Twitter word clusters

From 56 million English tweets (837 million tokens), 1000 hierarchical clusters over 217 thousand words. More information here.

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Cluster path (and word type count) Words (most frequent)
^0000 (69) i -i ijust dontcha ireally d'you whaddya istill //i ijus i-i inever #uever ı d'ya (i doncha iiiii ialways ijuss ionly whaddaya dyou who'da don'tcha ι wheni #urboyfriendever |i *i #youmakeme iiiiiii ialready _i iiiiiiii `i #yourfacemakesme +i )i whoda whadya •i «i ijst #rtifyou #lolatgirlswho ï ‎​i #aslongasyou
^000100 (25) we #aquarians -you #howmanypeople -we -they #shoutouttothegirlsthat #icantstandpeoplethat #notallblackpeople #ilovepeoplethat //you #shoutouttotheguysthat i/we #shoutouttogirlswho #boyswho /you #realgrandmas self-education /we #menmarrywomenthat //u //we (you iyou #innowayshapeorform
^000101 (15) they violets theyy #ihatefemaleswho theey theu #househippos ifyou thry tehy d'u #ihatemaleswho thwy guildenstern tthey
^000110 (12) who who've whu wh0 -who #ilikepeoplewho <> whod who’ve who’d whotf eho
^0001110 (29) he she he/she shee -it she/he s/he -he -she #fm2011 sheee bld_650_kwh bld_600_kwh #iheardbowwow #fmh2011 #iheardchucknorris #whatifgod $he he/she/it #whatifi idone ialmost tachomaster #mydumbass sje shhe testasterisk sshe ser-ueberwacher
^0001111 (53) i've you've ive we've they've i’ve youve you’ve u've we’ve uve weve 0.00% i'v theyve #haveuever i`ve i´ve #haveyouever they’ve iv'e ihavent <> u'v #neverhaveiever you'v youv i\'ve i'd've you`ve ivee you´ve we'v that've <> i'da -i've there've u’ve yu've we´ve a:i've wev #ihavenever ihaven't iwoulda we`ve <> i'be l've
^001000 (28) not nt nott n0t nawt rightfully nottt nto notttt noot nooot not- noooot nottttt deservedly _not_ naht n't nnot nooooot notttttt -not- noit /not/ youhave noooooot nottttttt noht
^001001 (12) been gotten beeen beeeen undergone beenn beeeeen successfuly gotton beeeeeen b33n gottn
^0010100 (60) just jus juss jst juz jsut jux justt jut #dontactlikeyounever -just jz jusst <> jusss jss #just jusz juat juust jusy juts juuust jusr justed juzt justtt jjust juuuust juhs <> judt juzz jzt juxx jusx jussst justs jhuss jussss jhus kust juuuuust jsst juus ju$t jusssst justttt ddeubel jyst
^001010100 (21) aint ain't ain anit ain’t iaint aiint aintt ainn ain`t aine an't iant ainnt aynt wusz ainy aitn a'int ain´t ain\'t
^001010101 (70) haven't havent shoulda would've should've hadn't woulda could've coulda havnt shouldve wouldve must've musta couldve haven’t havn't hadnt might've hvnt mustve shuda wuda shudda wudda shulda wulda mighta cudda have'nt wudve shudve hvent #glocalurban hadn’t haven`t mightve shlda haven´t culda should’ve wlda avnt would’ve hvn't may've cudve shldve have't could’ve
^001010110 (29) never neva nvr gladly nevr #never neverr nver neverrr nevaa nevah nva neverrrr letchu letcha ne'er -never neveer glady #inever bever nevaaa neever nerver enver neeever nevet neeeever nevva
^001010111 (23) ever eva evar evr everrr everr everrrr evah everrrrr everrrrrr evaa evaaa everrrrrrr nevar eveer evaaaa eveeer everrrrrrrr everrrrrrrrr evea eveeeer evaaaaa evur
^00101100 (16) only onli onlyy ony onlii 0nly -only olny onlyyy onlt onlly onyl onlu onlee onle inly
^00101101 (22) even necessarily evn eem evenn let'em make'em 10x's -even <> eveen evem eeen eveb evennn letem neven eeem evern neccessarily neccesarily get2
^00101110 (79) really rly realy genuinely rlly reallly realllly reallyy rele realli relly reallllly reli reali sholl rily reallyyy reeeeally realllllly reaally reeeally rili reaaally reaaaally reallyyyy rilly reallllllly reeeeeally reeally shol realllyyy reely relle reaaaaally shole really2 reallyyyyy _really_ realllllllly reaaly realllyy reallii reallt genuinly relli realllyyyy reeeeeeally weally reaaallly reallllyyy
^0010111100 (29) already recently previously alrdy alreadyy allready alredy cuda alrd awready alreadyyy alread alreadii alreadi aready alredi sucessfully alreay aleady alreaddy alreadyyyyy alreaady oredi wooda alrady offish finali alreayd alreday
^00101111010 (18) almost nearly practically approximately virtually roughly averaging almst allmost amost almsot almostt alomst alomost alm0st nearlly -almost nealy
^001011110110 (22) currently officially reportedly offically <> officialy presently #readcast heise huckleberries <> <> cordially oficially officaly busily curently #bggplay offcially officailly currenty sibby
^001011110111 (33) finally successfully finaly <> finnaly reluctantly finallly <> finnally #myfitnesspal finallyy succesfully finallyyy <> fianlly finalllly finallyyyy snackfeed finially finallllly <> #thingsididoverthesummer finalllllly -finally berly fiinally finallyyyyy fnally fiiiinally #officially finalllyyy finalli finalllyy
^001011111000 (7) rather shalt ratha <> canst rathr knowest
^001011111001 (100) ii id ion iv ll iii ud wd uma ul idnt provoking hed 1+1 ididnt hast ine 2+2 idw #thingsblackpeopledo iiii #onlywhitepeople dost doan uon apt-get 2010/06 donn 2010/08 sont cyaa 2010/04 2010/10 neer letts 2010/12 #onlyuglypeople i-i-i #urgirlfriendever cani muz _i_ #confusingthingsgirlsdo ild ifi dontchu sge #onlyfatpeople #thingsiaintdoneyet 19t
^001011111010 (141) actually usually literally basically barely hardly constantly normally randomly accidentally automatically rarely generally secretly originally supposedly allegedly magically accidently typically proudly essentially casually ont actively initially purposely barley intentionally seldom continuously deliberately jes actualy gradually hereby willingly spontaneously indirectly blindly voluntarily mistakenly inadvertently traditionally collectively litterally miraculously actully unknowingly subconsciously
