely, Joshua Gerson Director of Donations Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic 818-389-5257 Please make checks out to: Say No To Drugs 10153½ Riverside Dr., #353 Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 02:28:41 -0000 From: "lkjoiu098" <> Subject: Exciting New Recovery Program Exciting New Recovery Program Hello, my name is Michael Wetzel and I am a Professional FSM. I'd like to let you know about an exciting new recovery program that's happening. In a recent survey done by management it was found that personal contact was the BEST approach to handling people. This was determined by the response of people handled. One very successful way of accomplishing this is with the personal visit recovery line. This is a very successful action in most cases and is already being done on a small scale. It's time to get doing it on a larger scale and really kick it into high gear. 1st I give the guy a call to schedule a time to visit them or at least leave them a message. Then go to their house, do the Dissem Drill on them including getting their story, doing "Recovering Students and PC's" on them, indicate what comes up as the technical reason they're off the Bridge, pointing out how to get it handled, finding their ruin, make doing their Bridge more of a priority for them, rekindle their failed purpose on trying to get up the Bridge and schedule an appointment for their handling with an org right there on the spot. Then meet the guy at the org and 8C the cycle to a complete done. If you know anyone who might need this type of handling feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to see if I could be of assistance or discuss the situation. The main areas I work on foot are Los Angeles, The Foothills and Pasadena but I'm willing to speak to anyone on the phone anywhere in the world and travel in some cases where provided. I also work with several Field Auditors, Wise consultants, Applied Scholastics, Narconon, etc. and have a wide range of other places to route people to help them handle their situations, including the handling of family members and their business, to get them back on the Bridge. I am also a Product Debug Specialist and can do Debugs on the meter. I was on staff 5 years and have a lot of Div 6 and HCO/Ethics exp. [HCO is Hubbard Communications Office and Ethics is a section in the HCO. He is saying he has a lot of experience in handling Scios with Ethics troubles] My wife, Helene Bogart, was Senior Cramming Officer [A cramming officer is a person in the Qualifications Division and they "correct" Scios who don't apply the tech "standardly" through the use of word clearing and other Scn tech] for 10 years. She's a big help on cycles and is a great resource for handlings. I would also like to connect up and network with other FSMs who are interested in this line to drill advanced handling drills and team-up on cycles. At some point I also plan to expand the group and create other teams. Feel free to call me at my home/office: 818-249-3200 or 800-698-0002 or e-mail: Much Love Michael Wetzel/FSM, OT IV 2958 Honolulu Ave. La Crescenta, California 91214
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 23:45:14 -0800 From: Michael Launitz <> Subject: Looking for an on-purpose game? Would you like to take part in ensuring the security of Narconon expansion? Do you have a knack for legal work and/or investigation? Come work for the Narconon Department of Legal Affairs. Competent people are needed world-wide. Positions for qualified Directors for this department are currently available for the following: Narconon of Southern California (located in Orange County) Narconon Montreal (Canada) Narconon Europe Continental Office (Denmark) Narconon CIS National Office (Russia) Narconon Dimitrovgrad (Russia) Narconon Gabbiano (Italy) Narconon Mediterraneo (Spain) For more information or to apply contact the Director of Legal Affairs at Narconon International by phone at 323-962-2404, by fax at 323-962-6872, or by email at --
