David Huggins-Daines

About me

I am a PhD student (as of spring 2006) at Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

View my Curriculum Vitae or download it as a PDF.

I received my B.A. with Honours in Linguistics at the University of Ottawa in 2000. I have worked as a computer programmer since 1999, doing, among other diverse things, search engine and web-database programming, operating system kernel and bootloader development, platform support for the GNU dynamic linker and standard C library, telephony integration, and, of course, high-quality, small footprint TTS. At various other points I have also worked as a bicycle mechanic.

I worked on on Text-To-Speech for several years prior to coming to LTI. My general research interests include pronunciation and acoustic modeling for speech synthesis and recognition, efficient techniques for speech recognition, and data-driven methods in linguistic analysis and language processing.

My PhD advisor is Dr. Alex Rudnicky. My research interests are presented below, or you can also browse my Wiki. For the most part, I work on acoustic and language modeling tools for the CMU Sphinx system. I am also developing PocketSphinx, an open-source speech recognition system for embedded and handheld devices.



Every once in a while I write some small piece of code that isn't good enough to end up in a public CVS/Subversion server somewhere, but might still be useful. You may be interested in the PocketSphinx with touch-correction demo for the Nokia N800 (see the YouTube video here). Or perhaps you are interested in a Phoneme Decoder written in Python, or an IAX (Asterisk Voice over IP) interface for the Communicator/Olympus/GALAXY dialog system. I also have some Perl modules on CPAN which I assume still work though I haven't touched them in a while. I am a big fan of SciPy and NumPy these days.


Researchy things I'm interested in at the moment include but are by no means limited to:

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