^0010111110110 (21) also suddenly sincerely desperately ultimately henceforth sincerly subsequently jx belatedly alternately aslo desperatly gies desparately demonbruen prayerfully coincidently alos -always suddently
^0010111110111 (77) seriously honestly obviously clearly surely personally srsly lowkey gotcha deadass obv #lowkey betcha obvs truthfully obvi realistically d.a theoretically likeeee geddit seriouslyy understandably unno personaly seriosuly serioulsy likeeeee seriosly neverrrrr highkey serzly serously seriusly seriouly betchu -really lowkeyy deadasss seriuosly honeslty seriouslly surley gez neverrrrrr lokey ferreal seriouslyyy siriusly srly
^00101111110 (20) still stil stilll sill styll stll stillll stiill stilllll stiil -still sitll #still stillllll stilling matchmaking- nolonger stilllllll gonnabe stillllllll
^001011111110 (30) always alwayz alway allways inevitably alwys alwayss invariably alwaysss usally alwasy alwayssss alway's alwaysz alwaays alwas alwyz alwayys alwaz alwaysssss alwyas alwaaays alaways alwz alwaiz alwaaaays alwats lways makeme alwayssssss
^001011111111 (88) probably definitely def possibly prob prolly certainly probs definately deff defo probly deffo definetly defiantly definitly definatly undoubtedly probaly probally proly defs definetely probz defintely definitley definatley prolli deffinately prbly probley deffinatly defff definently deffs probaby deffinetly blates proably definantly defly prb probabaly doubtless proberly deffff probobly probablly deffinitely prlly
^0011000 (36) gonna gunna gona gna guna gnna ganna qonna gonnna gana qunna gonne goona gonnaa g0nna goina gonnah goingto gunnah gonaa gonan gunnna going2 gonnnna gunnaa gonny gunaa quna goonna qona gonns goinna gonnae qnna gonnaaa gnaa
^0011001 (62) tryna gon finna bouta trynna boutta gne fina gonn tryina fenna qone trynaa qon boutaa funna finnah bouda boutah abouta fena bouttah boudda trinna qne finnaa fitna aboutta goin2 bout2 finnna trynah finaa ginna bouttaa fna try'na g0n trynn tyrna trna bouto finsta fnna tranna finta tryinna finnuh tryingto boutto
^0011010 (42) let's lets lemme let’s letz leme #ivealwayswantedto letss let´s lemmie let`s #tfat #somepeopleneedto letsss #girlsshould letme #lets letssss lemmi #1dayiwantto -lets lezz #peopleshould <> let\'s lemmee -let's lessss #darksummoner ibetter <> <> letsssss leets lemmme #ialwayswantedto <> #let's lettme <> #whenlifegivesyoulemons lemee
^00110110 (31) i'd you'd we'd he'd they'd she'd who'd i’d u'd youd you’d iwould theyd icould we’d i`d #whydopeople he’d i´d #iusedto they’d i'ld she’d #iwantsomeonewhowill i'de imust a:i'd you`d yu'd icud l'd
^001101110 (167) ill ima imma i'ma i'mma ican iwanna umma imaa #imthetypeto iwill amma #menshouldnever igotta #whywouldyou #iwishicould #sometimesyouhaveto #thoushallnot #ihatewhenpeople illl #thingspeopleshouldnotdo #howdareyou #thingsgirlswantboystodo im'a #womenshouldnever #thingsblackgirlsdo immma iima #ireallyhatewhenpeople ishould #thingspeopleshouldntdo #irefuseto itl #howtospoilahoodrat iwont imight #thingsweusedtodoaskids ineeda #thingswhitepeopledo we'l #whycantyoujust #whydogirls #everymanshouldknowhowto #ushouldnt #howtopissyourgirloff #amanshouldnot #uwannaimpressme #realfriendsdont immaa #ilovewhenyou
^0011011110 (59) you'll we'll it'll he'll they'll she'll it'd that'll u'll that'd youll ull you’ll itll there'll we’ll itd there'd theyll this'll thatd thatll they’ll didja he’ll it’ll yu'll she’ll youl you`ll you'l you´ll yull u'l it'l we´ll we`ll didya that’ll it’d he'l shit'll they'l theyl she'l everything'll he`ll things'll u’ll this'd
^0011011111 (13) i'll i’ll i'l i`ll i´ll i'lll l'll i\'ll i''ll -i'll /must @pretweeting she`ll
^00111000 (18) could cud cld culd kud kould couldd coud cudd cood kuld c0uld coudl <> couls useto coulddd hearby
^00111001 (11) can cn cann caan cannn ckan shalll ccan caaan cannnn caaaan
^001110100 (30) should shall shud shld shuld shd oughta shoul shoud sould sud shouldd shudd shoudl shood shold oughtta shoulddd shoukd sh0uld shouls shouuld hould shoould suld shoulld shuold musnt can/should -should
^0011101010 (7) may migh mayy can's -may may/may 1993-1999
^00111010110 (9) might mite myt miqht mightt mght miight myte mitee
^00111010111 (5) must #must -must twould mustt
^001110110 (21) would wud wld wuld wouldd woud wudd whould woudl w0uld -would woukd wouuld woulddd woulld wouls woould could/should woulf wpuld wuldd
^001110111 (29) will wil who'll willl wll doth wold usta shal willll wiil wiill sld shant ould willlll willllll who’ll <> can/will which'll wlll one'll willlllll iwll usto used2 use2 eill
^00111100 (53) don't dont dnt don’t dun idont don´t don`t iont dn't dontt dunt idon't d0nt whataya don\'t dntt i'on #dont donot -don't donnt on't don’t i'ont ionn -dont doont dont't dony don�t d0n't ididn't don''t #don't donttt #whyshouldi domt dotn #hatewhenpeople do't ion't #idefinitelydont do'nt whatdya don'y dobt dontttt dnnt dnot
^001111010 (28) doesn't doesnt doesn’t dosent dosnt dosen't dsnt doesn`t doesn´t does'nt dosn't doest doens't doenst doesent does't doen't pathum doent duznt dsn't dusnt doesnot doesn\'t -doesn't doesn’t doesntt doesen't
^0011110110 (29) didn't didnt didn’t dint ddnt didn did'nt didn`t couldn didn´t din't didint dident did't diddnt didntt didt diidnt didin't daren't ddn ddn't ddint didny didnot dodnt dind't didn\'t disnt
