Commercialization Specialist and Robotics Researcher at National Robotics Engineering Consortium (NREC).

Short biography

I received my B.Sc. degree in Multimedia Engineering, B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and M.Sc. degree in Multimedia Engineering in 1999, 2000 and 2001, respectively, from Enginyeria La Salle. In 2007, I earned a M.Sc. degree in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University.
In 1999, I joined the Computer Science department working as Assistant Professor at La Salle School of Engineering. I combined teaching in Distributed Programming and Algorithms with research in Artificial Intelligence algorithms applied to the automatic detection of breast cancer from mammographies. In 2002, I joined GTD Systems and Software Engineering working in the development of autonomous robots to help in the detection and elimination of antipersonnel landmines in Croatia and Bosnia. Since 2003, I am a Robotics Researcher at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, focusing in developing intelligent machines and sensors for task automation in industry.

Research interests

My work is to solve the problems machines face to understand the world and interact with the environment and the objects around them so they can operate intelligently and produce efficient work. I apply my work to agricultural robotics field, developing robotic devices that can navigate autonomously, sense the environment, react to their sorroundings and collaborate with humans for the most efficient production. I provide the industry with robust technology, algorithms and fully developed solutions, ranging from smart sensing devices to fully autonomous capable vehicles, with the goals to improve productivity, efficiency and quality of the final products.

Current projects cannot be disclosed publicly, however here is a list of past projects:

Integrated Automation for Sustainable Specialty Crops Farming

Fully autonomous systems capable of following pre-taught paths while detecting and avoiding obstacles .

Associated center

National Robotics Engineering Consortium (NREC)

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