Library and Sample project (Version 2)

  Windows Macintosh Unix/Linux
Visual Studio 6.0 2.1.5 (zip)
2.1.5 [no console window] (zip)
Visual Studio .NET 2.1.5 (zip)
2.1.5 [no console window] (zip)
Codewarrior 2.1.5 (zip)** 2.1.0 (sit)  
gcc 2.95.3 2.1.5 (zip)
2.1.5 [no console window] (zip)
  2.1.5 (zip)***
gcc 3.2 2.1.5 (zip)
2.1.5 [no console window] (zip)
Dev C++ with Mingw 2.95.3 2.1.5 (zip)    
Dev C++ with Mingw 3.2 2.1.5 (zip)    

** Codewarrior 6 is quite limited and apparently unable to deal properly with multithreaded programs. Some of the input/output functionality does not work. The example program has been modified to not crash under codewarrior, but please use carefully. ;)
*** Actually built for Redhat Linux using gcc 2.95.3. Should work under any flavor of linux. If you are using a different version of gcc (check with "gcc -v"), you will probably have to recompile the sources.

Library and Sample project (Version 1.5)

  Windows Macintosh Unix/Linux
Visual Studio 6.0 console window (zip)
no console window (zip)
Codewarrior console window (zip)
no console window (zip)
console window (sea/hqx)**  
Borland C++ builder / free compiler 5.5 console (zip)    

mingw 2.95.3-6
mingw 2.8.1


**(Like version 1.5 for windows, but does not have all the features. There is no, nor will there be, version 1.5 for mac os)

Source Packages
(only use if you are sure you know what you are doing)