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David A. Cohn (without winter plumage)

Follow me as I fly our Skyranger across the country

Adjunct Research Scientist with the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University
Chief Technology Officer for DigitalMC
Managing Editor for the Journal of Machine Learning Research

Nefarious past lives: Principal Scientist for Burning Glass Technologies, Research Scientist at Just Research (a.k.a. JustSystem Pittsburgh Research Center). Survivor of the Adaptive Systems Group at Harlequin, Inc. and erstwhile Postdoctoral Associate with the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Center for Biological and Computational Learning.

 Research Interests:

Also dabbling in: stochastic scheduling, decision support, optimization and statistical pattern recognition.
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  • Recent research papers available online
  • Vaguely out-of-date resumé [PDF]
  • Recent flying stories available online 
  • "Why do some people call you `Pablo'?"
  • Okay, a couple of family photos
  • David A. Cohn (David.Cohn@acm.org)