[What is interesting about this email is that Narconon is looking for FESer's and Class IV or above Case Supervisors. An FESer is a person who knows how to do Folder Error Summaries which is a "tech" to find any "out tech" or incorrect applications of Scientology processing in a person's PC folder.] [Narconon public have PC (PreClear) folders. A Class IV or Above Case Supervisor is a highly trained Scientology Auditor that can also supervise the auditing of PreClears. Why would a Narconon need a highly trained Scientology Auditor or C/S unless they were delivering Scn services?] From: "Angie & Daniel Manson" <> Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 Subject: Listen...Narconon of Northern California is ACTIVELY looking for trained Tech terminals. GREAT COMPANY THAT IS REALLY BOOMING!! Some of the perks are: - Nice salary (May start at $30,000-$40,000) - Training and auditing available to upstats. - Food and lodging can be provided. (No rent/food bills so you can really save $$) - Medical/dental insurance. - A very on-purpose, exciting place to work. Positions needed ASAP are Course Supervisor, FESer and Class IV or above Case Supervisor but we will consider any tech trained personnel. Golden Age of Tech a plus but not necessary. Perhaps you know someone or better yet, a couple who wants to be on purpose but may not be interested in working at an org. Narconon is a secular business that uses LRH technology. We can hire ex-staff, ex-sea org, etc as long as they are in good standing. [Good standing means in good standing with the Church of Scientology. Why would Narconon staff have to be in good standing with the Church?] Please, please tell your friends or send me an email at Daniel Manson Narconon of Northern California
From: "Carolyn Holt" <> Date: 3 Feb 2003 Subject: Briefing Sat. 1 Feb. at AO re world sit. Hi All, Someone asked for a report on last Saturday's briefing at AOLA [Advanced Organization Los Angeles- where the OT levels are delivered] about the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and war, so here it is, as I absorbed it. The briefing was to be held in the atrium at AO, and it got filled up quickly, so a TV monitor was set up in Lebanon Hall at ASHO [American Saint Hill Organization] , and that too was almost filled to capacity. The speakers were a man from the LRH PPRO (?)[Personal Public Relations Office] office, whose name I did not get, and Heber Jentzsch, president of the church. The briefing was about 2 hours long. Firstly, these briefings are intended to become weekly, so if you missed this one, there will be more. The briefing started with an overview of what GOOD news there is - in other words, what are we DOING about things. My notes unfortunately are not complete on all the projects and comm lines recently developed, but some politician invited to a recent event at Flag got a real thrill out of dancing with John Travolta, and being cut in on by Isaac Hayes! Another politician, from the D.C. area, received an LRH calendar with a picture in it of an airfield museum where the Wright brothers had worked at one time. He forwarded this picture to the museum, whose director was ecstatic to receive it, and called to find out if there were more pictures. There were. Other good news projects included the featuring in some major college newspapers the publication of "Dianetics, Evolution of a Science." Then there was a video of parts of the Montel Williams show, on which Kelly Preston talked about the Purif., which apparently Montel himself needs and is planning to do. And also, the Royal Family of Denmark has a very strong interest in the Narconon program for their country. Then the heavy news was addressed. The decline of Western civilization is planned, and the plan is progressing. Various magazine covers and newspaper headlines were shown, from the past few years and this year, which emphasized things such as the rise of the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children, complete with a 40 question checklist to see if your kid has it and should be taken to your local psychiatrist. A recent issue of Time magazine was devoted completely to the question of the mind healing the body, but on only one page was there anything about holistic or spiritual approaches. One article outlined the various stages of life, from infancy to old age, and what mental problems are likely to be faced in each one, and what medicines would handle each one. Someone in the audience commented that it sounded like the "psychiatric bridge"! In 1969 there was apparently an article in Freedom magazine about how society would/could be destroyed. Here are the points as I got them: 1. destroy Constitutional rights 2. eradicate boundaries ("Euroland", globalization) 3. easy seizure of people (the governor of California recently signed a law permitting judges to have mentally ill people treated against their will) 4. the right to torture or kill (electroshock therapy) 5. eradication of all churches (that was the plan behind the de-programming outfits in the '70's - they weren't just harassing Scn.) 6. destruction of sexual morality 7. depriving society of