We invite you to share in the vision of a company with a futuristic approach to financial and personal fulfillment. This is your opportunity to engage your unique talents for personal success while at the same time benefiting your associates, as well as your families, friends, and communities. No other company has ever attracted such professionals to a networking launch, nor produced and marketed personal and home care products with IETM Crystal. No other company has dared to introduce products and services in all three of our categories and none has ever had a scientifically researched training program emphasizing self-efficacy. No other company has launched with such credible leaders from science, business, and health. From our unique compensation program designed to provide both early and lifetime income potential, to our sophisticated products and technological services, no opportunity in any field, especially Network Marketing, has ever offered entrepreneurs such a potentially lucrative ground floor opportunity. Our vision is to change the world one country at a time, by changing communities one family at a time. We hope you’ll join us, especially if you are as excited as we are about a new millennium of ecological balance, peak performance, personal efficacy, and longevity.  

  Phase I – Launch

This is the foundation of building for success, based upon our mission to increase efficacythat is, the power to maximize results – in every field of human endeavor.

Personal Efficacy: Personal care products specifically designed to enhance one’s health and appearance, and the Business Builder, a module-based training program, created to strengthen each participant’s wealth.

Community Efficacy: A remarkable Virtual Office (a high-tech communication system) created to facilitate the rapid, free-flow of valuable information on a global basis.

Ecological Efficacy: Household products designed to work in harmony with the environment.

Phase II – Rollout

There will be a consistent systematic rollout of environmentally conceived services and products designed to complement our Phase I introduction of efficacy-enhancing components.

  • The first self-efficacy or personal mastery curricula ever developed by university social scientists to dramatically enhance peak performance for Network Marketing based on sound, cognitive principles.
  • Longevity Meta-Center and planned Meta-Resort memberships providing the very finest in preventative health care for those wanting to "live better longer."
  • Nutritional products will soon follow.

Phase III – Expansion

  • International expansion.
  • Books, audios, and CD Roms created to enhance the lives of individuals, communities, and the ecology.
  • Over the counter, natural health remedies.

Note: Global Network is initially launching in the United States - check our "What New!" page for furture international launch information.


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