^0011110111 (58) won't wouldn't wont shouldn't wouldnt shouldnt won’t wudnt wouldn’t shouldn’t shudnt wuldnt mustn't wldnt wouldn shldnt shan't shuldnt needn't would'nt won`t won´t shouldn wunt should'nt wudn't wouldent wldn't musn't wontt wouldn`t woudnt woudn't shudn't wudn wouldn´t shldn't shoudn't would't woulnt shoudnt wount won\'t should't can't/won't wuddnt mightn't woodnt mustnt shdnt
^00111110 (76) can't cant couldn't cannot cnt couldnt can’t kant icant cudnt can´t can`t couldn’t caint canny knt cantt cldnt culdnt carnt ican't cannt icnt cn't cannae can\'t could'nt caant cudn't cany -can't couldent #cant canna kan't coudn't canot cann't could't cain't canttt cldn't couldn´t cyah cannnot coudnt ckant cant't couldn`t caaant
^001111110 (40) wanna wana wna hafta wannna wnna wann wonna wanta wunna wannaa giva havta wannah wanne waan msut wanan want2 wannnna have2 haveta wanaa wanty wona haveto wan2 needto tryda wanto wantto wannaaa hav2 wannnnna wuna waanna waana tryta lettem try2
^001111111 (34) gotta needa gota gtta qotta hadda gottah gatta hada gottta gotsta gottaa haffi needaa gotto g0tta need2 needta neeeda needah gotts godda goota gotsa got2 <> gotaa -gotta had2 qottah qota gotttta hadta gottaaa
^0100000 (4) do d0 sugest do/did
^01000010 (9) does duz doess -does sayeth doez doesss d0es deos
^01000011 (10) did dare didd diid -can diddd #dare didddd did/do #did
^010001000 (28) kno knw noe knoe knoo knoee knooo thiink kne kn0w undastand noee kn0 knoooo knww knooooo diggg knu zeet kknow hearddd knoooooo knowrt knoeee undastnd noeee diig haven't!!
^010001001 (29) know knoww knowww knowwww knooow knoow knoooow knowwwww know- kow knwo knooooow knowwwwww konw like/love knoooooow knooww knowwwwwww kniw kmow knooowww knnow lnow know/ knowwwwwwww knoowww knooooooow kbow knoooowww
^0100010100 (7) care kare caree careee care's care- careeee
^01000101010 (31) mean wan meen won't! meann meannn can't!! liiiike wanttt shouldn't! meannnn meaan can- wantttt want- deserv mean- liiiiike won't!! like'em meeean just- meaaan meean should've! meannnnn won't!!! meeeean bovvered meam likeit
^010001010110 (35) hurts ache pains aches itches warmers sanitizer stings bleeds boggles spasms boggling wrenching scratcher throb muffs hurtss tingles calibur palpitations snatchers hurtsss hurtz krutch hurtssss ached sanitizers stabber encircles throbs stirrers automatica toniq achee hurtsssss
^010001010111 (41) hurt bother crossed pierced bleed disappoint excite waxed peeled flatter depress deceive mislead hurted dissapoint hurtn peirced amputated butted asplode hurtt dialated droop whitened entitle repierced retwisted marrie hurttt dissappoint x-rayed hurtinq re-pierced unbored lasered hurtttt xed squinted crossd hurtingg pealed
^0100010110 (41) say admit confess don't! sayy imply tell'em sayyy reiterate saay do- don't!! say- be- admitt sayyyy don't!!! saaay do/say say/do see- think- insinuate saaaay mispell do/ sayyyyy have- lagta realiz asume die- go/ say/ theorize don't; vesper's saaaaay ask- tell'm ssay
^010001011100 (17) realize realized remembered realised realise rephrase relized relize rememberd remebered relised relise re-phrase realizd twigged rembered membered
^010001011101 (22) believe deny belive beleive belieb blv believ blieve beliebe unsee bliv beleave believee beleve beileve blive disbelieve belived blve beliv believeee beieve
^0100010111100 (19) worry complain brag gaf fret discriminate fantasize wry wrry worrie wori wory worrry worri worry- worryy dunnn fantasise dunnnn
^01000101111010 (23) understand regret understood comprehend condone overdo overthink overestimate undrstnd understan understnd undrstand sugarcoat undestand undertand understandd begrudge overstand over-think overanalyze reget undersand regreat
^01000101111011 (15) forget 4get underestimate hesitate 4gt foget forqet undervalue forgett forgt frgt forget- #forget frget overcook
^0100010111110 (16) agree disagree concur interfere sympathize agreee disagreed digress empathize sympathise agreeee agreeeee empathise aqree think) dissagree
^0100010111111 (42) remember imagine suggest recall predict remeber rmb fathom memba rememba #remember #ihaveadream rember rememeber rmbr imagin remembr #haveyouevernoticed agree- remmeber remenber rememer temme remember- rmr remmber rembr rememberr rmember rememebr rmmbr surmise bagsy remba remeba remmember remb recommand confirm/deny rmber disreguard immagine
^010001100 (118) love luv lovee envy salute loveee lov dread looove cba loveeee loooove loove looooove loveeeee lurve loooooove l0ve loveeeeee luff l.o.v.e lovelovelove luvv lub rebuke looooooove l.o.v.e. lav lve l-o-v-e loveeeeeee iove luhh loooooooove lvoe lurv lovve loveeeeeeee loovee loge luvz ℒℴѵℯ luve wub looooooooove lubb luvvv loveeeeeeeee loooveee lovez
^0100011010 (24) miss owe adore nominate admire assure misss applaud wuv commend missss pr0m0te misssss miiss implore #miss missssss misssssss beseech misz wuvv missssssss idolise love/miss
^0100011011 (31) hate prefer dislike despise h8 loathe #hate hatee resent detest hateee perfer abhor hateeee loath haaaate haaate hateeeee dispise haaaaate haate hate/love hateeeeee ahte preffer haet hatehatehate hatte haaaaaate hateeeeeee hat3
^010001110 (24) think assume reckon thnk fink can't! thinkk haven't! thik thinkkk thinnk rekon tihnk thinl fnk thynk htink thinkkkk thinc thnik thibk thimk thikn thonk
^01000111100 (27) thought dreamed dreamt assumed thot swore thunk tought thouqht thght thougt thort thaught thout thawt thoght thoughtt thougth thgt thouht thoguht dreampt th0ught knowed thinked thught dreamnt
