20-790: Human-Computer Interaction in eCommerce, Mini 2, Fall, 2002

Schedule and Readings

1 Wed, Oct 23

1. Why is UI Design Important and Why Is It Difficult?

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 1

Required Readings:
  • Web Text, chapter 1.
  • CD Text, chapter 1
  • Brad A. Myers. "Challenges of HCI Design and Implementation," ACM Interactions. vol. 1, no. 1. January, 1994. pp. 73-83. PDF
Recommended Readings:
  • Gerald L. Lohse and Peter Spiller, "Quantifying the effect of user interface design features on cyberstore traffic and sales," CHI'98: Human factors in computing systems, April 18 - 23, 1998, Los Angeles, CA USA. pp. 211-218. ACM DL PDF
  • Gerald L. Lohse and Peter Spiller, "Electronic shopping," Communications of the ACM, vol. 41 , no. 7 (1998). pp. 81-87. ACM DL PDF

Fill out the Initial Questionnaire in class and turn in immediately.

Form groups of three or four people. At least one person in each group should be able to author web pages.

2 Friday, Oct 25

2. Usability Process; Goals and Task analysis

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 2

Required Readings:

  • John D. Gould and Clayton Lewis. "Designing for usability: key principles and what designers think," Communications of the ACM. Volume 28 , Issue 3 (March 1985), pp. 300 - 311. ACM DL PDF
  • CD Text, chapters 2-4
Recommended Readings:
  • Jakob Nielsen. Usability Engineering. Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco (originally published by AP Professional, Boston), 1994. ISBN 0-12-518406-9 (paperback). At Amazon.com

Start on Homework 1.

  Wed, Oct 30 Brad Out of Town: No class
  Fri, Nov 1 Brad Out of Town: No class
3 Wed, Nov 6

Discovering what people can't tell you:
Contextual Inquiry and Design Methodology

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 3

Required Readings:

  • CD Text, chapters 5-7
  • Karen Cross, Adrienne Warmack, and Brad Myers. "Lessons Learned: Using Contextual Inquiry Analysis to Improve PDA Control of Presentations". Submitted for Publication. PDF.

Turn in Homework 1.
Start on Homework 2.

4 Fri, Nov 8

Contextual Design Methodology, cont.

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 4

Required Readings:

  • CD Text, chapters 8-10
5 Wed, Nov 13

Page Design, Content Design, Site Design

Please send me more example pages to use that illustrate the points.

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 5

Nielsen's "Top 10 Mistakes for 2002, comics" (PowerPoint)

Required Readings:

  • Web Text, chapters 2,3 and 4.
Recommended Readings:
  • CD Text, chapters 11-16
6 Fri, Nov 15

Page Design, Content Design, Site Design, cont.

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 6

Turn in Homework 2.
Start on Homework 3

7 Mon, Nov 18 in Wean 4623
Note special day and room

Evaluation using Heuristic Analysis

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 7

Required Readings:

  • Jakob Nielsen, Heuristic Evaluation. On line in html format. Includes list of 10 heuristics.
  • Jakob Nielsen, "Guerrilla HCI: Using Discount Usability Engineering to Penetrate the Intimidation Barrier", Cost-Justifying Usability, edited by Randolph G. Bias and Deborah J. Mayhew. On line in html format.
  • Rolf Molich and Jakob Nielsen. "Improving a human-computer dialogue", Communications of the ACM, March 1990. Volume 33 Issue 3. pp. 338 - 348. ACM DL PDF

Recommended Readings:

  • Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich. "Heuristic evaluation of user interfaces," Proceedings CHI'90, Human factors in computing systems, 1990. Seattle, Washington ACM DL PDF
  Wed, Nov 20

Graphic Design of Web Pages

Guest lecture by Professor Jodi Forlizzi

Slides for Guest lecture (pdf format)

In today's lecture, we will review principles of communication design that are relevant to the design of web sites: typography, color, design systems and grids, and how to best design for your audience.

7 Fri, Nov 22

Brad out of town.

Guest Lecture: Sara Kiesler, "Navigation, the Card/Pirolli Research on Search, and Related Topics"

Slides for Guest Lecture (pdf format)

Start on Homework 4

  Mon, Nov 25 in Wean 4623
Note special day and room

Evaluation using User Studies

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 8

Required Readings:

Turn in Homework 3. Note: postponed deadline

  Wed, Nov 27

Thanksgiving Holiday; no class

  Fri, Nov 29

Thanksgiving Holiday; no class

8 Wed, Dec 4

Handicapped and International Use Issues

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 9

Required Readings:

  • Web Text, chapters 6 and 7.
9 Fri, Dec 6

Guest lecture: Interaction Design for the Web: Perspective from local professionals

PowerPoint Slides for David Bishop's talk
(Note: David says: "There's a wealth of information in the speaker's notes, so when you post the presentation, you might want to suggest that the students read them as well as the slides themselves.")

PowerPoint Slides for Derek Wahila's talk

  • David Bishop Human Sciences Director/Senior Interaction Designer for Maya Design
  • Derek Wahila, Wahila.com

Turn in Homework 4.
Start on Homework 5.

10 Wed, Dec 11

Design for Mobile Devices

PowerPoint Slides for Lecture 10

Required Readings:

  • Web Text, chapters 8 and 9.
  Fri, Dec 13

Student Presentations and Critique

Turn in Homework 5.

  Mon, Dec 16 from 9-12