02-713 Algorithms & Data Structures (for Scientists)

An optional LaTeX template for homeworks.

Use the Autolab site for this course to submit your homeworks. You should be able to log in with your andrew ID

Homework Assignments

  1. Homework #0 - Due 11:59pm Tuesday - fill out this survey.
  2. Homework #1 - Minimum Spanning Trees - Due 9:30pm Monday, Jan 28
    • You can assume all costs / bandwidths are distinct for all problems.
    • For problems asking for an algorithm: describe the algorithm, an argument why it is correct, and an estimation of how fast it will run. For this assignment, your argument about run times need not be sophisticated: just argue that it will be practical.
    • Due to a copy&paste error, the deadline for the homework was posted as 9:30PM above. Therefore, we will accept homeworks until that time without penality (i.e. the deadline for HW1 is 9:30PM Monday).
  3. Homework #2 - Asymptotic Analysis - Due 9:30AM Monday, Feb. 4
  4. Homework #3 - Graph Traversals - Due 9:30am Wednesday, Feb. 13
    • In problem 5, n is the number of nodes in the graph.
  5. Homework #4 - Shortest Paths - Due 9:30am, Friday Feb. 22
  6. Homework #5 - A* and Traveling Salesman - Due 9:30am, Monday Mar. 18
  7. Homework #6 - Divide and Conquer - Due 9:30am, Friday Mar. 29
    • In problem 2, the order of the items is given and fixed.
  8. Homework #7 - Dynamic Programming - Due 9:30am, Wednesday, Apr. 10
    • In problem 1 and 2, you can assume all the numbers are integers
    • In the original problem 4, there was a mistake. The goal has now been changed to finding the maximum sum of the probabilities. See updated PDF above.
  9. Homework #8 - Network Flow - Due 9:30am, Wednesday, Apr. 24
    • In problem 3: there should have been an additional requirement that no device can serve as the backup for more than b other devices. (The PDF above is fixed)
  10. Homework #9 - NP-completeness- Due 5pm, Wednesday, May 1