future leaders by dope addiction in the schools. The definition of a "police state" was given - a society in which the tech can't be applied, where order is maintained through terror, and where there is no privacy and people's homes and businesses can be entered for any or no reason. It was pointed out that we Americans consider that because our rights are so written down in and guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that we don't feel there is any need to DO anything about it - that "somebody is taking care of it." Not so. In October 2001, soon after 9/11, our Congress passed the Patriot Act, which increases the power of the police. They can enter a person's home or business for evidence, which violates the 4th Amendment. An issue of Popular Mechanics magazine had a cover saying "How Your Government Spies on You" - it can monitor your Internet usage and your cell phone communications, and can monitor places of worship. This violates the 4th and the 5th Amendments. And, the Secretary of State can declare any group, foreign or domestic, to be a terrorist group. Next came the Homeland Security Act, signed just this past November - a 500 page document that was debated for 3 hours and then passed. ! This combines into one mega-agency the functions of 22 previous agencies, with 170,000 employees. The Secretary of Health and Human Services can declare a national health emergency, based on a POTENTIAL threat, and can order everyone to be innoculated against whatever the threat is supposed to be, and if a person refuses the vaccine, there are not only fines but also imprisonment. (Right, like our jails are so empty now.) On the subject of war, it was said that ignorant people elect ignorant leaders, and only ignorant leaders lead to war. This is actually the point at which one can see what CAN be done about all this, isn't it? Ron says somewhere something like this - if we all worked shoulder to shoulder, knowing just what we know right now......we could turn the tide. (Very definitely not a direct quote!) Heber spoke next. He said that if you bring up a problem, you need to also offer a solution. If 80% of society is social, then we have a lot of potential allies, too. You cannot underestimate the power of a group, especially one using our org board. THIS is our ability to turn things around. How have we used this before? Ron wrote a lot in the 50's about the threat of nuclear war, and it didn't happen. In the 70's we used the Freedom of Information Act a LOT to find out WHO was bugging us so much, and it got resolved with the IRS, Interpol, etc. When the Cult Awareness Network declared bankruptcy, a Scientologist and another person bid on their assets, which was their files, and from them we learned just what the plan had been to destroy all religions, and the information learned was passed on to the European Court of Human Rights as well. Heber had a funny story about trying to get some Hare Krishna leaders to understand the concept of how to handle black PR. They thought that whatever would happen was just God's will. So Heber dug out the Bhagavad Gita (spelling??) and reminded them of two gods, Krishna and Arjuna (spelling?!), one of whom was peaceful, the other of whom was a warrior who fought for right. They twigged, and started using the black PR handling. Heber reminded us of the characteristic of a person at 1.5 - I'm going down and I'm going to take everyone with me - like Saddam Hussein and others now in the news. Essentially there is something every one of us can do to contribute to reversing the imbalance of and en in our world. Our group has already accomplished some pretty remarkable things - let's not let them go up in smoke! We have the tech, and we can each use what we know of it, and learn more of it. There was a hilarious quote from Ron at the end, which talked about how we could do this with enthusiasm, and have fun, or do it even if it isn't fun, and sort of drag ourselves along and do it anyway....!!!! He said you can look yourself in the mirror and say "What?? ME man the ramparts???? I don't know....." So that's the briefing as I got it. I imagine you could call the AO to find out about future briefings. ML, Carolyn Holt