^010001111010 (5) forgot 4got forqot fogot forgott
^010001111011 (4) knew kneww knowz knewww
^01000111110 (10) hope thk hopee hpe h0pe hopeee hopw hoope hoep hopr
^010001111110 (8) wish wished wishh whish wiish wissh widh wishe
^0100011111110 (13) guess gues quess guesss geuss gess guessss guss daresay guees guesssss think/hope gueess
^0100011111111 (53) bet swear promise guarantee tot tink gotchu luh presume sware swea lobe s'pose solemnly swearr ges guarentee promis keed wishhh swr swearrr gotchuu gurantee loike can't!!! promisee swearrrr swer wishhhh gaurantee promisse sweaa promiss waketh sweaar swaer bettt garuntee promiseee wanttttt knaw swere promess swearrrrr digz knoooww wishhhhh garantee thnkk
^0100100 (33) have hav hv hve havee foresee haf ahve habe haveee hvae forsee haave -have have/had haved haveeee havr hav3 havve haue haaave havet haev haaaave havv huv hhave havd shead hsve heve _have_
^01001010 (22) need neeed nid neeeed neeeeed neeeeeed #need needz needd nees neeeeeeed nedd meed n33d neeeeeeeed eed nned needdd neeeeeeeeed néed neeeeeeeeeed neeeeeeeeeeed
^01001011 (25) want deserve wnt intend wantt wan't want/need wnat need/want wannt waant whant vant waaant waaaant wany wamt derserve wantchu diserve desrve waaaaant wannnt wantcha wabt
^010011000 (12) got qot gott g0t gotz qott gottt gawt ghot gotcho goht ggot
^0100110010 (6) liked uploaded favorited rated assisti screen(not
^0100110011 (16) had gots favourited hadd ihad dodged hade haad ahd haddd got's -had had/have haaad haaaad hadddd
^01001101000 (11) seen eaten encountered longoria outgrown seeen 4gotten seen/heard seeeen eatten longoria's
^01001101001 (36) heard learned tweeted noticed mentioned guessed learnt imagined twittered concluded reblogged rt'ed heared unsubscribed sensed twitpic'd tweetd seent refrained learnd heardd boasted twitpiced tweet'd fantasized deduced tweeeted regreted partook twitter'd seened heard/read wagered readed notcied insinuated
^010011010100 (8) saw peeped saww saaw sawww wiki'd wtched saw/heard
^010011010101 (102) bought watched ate wrote received ordered discovered downloaded drank wore unlocked earned survived visited purchased smoked attended skipped typed grabbed spilled witnessed googled rented recieved copped pre-ordered spilt downed rec'd aced snagged rediscovered preordered inhaled reinstalled snorted uninstalled braved redid overcame watchd rewatched rcvd sniffed bough chugged rewrote craved blipped
^010011010110 (17) found checked figured chickened flunked fount checkd blurted wimped pigged foundd pled chkd founf wussed foud cheked
^010011010111 (43) missed loved hated misread admired underestimated resisted adored disliked regretted missd fancied luved prefered luvd overdid mistyped misd misssed looooved misjudged lovedd loooved loathed lurves lovd misse loveddd mised luv'd mis-read loooooved resented lovedddd choosed missedd loveed pvr'd detested looooooved biffed looved miss'd
^010011011000 (14) asked asks cared thanked askd begged dared auditioned bargained askes aked askedd ask's ask'd
^010011011001 (53) told taught reminded texted unfollowed tld dm'd tol messaged dmed txted doubted txtd forgave friended dm'ed nudged dmd toldd textd un-followed imed @'d inboxed mooned refollowed bbm'd unfollwed msged teached txt'd lubs im'd msgd wuvs unfollowd calledd text'd re-followed bbmed texed t0ld tellz unfolowed unfllwed @'ed igged msg'd smsed kissd
^010011011010 (24) made helped cooked cheered sparked prompted jinxed madee befriended resembled costed mde maked eluded helpd cookd madeee disobeyed taugh mades maded killled madde elicited
^010011011011 (39) gave sent brought threw showed blew kissed emailed proved tore hugged mailed forwarded phoned rted e-mailed loaned mistook brung killd steered snt facebooked snaked qave showd intro'd sended gavee @replied re-added bouqht re-sent brouqht dapped wrotee gived free'd mistaked
^010011011100 (37) called named considered spelled titled pronounced spelt labeled renamed crowned deemed calld proclaimed nicknamed labelled kalled termed callled cald ritchie's caled labled autocorrected kawasaki's codenamed calles call'd <> clld auto-corrected kalld misunderestimated considerd re-named <> pronouced kald
^010011011101 (12) worth pdtbuy pstbuy vlagra wrth bstbuy edtbuy worths duking worht #curcubitaceae wroth
^0100110111100 (14) finished completed finshed #crunchyroll #viggle finishd finnished finsihed bunked finishe finised finishedd router-gx fnished
^0100110111101 (20) started stopped began awoke stoped cbf startd contemplated strtd strted ceebs gottem stopd startedd stoppd woke-up gotem startet stopes stoppped
^0100110111110 (6) took became toook bcame tooks retook
^0100110111111 (23) voted tagged ousted searched #listeningto #soundtracking <> rsvp'd <> published/updated //en rsvped bankruptcyinformation 1.375 2.375 rsvpd #michaelpollan 1.265 #tunewiki signed-up @moi <> \(//∇//)
^0100111000 (38) said suggested sed insisted whispered didn't! saidd sais wasn't! saiid sayd exclaimed wouldn't! mumbled siad remarked sayed said- ain't! vuelto didn't!! sedd admited muttered saiddd couldn't! saaid will- didn't!!! misspoke need- did- liedd can't!!!! can't: kill'd sadi quipped
^01001110010 (17) means explains proves determines implies dictates entails signifies accomplishes meanz mean's meens meanss toei wholesales presupposes prooves
