Chris Paris's reef aquarium

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[Tank overview picture] Taken in May 1996.

The 15-Minute Calcium Reactor. Text-only plans for a simple one-pass calcium reactor that you can make in about 15 minutes from a household water filter. This is the reactor that I use on my system now. I will add pictures later. (Last modified 9/15/98)

What Chris was up to in May 1998.

Some potential skimmer injectors.

Pictures of my 15 gallon tank taken in March 1998.

Pictures of homemade recirculating calcium reactor. I made this reactor for a friend, and have never used it personally. He says he likes it.

Pictures of my homemade downdraft skimmer.

Pictures of my tanks taken in March 1997.

My reef tank is a 40 gallon glass aquarium with 55 pounds of live sand from Tropico Reeflife, 44 pounds of CaribSea Reef Sand (dead sand), and 55 pounds of "premium" live rock from Tropico Reeflife. Above the main aquarium is a 20 gallon refugium tank with 55 pounds of Tropico Reeflife's coralline grade live rock. This rock used to be in the main aquarium before I got the premium rock.