Chenyan Xiong | Research | CV        


I am a PhD student at Language Technologies Institute (LTI), Carnegie Mellon University. I came to LTI in 2012 fall as a master student in the Master in Language Technologies (MLT) program, and transferred to PhD program of LTI in 2014 fall.

Before coming to US, I completed my undergraduate study at Wuhan University, China at 2009, and got a master degree at Institute of Software, Chinese Academic of Science, at 2012. During my graduate study in China, I have been interning at Microsoft Research Asia from 2010-2012 in Internet Economics and Computational Advertising group.

Brief Bio

PhD candidate & Research Assistant

Supervisor: Jamie Callan

Language Technologies Institute

School of Compute Science

Carnegie Mellon University

Work Email: cx at cs dot cmu dot edu

Gmail: xiongchenyan at gmail dot com

Office: 5705 Gates Hillman Complex

Research Interests

My Research interests falls into the intersection of Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, and Machine Learning, centering at towards Information Retrieval. Specifically my current goal is to utilize knowledge base (Freebase, DBpedia, NELL, etc.) to improve information retrieval and text understanding.

I am also generally interested in topics like internet advertising , probabilistic graphic models, and word embeddings for text understanding (as a complementary, bottom-up text understanding approach to knowledge base).

Please check my research page for my publications, academic activities and other things about my research.