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CoBot Robots

On November 18, 2014, the CoBot robots jointly reached 1,000km of autonomous localization and navigation!
Congratulations, in particular, to Joydeep Biswas!

We are driven by our vision of multiple autonomous intelligent mobile robots capable of robustly performing service tasks and interacting with humans in our indoor environments.

Our CoBot robots follow a novel symbiotic autonomy, in which the robots are aware of their perceptual, physical, and reasoning limitations and proactively ask for help from humans, for example for object manipulation actions. (The CoBot robots, at this time, do not have arms.)

We pursue research in particular in effective real-time mobile robot localization and navigation algorithms, symbiotic human-robot interaction, and multi-task multi-robot dynamic task planning. The CoBot robots are capable of reliably autonomously localization and navigation in our buildings (Gates Hillman Center and Newell and Simon Hall) using the Kinect depth-camera, WiFi, and/or LIDAR.

We first released one of our CoBot robots, CoBot-2, to all the residents of GHC on September 23, 2011. In its first 3 hours of operation, from 1pm to 4pm, its schedule was completely booked.

Longterm deployment logs of the CoBots, including odometry, sensor readings, and location estimates are available for download from here.

CoBot Researchers

Manuela Veloso, Joydeep Biswas, Brian Coltin, Stephanie Rosenthal, Susana Brandao, Cetin Mericli, Tom Kollar, Mehdi Samadi, Tekin Mericli, Carlos Aguero, Juan Pablo Mendoza, Max Korein, Richard Wang
We are very thankful to Mike Licitra for the design and construction of the CoBot robots.
The research on the CoBot robots is funded by NSF.

CoBot Research Directions

Video of CoBot's History

Video of CoBot Executing Tasks

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