Azurite is a selective undo tool for the Eclipse IDE.
Its main purpose is to help programmers backtrack their source code more easily.

If you are a programmer using Eclipse, please try out Azurite!

Selective undo?

Unlike the regular undo command where you can only undo the most recent changes made in your code, the selective undo of Azurite is capable of undoing specific selected changes that you made a while ago, while keeping the other edits unchanged.

Benefits of Azurite

Azurite's selective undo has several benefits:

  • Keep the desired edits
    By definition, selective undo can undo only some of the edits, without necessarily undoing some other intermixed edits that you want to retain.

  • Convenient user interfaces
    Azurite's selective undo command comes with a variety of user interfaces that helps you find and select what edits you want to undo. For instance, you can select a region of code and go back through the history to revert that selected code to one of the earlier versions.

  • Undo multiple edits at once
    In Azurite, you can select multiple code edits from the UI, even across multiple files, and undo them all at once.

  • Never lose any code
    When using the regular undo command, you lose all the undone edits immediately after you make some new edits after undoing one or more times. In contrast, Azurite's edit history keeps ALL the edits (even the undo commands), and you never lose any of the previously entered code. Azurite even works across sessions, so you can close Eclipse and open it again and still undo changes made previous times.

  • And many more!


Azurite is being developed as part of a research project by YoungSeok Yoon and Prof. Brad Myers at Carnegie Mellon University.

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact YoungSeok Yoon (youngseok@cs.cmu.edu).

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