From: suzanne f johnson <> Date: 19 Feb 2003 Subject: Anyone need/want to do a VERY special project that can enhance their contributions on the 3rd & 4th dynamics? [There are 8 dynamics--1D is survival of self, 2D is survival through sex and family, 3D is survival through your group, 4th D is survival through mankind. To contribute on the 3rd and 4th means you do thing to help the survival of your group (scn) and Mankind.] I have recently been in comm with one of the Execs at Narconon Quebec. I am SO impressed with this group and I will be FSMing for them as well as helping them with an email campaign into the raw public arena. [FSM is a Field Staff Member-- to FSMing is a term that mean that you will promote and disseminate to people to get on The Bridge. A person can FSM to Narconon or to the Church or to any Scn group. The FSM gets a 10 percent commission on whatever the person purchases at Narconon or the C of S. If the FSM gets someone to join and do the Narconon Program for $20,000.00, then the fsm would get $2,000.00 for their work. Many Scientologists make a living doing just this.] What's happening right now is they are getting ready to expand in a big way. They are in a small facility right now (app. 12 public beds) and they are moving within the next two weeks to a space they have secured that can service 50 or more public. They have an incredible team of trained Scientologists who are on board and working very hard to make this all go right. And they have a crew of "young" staff members that need to be established onto post quickly. I have this idea that if I outflow to this group there may be those who could go help if only temporarily. What the Exec I have been in comm with said is that he needs volunteers right away. He'd like those who can help with ethics, renovations, estoing, FSMing, and those who would like to roll their sleeves up and help on delivery lines while he gets the staff there grooved in and onto post. They can use trained sups, trained regges, trained ethics specialists, Volunteer Ministers that can give lots of assists, people to help in the courserooms, kitchen you name it. What would you like to do? These are not paying positions to volunteer but room and board would be provided while there and HUGE commendations which will also help you on future eligibility cycles if you need/want them. No real help will be refused. The other flow is that if you have a family member or a friend/neighbor that has a family member who can benefit from the Narconon Program they are available to help you there too. The costs in US dollars for a Narconon Program in Canada is under $9,000 dollars and they will arrange payment plans for those families that need this. What better way to help this group? Feel free to contact me for any and all contact information, or to get more data. I can get it back to you rapidly. Let's see what we can do as a group to help these guys take off and 5X their stats before LRH's birthday!!!! Contact me as soon as possible if you'd like to help in any of this. Also, straight donations would be more than welcome!!
Date: 25 Feb 2003 From: suzanne f johnson <> Subject: I am FSMing for Narconon Quebec now!!! NEW CENTER NON-EXISTENCE (NARCONON QUEBEC) Narconon Quebec is proud to announce that we have now acquired and are prepared to deliver the entire Narconon program to qualified persons from anywhere in the world, and especially North America in our new residential Narconon Center located less than ½ hour from the historic and multi-cultural city of Montreal, Canada. Our new facility is a large, beautiful historic building built in 1857. It is four stories in size and can accommodate up to sixty (60) students. The facility is built with Canadian granite stone and has an appealing stone infrastructure reminiscent of the old French colonial presence in North America. What Narconon Quebec is interested in is a means by which those candidates who are otherwise qualified yet do not have the financial means be referred to Narconon Quebec as the cost of delivering the program with the current mock up is about 50% less than other Narconon Centers in the United States. We have a solution for those who simply cannot afford the program at mainstream Narconon Centers. Our unique situation makes delivery of this program more accessible to the financially disadvantaged. As such, we request that a strong comm line be developed so that Narconon Quebec can pick up and Reg any cycle that needs financial help We are very proud to be a member of the Narconon network and will strive for excellence in delivery and look forward to cooperation and exchange between our organizations. Please let us know of ANYTHING you need and want from Narconon Quebec. We will promptly reply. Please send me your email address and I will email you color photographs of the interior and exterior of our new Center. We hope you enjoy them. The email is CONTACT INFORMATION: Narconon Quebec