Changliu Liu (刘畅流) Resume

Assistant Professor
Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

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I am an assistant professor in the Robotics Institute at CMU, where I lead Intelligent Control Lab. Prior to joining CMU, I was a postdoc at Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory. I obtained my Ph.D from Berkeley in 2017, where I worked in Mechanical Systems & Control Lab. My research interests include: robotics and human robot interactions, control and motion planning, optimization and optimal control, multi-agent system and game theory.

I am teaching 16-883: Provably Safe Robotics in Fall 2019.
I will teach 16-899: Adaptive Control and Reinforcement Learning in Spring 2020.

Our book Designing Robot Behavior in Human-Robot Interactions is available here.

Tutorial on NeuralVerification.jl

Talk on "Designing robot behavior in human-robot interactions" [Chinese]

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