^01001110011 (72) says writes confirms admits suggests denies insists recommends blames sez sachs endorses indicates discovers attends doesn assumes opposes criticizes q:what's advises say's acknowledges doesn't! concedes <> preaches q:who's pronounces laments proclaims mathers observes sayz decries saids asserts torvalds arnley says- narrates likens <> sayss hasn misspells chides omits 8.4.1 exclaims
^0100111010 (56) needs wants deserves tries decides refuses listens expects responds threatens chooses compares tends learns manages refers commits reacts dares pretends want's trys intends contributes craves confesses wnts equates strives caters wantz neeeds need's try's attaches adapts aspires succumbs conspires subscribes wantss wans nids migrates undertakes neeeeds wnats wonts alludes purports
^010011101100 (22) thinks wishes hopes believes realizes swears reckons realises mops #helooksgoodbut rears #hescutebut think's tinks finks belives supposes thinkss thinx #ilovemydadeventhough wishs thinkz
^010011101101 (18) knows cares understands remembers forgets complains knws know's knos brags knoweth knowss knoes knowsss 4gets remebers agree's kno's
^010011101110 (8) keeps tells kept #snowballfight kips 982mb keepz keept
^010011101111 (82) loves likes hates follows sees misses owns enjoys hears luvs ignores appreciates prefers respects unfollows trusts dislikes see's spoils forgives stalks fancies adores lovess admires worships lovesss despises disrespects kidnaps lovessss like's loooves neglects looooves suscrito tolerates envies loathes loooooves marcado loveth #loves hate's put's follow's resents h8s foll0w underestimates
^010011110 (15) has hasn't hasnt hath hasn’t hass /americablog hasent bfb-attack -has 182t hasss 182rg has/had has'nt
^0100111110 (80) makes gives reminds allows pisses cracks scares annoys bothers inspires owes amazes upsets confuses irritates pleases motivates irks calms amuses angers excites haunts separates bores surrounds offends saddens depresses baffles soothes frustrates informs entertains disturbs distracts disgusts frightens sickens fascinates ails grosses intrigues compels eludes terrifies convinces urks make's weirds
^01001111110 (12) gets becomes wears earns spends get's getz qets getss getts outgrows #justofferedlebron
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^01010000001 (9) stand afford resist muster abide stnd standd aford un-see
^010100000100 (32) run walk fade burst jog stroll wander roam wlk runn laze taketh walk/run stagger tiptoe prance trudge hobble rollerblade meander sleepwalk walkk bikeride scamper walk- jogg walk/jog amble saunter sashay shied busk
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^01010000101 (30) fell falling falls rising fallin resulting beez dozing dozed loggin fending falln tapering fends dozin staving ifell lightyears fallinq felll warding crouched falled simmered -falls gallops cordoned dozes faling falin
^01010000110 (10) stay remain stayy saty stayyy -stay staay 2stay stayyyy keepit
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^01010010010 (7) wake fess wakee smarten wke sgin wakeee
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^0101011111 (60) b /b /a ferrell round-trip beee srt hava beeee thurman bhe be's ferrel 6e /em meteo beeeee o.d. /p arnett beeh behh beein -be /title bhee :*{ /strong searchresults 702-544-4368 mysql_connect 8e /div vivastreet /success /latitude /longitude gho ++++++++++ bxl/bsl #nowon firstname @font kill- stabbymac /span /h3 eq&tw /font mysbx
^0101100000 (8) start begin commence strt startt sart endup recommence
^0101100001 (38) stop quit wishful stp stopp #peopleneedtostop #ineedtostop #whyyouintheclub #ladiespleasestop #icantstop #thingswomenshouldstopdoing #youmightwannastop #youwillnevercatchme #peopleshouldstop #blackpeoplehobbies #thingspeoplehavetostopdoing #nothingwrongwith #neverapologizefor #imreallygoodat st0p #howlong #peoplepleasestop #fellaspleasestop #iwishyouwouldstop #thingsigotawhoopinfor #dumbestthingigotputoutofclassfor stop- -stop #whyyouatchurch -keeps #dontbother #ladyspleasestop #thingsimguiltyof #thankstwitter4 -stops #mistakesgirlsmake negatif wishfull
^0101100010 (12) keep keeep kep ikeep kepp keep'em #keep keeeep -keep keepp keeo keeeeep
^01011000110 (29) enjoy appreciate enjoyed consider recommend cherish recomend njoy reccomend appriciate apreciate liken outdid reccommend enjoi enjoyy apperciate enjoyd appericate njoyed concider injoy recommened appreicate enoy appreaciate deplore recommed appeciate
^01011000111 (10) read re-read reread retract proofread read- fav'd -read read/watch reaad
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^0101101010 (6) let scuse -let -tell ilet -give
^0101101011 (24) tell remind forgive annoy amaze irritate enlighten telll disown 4give itold harrass itell killll dm-ed tellll savee decieve telllll unlove 4giv unbore judqe anoy
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^01011011100 (11) see describe seee seeee seeeee findout discribe show'em decribe ssee descibe
^01011011101 (9) hear see/hear overhear hear/see hearr deduce hear/read see/read see/
^0101101111000 (7) put throw shove brang iput thrw puut
^01011011110010 (16) bring hold carry fasten brinq hld -holds -throws -puts holdd bringg slather writee takeee geeet catchh
^01011011110011 (13) turn pull fill dig scrape revolve gnaw logg trun #turn turnn pulll take'em
^0101101111010 (4) find findd fiind fynd
^0101101111011 (10) take tke takee -take give'em itake #take givem taake takke
^010110111110 (12) make makee -make makeee maake makke maek mak3 amke makr meke makea
^01011011111100 (13) give allow giv tempt betray qive gve givee mistreat giive giveee qivee behoove