is interested in coordinating with the Registrars of your organization for the purpose of facilitating reaches that are not financially qualified for your Narconon so that they be given an opportunity to receive the Narconon program. Any reaches that you get which are not financially qualified, or if you feel that the Narconon Quebec program mock up is more appropriate, please contact us at the contact information listed below. QUICK FACTS OF NARCONON QUEBEC! COST: Full Program Costs $12,750 CAD or $8,750 USD. Special Payment Plans are available, to include work-exchange and grant opportunities. COST: Partial Program “New Life DetoxÆ costs $4,400 CAD or $2,790 USD. LENGTH OF PROGRAM: Average time to complete the full Narconon program is 3 months (90 days). Note: Some have completed the program in as little as seven (7) weeks. Some have taken as much as 4 months. LOCATION: We have a NEW BUILDING Located within ½ hour's drive of Montreal, Quebec in a small community. Building has full amenities, and has a capacity of sixty (60) students. SERVICE GUARANTEE: Should a Narconon Graduate have a reversion to drug use within six (6) months of graduating, the student is permitted to Return to Narconon Quebec for a re-evaluation and correction (re-tread) program at NO ADDITIONAL COST Contact Person: Suzanne Johnson OR Alain St-Pierre - Executive Director Contact Phone: 514-924-5754 or 1-866-522-0400 (Toll Free) Email: OR Narconon Quebec Inc. will promptly ensure the FSMC be awarded upon the closing and start of a cycle referred by your Narconon facility or Referral organization. Please email or call us anytime for we are available to answer any questions you might have about Narconon Quebec. ML, Suzanne Johnson FSM AND Alain St-Pierre Executive Director
From: "Jean Nichols" <> Date: 20 May 2003 Subject: Clear Expansion Committee Conference at CC Int 30 May Here's a meeting you would want to miss. Help expand and popularize Dianetics® and Scientology® Attend the CC International CLEAR EXPANSION COMMITTEE SHOULDER-TO-SHOULDER CONFERENCE The CEC Program is an International Management program that we are re-launching newly in a new unit of time making it fully On Source and CONNECT UP all the field activities with each other and with the Org so that we accomplish our purposes. And, as Celebrity Centre International our purposes are truly GLOBAL and hit the very Top Strata of Society and on the mass media comm lines that influence and mold public opinion the world over. This event includes every group and Field Scientologist! It has the CO CCI, Mr. Dave Petit as the Chairman and our Public Officer as the Vice-Chair, the Field Control Sec is the CEC Sec. and the LRH Comm, DSA and D/FBO will also attend. FRIDAY 30 MAY 2003, 7PM CELEBRITY CENTRE GARDEN PAVILION RSVP with Barbara at 323-960-3100 REFRESHMENTS SERVED All Field Scientologists invited to attend If the combined power of all of us and all organizations were exerted as a shoulder to shoulder effort, we would take this planet just as we are and with no more that we know." LRH HCOPL 29 Oct 1959 Issue II Find out what the various groups are doing *Network with others * Expand you comm lines Hear from Group reps in these areas: OT COMMITTEE * VOLUNTEER MINISTERS * AUDITORS ASSOC. * GUNG-HO GROUPS (Artist Associations, Sports, and more) * The Way to Happiness * CCHR * WISE * NARCONON * EDUCATION * HONORARY LRH PROs * SMI Grateful acknowledgment is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard c 2003 CSCCI. All Rights Reserved. SCIENTOLOGY, CLEAR EXPANSION COMMITTEE logo, OT, HCO, DIANETICS are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. ARC JEAN NICHOLS
From: "Carolyn Buri" <> Sent: July 25, 2003 Subject: re: Bridge Dear All, Just wanted to remind you that I offer debugs on all kinds of things, including Bridge. These debugs are also geared to non Scn.'gists, so if you know of someone who is having problems, Management Consultants can help them with a div. 6 program or a referral to an org, or Narconon or whatever line is appropriate to get them some help and get them onto the Bridge. One of the VFPs of my company is clients onto their Bridges. love, Carolyn Buri
From: "Angie & Daniel Manson" <> Sent: Friday, August 29, 2003 10:24 AM Subject: Senior C/S needed. &70, 000-$100, 000 a year + benefits Hello all. Narconon of Northern California is looking for a Senior C/S. You should be minimum Grad V C/S or above and preferably have staff experience. The right person can make great money, get benefits (health insurance, 401k) and possibly a place to live in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. We need someone whose tech is spot-on, is dedicated to helping others and is an uptone person to be around. Pass this along to your friends please! All interested please email me at: Thanks! Daniel Manson A/ED NN Norcal
