20-790: Human-Computer Interaction in eCommerce, Summer, 2004

Homework # 3: Create a Prototype Web Site

Start: Wed, July 21
Hand in: Wed, July 28

Group Project
Counts for 10% of final grade.

Homework 3: Create a Prototype Web Site

Create a prototype of your web site containing at least 10 pages. It is OK to use pretend data and no database.

You can author your website using Microsoft Frontpage or other authoring tool, or using raw HTML. Pictures and images for your site can be "sloppily" drawn by hand or scanned in. You can put your pages up on the server for the class, or your own machine if you have a web server. Be sure all the links in your page are relative links (that is, just refer to file names from the current directory without the whole path in them).

Reminder: no copying of commercial sites (see the homework cheating policy). In particular, do not copy the overall design of commercial sites, and do not use any art-work (pictures) from commercial sites that isn't marked as free clip art. The one exception is that it is OK to use pictures of products copied from commercial sites that stand in for the products you might offer (for example, if you are selling bracelets, you can use pictures of bracelets from commercial sites to pretend to be the bracelets you will sell). Similarly, if your site will contain advertisements, it is OK to use commercial advertisements copied from the web. But do not use pictures that are navigation buttons, separators, headers, etc.

Turn in:

We will be grading from the hardcopy, so be sure to turn a hardcopy in on-time in class.

Note: Homework 4 will have others evaluating your web site, so it is important that you finish this assignment on time!

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