Space Issues in Compiling with Intersection and Union Types: A Preliminary Report.

Allyn Dimock, Ian Westmacott, Robert Muller, Franklyn Turbak, J. B. Wells, Jeffrey Considine

To appear at ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Types in Compilation (TIC00), Montreal, Canada, 21 September 2000


The CIL compiler for core SML'97 compiles whole programs using the CIL typed intermediate language with flow labels and intersection and union types. Flow labels embed flow information in the types and intersection and union types support more precise polyvariant type and flow information, without the use of type-level abstraction or quantification. The CIL intermediate representation duplicates portions of the program where intersection types are introduced and union types are eliminated. This duplication makes it easier to represent type information and to introduce multiple representation conventions. This paper presents empirical data on the compile-time space costs of using CIL. In particular, the data shows that the duplicating nature of CIL has acceptable compile-time space performance in practice.

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