15-849, Spring 2009: Low-Power Computing

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4/21: No class Thursday 4/23
Prepare for presentations next week
3/31: Schedule shift - no class 3/31, moved to 4/2
Please see updated schedule. The papers for Tuesday are now scheduled for Thursday - Garth's guest lecture will be later in the semester.

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15-849 is a graduate-level elective covering a variety of topics in low-power and energy-efficient computing.

Class Blog

Students taking this course should expect to read seminal and cutting-edge papers about computer system energy efficiency and conduct a semester-long research project in the subject area.


This course assumes that students have an undergraduate-level familiarity with operating systems, networks, and computer architecture. The course welcomes students with diverse backgrounds across CS, ECE, and EPP, but we expect students without the necessary background to gain such familiarity during the course of the class on their own. The syllabus lists several texts and resources that are an appropriate starting point for such study.

Course Staff


David Andersen WeH 8206 268-3064 By appointment

Course Secretary

Angela Miller, , Wean Hall 8215, Tel: 412-268-3261

Course Policies


Students are encouraged to talk to each other, to the instructor, or to anyone else about any of the assignments. For homeworks, assistance must be limited to discussion of the problem and sketching general approaches to a solution. Students are expected to perform original research during the course of this class, and usual academic standards for originality (vs plagarism) apply. You may include work done for some external purpose (i.e., your thesis, etc.), but the work for 15-849 must be done by all members of the project group, the resulting project must be included in the class tech report, and no non-849 student name can appear in the author list.

Late Policy

Projects and homeworks must be completed on-time absent prior permission or a medical waiver. This is a graduate course---if you have conferences to attend, etc., please talk to the instructor before-hand so we can make arrangements.


If you think we made a mistake in grading, please return the assignment with a note explaining your concern to the course secretary no later than two weeks after the day the assignment was returned. We will have the question re-graded by the person responsible for grading that question.

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