TIC00: Accepted Papers

2 Alias Types for Recursive Data Structures David Walker and Greg Morrisett
3 Safe and Flexible Dynamic Linking of Native Code Karl Crary, Michael Hicks, Stephanie Weirich
4 Simple Usage Polymorphism Keith Wansbrough Simon Peyton Jones
5 Scalable Certification for Typed Assembly Language Dan Grossman, Greg Morrisett
9 A Type System for JVM Threads Gaetano Bigliardi, Cosimo Laneve
12 Garbage Collection Based on Linear Type System Atsushi Igarashi and Naoki Kobayashi
13 Fully Reflexive Intensional Type Analysis in Type Erasure Semantics Bratin Saha, Valery Trifonov, and Zhong Shao
16 Sound and Complete Elimination of Singleton Kinds Karl Crary
17 Sharing in Typed Module Assembly Language Dominic Duggan
18 Space Issues in Compiling with Intersection and Union Types: A Preliminary Report. Allyn Dimock, Ian Westmacott, Robert Muller, Franklyn Turbak, J. B. Wells, Jeffrey Considine
19 Towards an abstract model of Java dynamic linking and verification Sophia Drossopoulou
20 Optimizing Message Sends in Object-Oriented Languages Through Type Invariant Region Analysis Mark Leair and Santosh Pande

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