Tom Cruise Checks Out Katie Holmes with an E-Meter (parody)

From the September 2005 issue of Radar Magazine:

WE HAVE A WINNER! Hollywood maverick seeks impressionable inegnue for global exposure. Perks include round-the-clock security and spiritual instruction. PDA a must, but no frisky business.

* ON "KATIE": dress, shoes, and belt by Celine. * HOPEFULS, FROM LEFT: dress by Wunderkind, shoes by Manolo Blahnik; dress and shoes by Alexnader McQueen; dress by Zac Posen, shoes by Cesare Paciotti; dress by Vera Wang; dress and shoes by Gucci. * ON "TOM": T-shirt by Calvin Klein; jeans by Levis; boots by John Varvatos; watch by Perry Ellis. * HOPEFULS, FROM LEFT: jacket, skirt, and shoes by Louis Vuitton; jacket, skirt, and shoes by Yves Saint Laurent; dress by Tracy Reese, shoes by Manolo Blahnik; dress and shoes by Michael Kors. * ON "DAVID": suit by DKNY; shirt and tie by Hugo Boss; shoes by Calvin Klein; ring by Louis Vuitton.

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