Kodu Tile Manipulatives

Dave Touretzky, Carnegie Mellon

Read the paper Teaching Kodu With Physical Manipulatives, ACM Inroads 5(4):44-51, December 2014.

Order Sets by Mail

You can order Kodu Tile Manipulatives sets for $9.95 each. No charge for shipping within the US. Email me to order.

The ReadMe file shows what you'll get.

The Standard Kodu Tile Setup page tells what stickers to apply for use with Dave Touretzky's Kodu curriculum modules.

Make Your Own

  • Download the ReadMe file for a tile inventory.

  • To print your own labels:
    • Download the printable labels PDF file.
    • Use 1 inch square polyester self-adhesive labels, such as these (product OL5425LP) from onlinelabels.com.
    • Be sure to purchase labels made for laser printers, not inkjet printers.
    • To print on self-adhesive labels, use the special color copiers found at FedEx/Kinko's or the UPS Store.

  • To cut your own tiles:
    • Download the Laser cutter DXF files.
    • Purchase some plastic: 1/8 inch or 3 mm acrylic sheets, 1 foot square, green, blue, and yellow, available from McMaster-Carr (product 8505K11) or many other suppliers.
    • Configure your laser cutter to cut the red lines first, then the blue lines. This ensures that the lettering is cut (red lines) before the tiles are separated from the sheet (blue lines).
    • After cutting, if there is smoke residue on the tile surfaces, wipe them with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover), available at any drug store.
    • If you don't have access to a laser cutter, you can pay a service center like Ponoko to provide the acrylic and do the cutting for you.

  • To modify the plastic shapes or make new DXF files:
    • Download the SolidWorks source files.
    • Edit the parts files, then open the drawing files (which will update the drawings) and re-save as DXF files.
    • Edit the DXF files with DraftSight or your favorite DXF tool to set the colors for laser cutting.

  • To reuse or modify the tile images:
    • Download the Word and PNG source files for the tiles.
    • Edit the individual MS Word and PNG files as desired.
    • Edit the master sheet to create a new printable page of tiles.

Teaching with the Tiles

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