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^01011011111110 (9) meet congratulate assassinate impeach heckle impersonate meeet congradulate see/meet
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^0101110 (1) be
^0101111000 (9) try tryy smang tryyy ulike #try -try tryyyy dunwan
^01011110010 (19) talk tlk boast reminisce tawk inquire talkk @mindlessbhavior's tlks enquire talkkk tallk talke taalk pontificate tlak tlkk talkkkk twk
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^0101111010 (24) go qo gooo goooo gooooo goooooo gooooooo getta g0 revert goooooooo gooooooooo -go goooooooooo qoo gooooooooooo goooooooooooo gooooooooooooo dowan finda gooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooo q0 goooooooooooooooo
^0101111011 (22) come cum cme comee kum kome comeee comeeee cumm c0me 2come -jumps -come seeyou coem coome gern cooome put'em -comes coooome comeeeeeee
^010111110 (22) wait w8 waitt waittt waiit waitttt waittttt waaait waait waaaait wiat waiiit #ithoughtyoulookedgood waiiiit waitttttt waaaaait #youwereonmygoodside waiiiiit waiitt waittttttt wair waaaaaait
^0101111110 (13) else else's elses els eles elsee else’s esle elseee elese else- else's! elseeee
^01011111110 (29) happened happens happend occurred occurs occured happends happnd hapnd happenned happned happenes hapened transpired happended hapens happns happene happed hapend happenedd hppnd happpened hpnd happenz happenend happenss happen's happeneds
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^011000000 (16) i'm i’m i´m i`m -i'm i\'m a:i'm #whyareyou l'm i''m i’m //i'm i-i'm //not ah'm /i'm
^011000001 (48) im iam imm iwas iim i'am ibe -im immm ibeen dinner's #currently i.m ii'm #thesehoesbe #igrewup i'mm iwasnt #whatsworsethan immmm #i'm #tweetyourheight i'z ihm istay iwass imnot #areyouseriously #iregret laundry's i*m immmmm icame a̶̲̥̅♏ #youhavesomenerve -been <> istarted iiwas /im ikm ii`m iiam i/m immmmmm ibee iym iimm
^011000010 (22) you're youre you’re u're you´re you`re your'e your're u’re you\'re yu're youare -you're you'e iqet -ur youree u´re you’re a:you're you�re yo're
^0110000110 (17) we're they're theyre we’re they’re theyr we'r we´re we`re they'r they`re the're everything’s they´re i�m #justinthanksfor we\'re
^0110000111 (30) he's she's hes shes he’s something's she’s nothings shez hez he`s he´s she`s she´s no-one's nothins shess he/she's something’s somethins they's shees -he's he'z somethin's you'z she\'s she'z s/he's -feeling
^011000100 (31) there's theres there’s ihave there're thers karma's ders deres karmas there`s thr's there´s therez thrs ther's dere's therz <> derz miep uhave ihavee hajime der's theress payback's ihav there\'s u'z -there's
^0110001010 (51) its life's tis itz lifes everythings itss igot shit's ifeel iits work's itsz itsss -its ihts anythings ilook stuff's it'z itsa iqot itts halloween's itwas everyday's traffic's itssss itx sleep's iys forever's iit's -insert ifelt vacation's #it's it'ss iitz insomnia's i't iitsz it$ easter's tomarrows igott itzz trouble's ehts shz
^0110001011 (31) it's it’s everything's twas it´s nothing's mine's it`s t'was i'ts it\'s -it's anything's #2010was it’s t'is mnly it�s #2011was it''s it'a a:it's its's failure's nothing’s s'not #edhardyis it’s it'sa //it's ocnl
^011000110 (63) that's thats dats thts thas that’s das datz thass thatz that´s thatss dass that`s dhats dat's tht's thtz this's thaats thaz -that's thatsss tha's thatsz -thats thays thast #thats thasss datsz datss thtss thatts #twitteris thisis -feels a:that's dhas thaas tahts that\'s dtz thats's dhatz dhts tha'ts dhass thaaats dhatss
^0110001110 (55) what's whats wats what’s whts wuts watz whas whatz wots wat's whatss what´s s'all wht's what`s whatever's wutz whass whuts wazz wahts watss whtz wahs whus wtf's whaz whatsss whaats watsz <> whuss wot's what\'s wut's wha's whuz wtz whatts -whats -what's whast whatssss whaaats #whats whatsz whutz warris wt's
^0110001111 (64) who's whose whos whatcha nobody's whatchu watchu who’s watcha nobodys #its2010whyyoustill whoz whoever's noones -gets them's whoevers what'cha #its2012whyyoustill #areyoureallystill who`s wutchu we's whachu whatchoo who´s -starts #theresnoexcusefor watchuu nobody’s whatchya whatchuu whatya /is #whyyouinchurch whacha no1s whtchu hu's wachu noone's whoes nothin's #thatsyouhuh #mybiggestfearis wacha #whyyopolo no1's whoss #whythemanonyourjordans
^0110010000 (17) looks feels smells tastes luks loooks lookz look's feeels feel's loks shawty's lookes lookss loox #quitacting feeeels
^0110010001 (11) sounds sounded soundz sound's soundss snds souns -sounds souds looks/sounds sonds
^0110010010 (12) feel feeel feeeel feelz feeeeel feell feal feeeeeel #feel feeeeeeel f33l -feel
^01100100110 (23) look stare luk -looks loook looook <> #throwagrenade looke l00k lookk -look loooook lokk #hoteldeals lqqk lo0k -stares luuk looooook -glares llok llook
^011001001110 (31) feeling feelin sounding smelling feeln smellin weather's felling soundin seeming feelinq feeeling feel'n fellin feelingg feeelin feeing feelling feelinqq feelng feelinn feeliin #feeling feling smelln feeeeling feelig fealing feeeeeling feeeelin feeliing
^0110010011110 (13) sound smell taste weathers reek tast feek soundd smelll smel sond fels look/feel
^0110010011111 (21) act acting acts actin shaped behaving actn dressin typ3 #wegotogether quacks actinq ackin unlady akt actinn actingg acking act'n aktin actting
^011001010 (6) am amm ammm ammmm was/am ammmmm
