Potential skimmer injectors

by Chris Paris for Reef Aquarium Information Depot


Below are pictures of the "eductor" that is available from Aquatic Ecosystems. Click here to see Aquatic Ecosystems' page on the eductor. Click on a picture to get a larger version. I don't know anyone who has tried using this eductor as a skimmer injector, but it looks like it has some potential (after some modifications).

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Beckett #1408

Below are pictures of an injector that some people believe is the one used on the HSA skimmer. It is indistinguishable from the outside, and what we know of the inside is a match also. This is a "foam jet fountain nozzle." This particular one is Beckett #1408. It can be purchased at Home Depot, in the pond supplies area, and from several sites on the web, such as Aquatic Ecosystems and Amazon.com. If you do an Altavista search for "foam jet", you will find lots of hits for these devices. Click here to perform that search now.

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