Version 2.1.5  
Version 2.1.5 is now up on the website. This includes a couple feature requests and devcpp builds. I've noticed some problems with gcc related to the gcc-provided graphics and threading libraries. Reading up on it reveals that there is little that we can do about it, and the best we can do is try to help out anyone having problems. Email or post in the forums!
New builds (version 2.1.4a) are up. Included in this batch are minor bug fixes, builds for linux and codewarrior, and no-console builds for vs6, and mingw. New documentation is posted documenting the new classes, FullScreenWindow and EditableImage.

Significantly improved documentation is now up for version 2.12. It was generated using a fantastic tool called CppDoc. I just wish it were a little more customizable! Please let us know if you're using CMG2 and how you like it. I would love to hear more feedback about what people are doing with it. Either post in the forums or send mail to