^0110010110 (26) was ws wuz wass waz wus wz wasss waas wasz wassss wos wasa wuzz willbe wasssss wsa was- wwas waaas wa$ -is- wasd wasx wouldbe wassssss
^0110010111 (18) wasn't wasnt wasn’t wasn wasent wsnt wuznt was'nt wasn`t waznt wasntt wasn´t wanst wassnt wusnt was't wasen't shouldbe
^011001100 (25) is iz ;s iis isz -is constitutes was/is izz is/was s/b i$ _is_ isx iiz iisz -was /is/ bad's is/are isnot ìs iiss -she's <>
^011001101 (13) isn't isnt isn’t -not isn´t is'nt isn`t isent isint is't iznt harmonizes doeth
^011001110 (11) are aree areee who're areeee were/are aare are/were areeeee that're areeeeee
^0110011110 (16) aren't weren't arent werent aren’t arnt arn't weren’t aren't! wern't rn't aren`t are'nt aren´t were'nt 3x15
^0110011111 (10) were wernt weree £€$1500 are- weren't! arer werre weere #mustbe
^011010000 (29) but bt buh pero buhh buht buut buuut bhut buuuut -but buuuuut altough /and anndd buuuuuut bbut 6ut seislnd buit bhutt buuh bhu buhtt bhudd #avivacf buhd buutt vut
^0110100010 (25) then thn thenn thereby thennn dhen theen thennnn smiles- then- -then ferb's tehn theb thennnnn laughs- /or thence nods- theeen jerry's! supporthyunjoongpetition theeeen giggles- nexttime
^011010001100 (143) especially except including besides esp unlike hence i.e. specially preferably #thatawkwardmoment e.g. <> cept formerly excluding #ihate albeit ihate whereas <> #iremember #dontyouhate #thingsihate i.e <> #youremember #sexisbest namely #itsreallyannoying e.g #awkwardmoment #itkillsme exept #youknowyourfat #itslove #rememberbackndaday #youknowyouinlove xcept #theawkwardmoment #thathighmoment especialy espically #youlostmyrespect #whatdoyoudo #youknowyoughetto expecially #itreallymakesmemad espec <>
^0110100011010 (80) here's gimme heres #mentionto here’s #nevertrust ineed gimmie iwant now's <> sigan #somewhererightnow where’s #iwant #18thingsiwant #alliwantis #iwannabe -takes #inschooltheresalways #dontcallyourself <> #youcanttrust #youevernotice #iwoulddoanythingfor <> usem #weallneed -raises -got #thingswomenwant #mjis gimmi #givemeareason #ibetyouneverseen gime #stopbraggingabout ilost #everybodyhas #ineed #youshouldnevertrust <> #iwanttobe #iwishyouknew #ireallywant gimmee -need #mcnabbwastradedfor #somewhereintheghetto #newyorkis
^0110100011011 (81) how's where's hows wheres when's ilove preciate whens why's <> imiss whys howz #imthankfulfor #twalue hws #twittertime ilovee -kisses weres #iamthankfulfor wens -shakes hwz #shoutoutto how’s imissed #anybodyseen quoth <> -grabs -pokes wers whers wherez were's <> #dbi -bites (in iloveee whrs <> -rubs -watches -winnie ilikee -wraps howay #gottagivepropsto
^011010001110 (810) sometimes everytime whenever somehow someday #wheniwaslittle #honestyhour #inhighschool sumtimes #iconfess #in2010 #letsbehonest #someday #confession #iwish #factsaboutme #rememberwhen #justbecause #letsbereal #thingsthatpissmeoff #iloveitwhen #truthis #inmiddleschool #tobehonest #idontunderstandwhy #honestly #thingsthatbotherme #20factsaboutme #confessionhour #imtiredof #10yearsago #sincewebeinghonest #whatif #thingsweallhate #somefactsaboutme #dearfuturehusband #factaboutme somedays #iamsinglebecause #ifsantawasblack #dearoomf iwish #dearfuturewife #imsinglebecause #randomfact #youknowwhatsannoying #wheniwasakid #whenimdrunk #ihateitwhen #highschoolconfession
^0110100011110 (51) maybe perhaps atleast mayb ithink lest iguess maybee ihope idt maby mebbe mabey mybe mabye mabe myb ibet howcome #doyoumind mayhaps <> aleast ipromise ithinkk @least -maybe maaaybe maybs iquess tweetcha maaaaybe mayhap hopefullyy mayby howabout myabe prehaps atlease maaybe atlest mebe maaaaaybe ooor maybeh at-least praps meybe nah- p'raps
^0110100011111 (156) hopefully plus apparently although however otherwise unfortunately sadly therefore thus luckily technically thankfully alas meanwhile methinks fortunately frankly <> ironically altho evidently infact nevertheless aaaand presumably admittedly aaand ngl ergo aaaaand ideally interestingly apparantly annnd <> incidentally aparently 6.78 annnnd firstly so's coincidentally lastly unfortunatly iirc secondly statistically afaik furthermore
^0110100100 (27) when wen wherever whn whenn #ihatewhen #dontyouhatewhen wenn wherein -when whereever wheen wehn wheb whem #theway -hope #onlyintheghetto w/what whan whne #whenbrokepplgetmoney wh3n whenver #betmessedupwhen whever whrn
^01101001010 (29) because b/c incase bcoz becuase bcos bcause bcz becoz becos becasue beacuse becouse beacause becuse b'coz becase beause anychance becaue b'cuz bacause b'cause -because `cause b'cos b\c b'c #because
^01101001011 (80) cause cuz bc cos coz cus bcuz becuz kuz cuzz cz cuhz eventhough bcus kus causee #reallymeans caus caz cuhs becus wheneva kause b.c wenever cusz cuase eventho #shelooksgoodbut becausee cauz bkuz #shescutebut cux casue ckuz b|c kuss kuzz #chancesare #shelookgoodbut bekuz fromt #shecutebut causeee kuhz unles coss cauze cose
^0110100110 (47) thank thanking what'll how're what're how've thankk whered -hugs thaank 1005# thankkk -thank thaaank thak fank where're where've whatre -gives why're thaaaank insha #thank insya thankn thankkkk howre wickedlocalcapecod r)espect when're n)eed thnak thaaaaank e)ncourage i)nvolve d)eserve howve rt-if thannk thabk s)ave ithank tahnk thenk //thank tlod
