Welcome to the CORAL research group, led by Professor Manuela Veloso.
We research on the scientific and engineering challenges of creating teams of intelligent agents in complex, dynamic, and uncertain environments, in particular adversarial environments, such as robot soccer. Our passion is to research on robots that
Cooperate, Observe the world, Reason, Act, and Learn!

A special note from Manuela Veloso: "I would like to invite all to listen to the late Professor Herbert A. Simon's view on "Forecasting the Future, or Shaping It?". a fantastic keynote address at the Earthware Symposium, at Carnegie Mellon in October 2000. (Stay tuned for around minute 26 and beyond for Professor Simon's remarkable thoughts on robot soccer.)"


  • This webpage has updated information mostly until 2007.

  • We are currently updating all the information. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • In the meantime, for the most recent research and publications, including research on Companion Robots, CoBots, for indoor service robotics, please see "Professor Manuela Veloso's webpage."