Projects at CMU

High-Speed Broadband router design and Simulation: Designed a 2.5Tb/s router and simulated its performance.  Here is the relevant web page.

SOAR - Solving the distributed Denial of Service attack with Web caching infrastructure:  We designed a scheme that helps out web servers that are under attack from a dDoS attack.  More here.

Worst-case weighted fair queuing: I made some additions to ns-2 to implement wf2q+. The code is here. . 

Intrusion Detection Systems: As part of the course on Computer Security 18-849 that I took in Fall 99, I did a project on Intrusion Detection Systems

Receiver Controlled Co-operative Resource Sharing: I did this project with Urs Hengartner for the 15-744 course I took in Fall 99.  Here is a short description of the project.

Projects at Ericsson, formerly Torrent Networking Technologies

Multicast Routing Protocols: I was involved in the implementation of Multicast Routing Protocols such as PIM and DVMRP. 

Course Projects at Univeristy of Delaware

At Delaware, I was a part of the Scalable parallel Algorithms Lab SCAPAL with Prof. Ashfaq Khokhar. I also worked with Prof. David Mills and Prof. Guang R. Gao in the CAPSL

Memory Consistency Models for Shared Memory Multiprocessors: Analyszed, evaluated and implemented a cache coherency protocol to support Location Consistency in SMPs. Some of the reports are here: analysis, implementation

Interdomain Multicast Routing Protcols: Analysis and recommendations for Multicast Routing Protocols inclusing PIM, DVMRP, BGMP. Here is a presentation I made to the weekly seminar group.

Center Location Algorithms: Analyze and evaluate the performance of new center location algorithms for wide area multicast. Here is a paper that we presented at Workshop on Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computing, held in conjunction with IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Computing, October 1998 titled Distributed Center Location Algorithm for Fault-Tolerant Multicast in Wide Area Networks

Course Projects at Lahore University of Management Sciences

Computer Graphics (as Java Applets): scan-filling Polygons, 2-D transformations, 3-D viewing, Bezier Curves, Hidden Surface removal. 

Operating Systems: Developed part of a Multitasking Operating System using C++. 

Compilers: Designed and implemented a compiler for a subset of PL/0 using C++, lex and yacc. 

Databases: Designed and implemented a Database for a hospital using Informix. Designed and implemented a Database for a garment manufacturing company using Oracle. 

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