20-790: Human-Computer Interaction in eCommerce, Summer, 2004

Homework summary

Grading and Late Policy

No cheating. No copying other group's work. For assignment 4, each person must do their own work independently. For your prototype web site (assignment 3), do not copy a commercial site. In particular, it is not acceptable to use any art-work (pictures) from commercial sites, unless it is explicitly marked as free clip-art. Penalty for cheating: a zero on the assignment, and possibly other penalties as well. The final exam will be individual and closed book. No copying or notes will be allowed for the final.

Late Policy. Assignments are due before the end of class on the specified day. A penalty of 10 points out of 100 (one letter grade) will be immediately applied after the end of class. An additional 10 points will be subtracted for each additional class period late. For the final assignment (Homework 5), there cannot be any late assignments--everyone must be ready to present on the last day of class.

If you need to take the final early or late, arrangements should be made with the instructor at least a week in advance.

Homework 1: User, Task & Competitive Analysis; Wed, July 7 - Wed, July 14, Group, 5% of grade.

Homework 2: Contextual Inquiry, Wed, July 14 - Wed, July 21. Group, 15% of grade.

Homework 3: Create a prototype Web site; Wed, July 21 - Wed, July 28. Group, 10% of grade.

Homework 4: Heuristic Evaluation of each other's sites; Wed, July 28 - Wed, Aug 4. Individual, 15% of grade.

Homework 5: Revise sites based on evaluations, User study of implementation of site with at least one user, Write Final Report; Wed, Aug 4 - Friday, Aug 13 . Group, 30% of grade.