From: "Judy Weigand" <> Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 3:59 PM Subject: ABLE Convention/Freewinds Hi Guys - Some ABLE/Freewinds news - sounds pretty exciting. Judy Weigand in Clearwater ABLE International Planetary Expansion Convention on the Freewinds September 25 to October 2, 2003 Use your talents and abilities to forward your purpose and get LRH tech out into society. "Talent, and inherent personality and basic purpose go together as a package." - L. Ron Hubbard Learn from the successful actions of people who are on the forefront of ABLE planetary expansion, including: Ann Roberts, Freedom Medal winner and Applied Scholastics Ambassador to Africa Bobby Wiggins, Freedom Medal winner and Vice President of Narconon International Bernard Percy, ABLE Int Advisory Board member and educator/producer. Your Ideas and Participation are Important! Find out how to fully align your ideas and projects with LRH's intention on how you can use the social betterment tech to improve the survival level of society. Get briefed on the forward thrust and direction of ABLE International and LRH's social betterment programs, including a special Convention only briefing. Interact and plan with those who are at the forefront of ABLE planetary expansion. Work out how you can create and carry out your projects and expand the reach for LRH's social betterment tech in your sphere of influence and interest. Engage in special roundtable discussions and receive individual consultation on your projects and ideas. Find out how to do fund raising, including data on how to apply for grants!!!! Get hatted on the basic tools of dissemination and expansion: Working with ABLE to get your publishing, educational products/projects approved, issued, and broadly disseminated. Understanding the basics of powerful leadership, presented by the Freewinds renowned delivery team. Using powerful PR tools in dissemination and handling black PR. Getting a group going and make it into a dynamic expanding team. Special ABLE Convention Package $2,150! Includes convention fee, accommodations and OT Hatting course. Contact: Barry Serrins at ABLE Eastern United States Office Phone: (212) 399-4647 or (646) 739-3290 cell Francisco at the Flag Ship Service Consultant Office East US Email: Phone: (800) 455-7992 or (917) 337-9960 © 2003 ABLE International. All Rights Reserved. ABLE and the ABLE logo are trademarks and service marks owned by Association for Better Living and Education International. Printed in USA. Ports of call: Aruba,Bonaire,Curacao
From: "Chris Alexander" <> Sent: September 10, 2003 Subject: CW - Say No To Drugs Race - coming up! The 15th Annual Say NO To Drugs Holiday Classic 10K/5K Race is just around the corner!! What is our purpose? Our goals are to spread the positive message "Say No To Drugs" to as many people as possible. It is especially important to us for this message to get to the younger population­ as they really are our future and we don't want our future on drugs. Race proceeds are given each year to the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Drug Free Marshals and other local charities including the Narconon Drug Rehab Program. Over 800 runners and Elite athletes will compete to win a cash prize and awards on December 20th. They will run to support the cause "Say No To Drugs" and to become Drug Free Marshals. They will all receive shirts, goodie bags, LRH properties and more, all being given out with the message of Dianetics and Say No To Drugs. Fliers will be distributed to thousands and thousands of people which has the same message. Radio stations broadcast our race on the air with our message. Newspapers write articles on our event. The dissemination which occurs from this is HUGE, it should not be underestimated. What can you do? Help. This race takes place thanks to the efforts of over 200 volunteers who work together in an organized and coordinated manner thoughout the year under the direction of the Dianetics Athletics Association. From executives to chiropractors, children to sponsors, all contribute with their individual abilities or resources for the purpose of a great race and the anti-drug message. Your help, big or small, is needed to form a GROUP which will make this race a total success. This event comes in second to Winter Wonderland, in size and dissemination, out of all the numerous events throughout the year. Just to give you an idea of the effect and magnitude of this race. What we are doing? Manning up an Org Board filled with individuals who take the job of helping this planet seriously. We all have jobs, kids, course, help in other ways. All we are asking for is a little bit of your time whether it's for one day, one week or 1 hr a week. We need your help to pull this race off and to make it a success. Every year we dedicate ourselves to this race because we see how important it is to our community. Every year we reach to thousands of people in the state of FL and they GET our message. This is a stellar purpose and we are a FUN team. Come join us!! Chris Alexander Brooke Daniells Co-Race Director Co-Race Director 727-434-3409 727-643-2039 *Please visit our website:
From: "Trevor" <> Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2003 11:34 PM Subject: Friends of Narconon in Pasadena Patty Schwartz is looking for someone to become the D/ED Friends of Narconon, a non-profit group that is getting drug education lectures done in schools across the country. They are very effective in what they do. It's a full time job with pay and bonuses, and you can get staff prices on services too if you sign a contract. The D/ED would train and eventually take over as ED. Please contact Patty if you are interested or would like more information. You can reach her at Thanks, Trevor Eisenman
From: Date: 27 May 2004 [time stamp deleted] Subject: My Burbank Vision To: Hi Guys, I'll try not to lose you on this, but it's hard to explain. A "Cleared Burbank" probably says it all, and realize this is just a game--an uptone fun caper! If you know what a Clear Expansion Committee (CEC) is, you are already ahead of understanding this. The CEC is Ron's shoulder to shoulder effort to clear an area. The CEC has 12 sectors. Now get this: The newly designed orgs, such as already in place in San Francisco, Buffalo, Johannesburg, and will be in place in Burbank at 120 N Victory, in December, PERSONIFIES the CEC and the 12 sectors. Stay with me now.... The 12 sectors are.... Honorable LRH PROs, OT Committee, Auditor's Assoc, Volunteer Ministers, Gung-Ho Groups, SMI Reps (missions), TWTH Chapters, Education Group, Narconon, Criminon, CCHR, WISE. If each sector is actually functioning in your city, you will have a cleared city! It really is that simple. If you take a new person to one of these "Ideal Orgs" and show them the display of the sectors, what do you think they will realize? Every one of us has a purpose which lies in at least one of these sectors. Which one is yours? Email me back and tell me. Maybe Burbank is not your area, but one of these sectors is your purpose. Tell me about it.... I would never try to get you to do something that isn't your purpose... AND I won't ask you to help Burbank if Burbank is not your area. Let's just get in comm.... I can help you connect up to YOUR favorite sector or YOUR favorite area... BTW, I don't have time for any of this either... (haha) I really really do understand! ML,Anita Anita Warren 9350 Via Crema Burbank CA 91504 818 768 5252

Tony Bylsma's Course Completions:

ADVANCE MAGAZINE, Issue 153 (April 2001)
OT Preparations/Solo Set-ups
ADVANCE MAGAZINE, Issue 154 (ca. July 2001)
Solo Audtior Course Part II
ADVANCE MAGAZINE: The Magazine of the Advanced Organization Los Angeles, Issue 155 (late Sept. 2001)
OT Eligibility
ADVANCE MAGAZINE, Issue 156 (circa late November 2001)
ADVANCE MAGAZINE, Issue 157 (circa Jan 2002)
Scientology Completions - Freewinds 41, circa January 2001
Ability Congress Course
Tony and Connie Bylsma are also Cornerstone Members, having donated $35,000 toward the construction of Scientology's Super Power Building in Clearwater, FL.

Glossary of Scientology Jargon

1.5 on the Scientology tone scale is "Anger".
Association for Better Living and Education, Western US office.
Bobby Wiggins
Scientologist and Narconon Drug Education lecturer in the Boston area; he was profiled in this article by Joseph Mallia of the Boston Herald. The cult later went after Mallia for exposing them.
Celebrity Center International: a lavish Scientology facility in Los Angeles. John Travolta maintains an apartment there.
Can mean either "course supervisor" (for delivernig Scientology instruction), or "case supevisor" (for overseeing Scientology counseling programs, called "auditing".)
Clear Expansion Committee: a Scientology group tasked with promoting Scientology organizations and publications within the local community.
Completed Staff Work. A form used by a Scientology staff member to get permission to do something.
A "debug" in Scientology means to handle the things that are stopping someone, especially from doing more Scientology services.
Dissemination: proselytizing for Scientology. Spreading the word of L. Ron Hubbard.
Div. 6
Division 6 on the Scientology organization board. It is responsible for getting new people into Scientology.
dissem drill
A drill that Scientologists use to disseminate to others about Scientology. It has four steps that should be followed exactly.
Establishing. Derived from ESTO, a Scientology acronym for Establishment Officer.
ethics books
Introduction to Scientology Ethics, by L. Ron Hubbard, is the basis for Scientology's cult-like mechanism of social control. (Hubbard redefines the word "ethics" to mean "that which furthers the aims of Scientology".) See this analysis.
Foothills Mission
Church of Scientology Mission of The Foothills, Montrose, CA.
The Freewinds is the Scientology cruise ship that delivers high-level courses, and is the only place to obtain OT VIII, the highest level of Scientology auditing. The ship operates in the Carribean; it never enters US waters.
Field Staff Member Commission: 10%.
Scientology jargon for "level of difficulty", or a logical progression from easy to difficult or simple to complex.
handle someone
Scientology jargon: to defuse someone's upset with Scientology, or manipulate them into supporting Scientology's position. Often done by deception, e.g., by telling an "acceptable truth".
A job or post, or a writeup describing the duties of a job.
International Association of Scientologists.
L. Ron Hubbard Public Relations Officer
Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. Scientology slang for material resources, or personal possessions.
Organization Executive Course: Hubbard's writings on how to manage a Scientology organization. Also known as "the green volumes."
Volume 0 of the green volumes: "Basic Staff Hat". Used to train Scientology staff members.
on lines
To be actively participating at a Scientology church.
Operating Thetan: someone who has reached the advanced levels of Scientology training, where one is supposed to acquire super powers.
Operating Thetan level III. At this advanced Scientology level, one learns the biggest spiritual secret of Scientology: that we are all infested by the spirits of murdered space aliens. But Scientology can help.
Mental image pictures. Scientologists believe that each person's experiences, throughout all of their many lives, are recorded in a series of perfect "mental image pictures" known as "the whole track".
Public Relations Officer.
psych drugs
Drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist to treat mental illnesses, such as depression.
A member of Scientology who is not on staff or a member of the Sea Organization. A "parishioner", i.e., a paying customer.
Public Exec Secretary
The head of the "public division" in a Scientology Church, responsible for the inflow of "raw meat" (recruiting new members.)
""Reality". To make something "real" or plausible. This is the R in Scientology's famous ARC triangle (Affinity, Reality, Communication).
As a noun, "registrar": the person who signs up a Scientology member for more services. As a verb, it is the act of signing up the person and getting their money.
Renaisance Speakers
A Scientology chapter of Toasmasters International, a speakers' club.
A vulnerability or area of personal concern. "Finding their ruin" is the first step in recruiting someone into Scientology; the next step is convincing them that Scientology can help.
Scientology, or a Scientologist.
Statistics. Scientology's approach to organizational management places a heavy emphasis on numerical measures, called "stats". Examples include "bodies in the shop" (number of paying customers) and "GI" (gross income).
Scientology's "spiritual technology": the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, referred to informally as "the tech".
tone scale
A scale of emotional states used in Scientology. 4.0 is "enthusiasm", 2.5 is "boredom", 1.1 is "covert hostility" (and includes homosexuality), 0.5 is "grief". More info here.
Scientology jargon: successful in life; having a positive attitude. Someone whose "stats" (statistics; measures of success) are up.
Valuable Final Product.
Volunteer Minister: someone trained to apply elementary Scientology processes, like "touch assists", while spreading the word about Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. Volunteer Ministers have a bad reputation for trying to exploit disasters for their own ends.
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

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