^0110100111 (137) if unless how'd where'd what'd #retweetthisif why'd #thatawkwardmomentwhen howd iff #youwerecooluntil iif -if whatd if/when #yougetmajorpointsif whyd #iloveyoubecause #ilikedyouuntil #handsupif #itshardwhen #thehellyoumean #youshouldbeashamedif #retweetif when/if #lemmeguess #yougetpointsif #thatminiheartattackwhen #wewontlastif #uknowubrokewhen #ilikeyoubecause -do #thatakwardmomentwhen #unotfromthehoodif #youknowitslovewhen #stayawayfrommeif #dontcallmeif #icanttrustyouif #girlslovewhen #icantdateyouif #itsallfunandgamesuntil #ileftyoubecause #yougottaloveitwhen what've #thatmomentwhen #uwascooluntil #wtfyoumean #rtif #icantbeinarelationshipwithyouif #lifeisgoodwhen
^011010100 (19) that it- taht that- thet thst thta thaaaaat _that_ thhat /that/ tgat really- htat tjat -that- rhat thath another-
^011010101 (76) dat dis tht thiss dhat diz thatt thaat dhis thisss thiis datt thiz thattt thissss thaaat dht daht dhatt diis thatttt thys thz th@ d@ thisssss thaaaat allat dhiss disz thss thisz thtt iyt thissssss thattttt tthat dizz dattt disss nann thiiis dhet daat thiiiis thiiss thisssssss that/ thi$ @05starbarbie
^011010110 (14) how howw -how h0w hoow hiw where/how how/where hpw when/how /how if/how hhow how/when
^0110101110 (16) why whyy #why -why ytf whhy #sincewhen #grandmawhy why/how whytf #manwhy why- #isitjustmeor #whythefuck /why #instgain
^01101011110 (19) what -what whay who/what what/who how/why <> where/when whar /what what- whta ehat hwat //what where/what ¿what wgat whst
^011010111110 (40) which wich whichever #alliwant -that <> whch baitbot it&apos p_emr_community w/c @meanbot @fanchecker wch -there -which #alliwantforchristmas whitch dcmis vgl cyclemeter plos khlong beck/arnley that&apos runmeter whick oooth whichh <> tcpx //this n3radio //that what&apos /it 00th /that blathermouth whcih
^0110101111110 (15) where whr wheree whre when/where whence -where weaa #onlyinatl #where wheaa wherre wheere what/where whare
^01101011111110 (52) wat wht wut wha wot wt wad whut wher wea whatt waht wetin whea ithought wuh weneva whad wur wadd wath howa waat whur hw's whhat choa whot whud whtt wutt wherr w@ wuht keak whadd whutt wwhat whereva ihf whurr ithouqht wuhh watd makesure wurr wjat w3n werin wh3r3
^01101011111111 (56) y heb yy shey vind contd lll gbr #whywebrokeup 4400 yhoo 1313 6600 lol) yyy htf hwo again) 8) y) wia #whyursingle bedoel sne l) tta yyyy esqueci hons 6.21 a) zie haat ˘ shebi yyyyy prr lembrei weda leef 18.18 c) cntd (s letras dacht vond awz 1-41 mp3/divx)
^01101100000 (40) very fairly relatively vry verry veryy verrry veryyy <> verrrry refreshingly frighteningly vewy <> veri verrrrry veryyyy veeeery veeery strikingly bery -very <> veery oh-so vitally veeeeery vewi veryyyyy verrrrrry wery vair veryvery veddy _very_ reeeeeal vewwy verryy veeeeeery veryveryvery
^01101100001 (40) pretty perfectly surprisingly suprisingly pree preety prettty prettyy pwetty prety pritty perty pretttty pretti sinfully prettyyyy pweety -pretty beary preetty perdy prtty prettttty reyt pertty preeetty preeeetty pretttttty prettt prettyyyyy pretttyy mind-blowingly pretttyyy suchaa prettay preddy preeety smashingly purtty wingardium
^011011000100 (29) absolutely truly simply merely truely purely absolutly absolutley trully mistah truley unquestionably abso hauntingly breathtakingly absoultely absoloutely certifiably absoloutly oracular truelly <> absolutey absoutely absoloutley absofuckinglutely absoulutely octavian abso-fucking-lutely
^011011000101 (342) totally completely fully highly mentally deeply happily physically greatly legally strongly emotionally sexually thoroughly temporarily potentially publicly totes freshly permanently consistently partially positively politically openly severely seemingly financially eagerly continually anxiously largely vaguely awkwardly majorly firmly visually formally completly totaly brutally blatantly promptly musically mysteriously digitally violently spiritually critically genetically
^011011000110 (233) super extremely slightly incredibly mighty somewhat mega ultra uber ridiculously amazingly utterly overly insanely socially awfully unbelievably supa duper wonderfully mildly tres painfully stupidly massively awesomely pleasantly dangerously reasonably borderline hugely wildly exceptionally unusually downright infinitely shockingly hilariously environmentally eternally considerably moderately annoyingly deliciously fashionably epically freakishly fantastically extremly marginally
^0110110001110 (36) quite entirely particularly terribly oddly equally strangely abit horribly increasingly remotely alittle alil weirdly remarkably bode decidedly unnecessarily suspiciously eerily inherently doubly decently scarily undeniably worryingly intrinsically uncannily eminently particulary unpleasantly unduly innately wierdly strangley somewat
^0110110001111 (45) kinda hella sorta hecka kindof kindaa kinna hellla propa helluh kindda justa #slick helllla hela jii sortof hellaa kida wiggity hellllla hekka hellah kindaaa hellaaa kindah knda kind-of slicc wiggidy helllllla jih jye kinnda odhee kiinda heka sorda ohde kind've kidna baree rle hellaaaa jussa
^0110110010 (47) happy belated happpy wordless happyy hapy hapi happi hoppy happppy hepi hppy appy happyyy happpppy -happy hpy happie happyyyy <> haappy happpyyy happeh happppppy happii haapy heppy happpyy happyyyyy happt happee happpppppy haaaappy <> habby haaappy #brfutebol happu phuza #ariaaquotes haaaaappy happpyyyy happyyyyyy hapyy heppi /happy happppyyy
^01101100110 (52) damn dang dam darn goddamn damm damnn dayum whatta dammm gotdamn darned dammn dayumm danm goddam daamn doggone daym dammmm dern watta dammmn d*mn damb dxmn sall durn godamn daymn damns daam danged zamn danqq daaam dammmnn gorram dadgum daggone gahdamn goodthing dahm gotdam daaaam dawm /throws daggum damnt gottdamn
^01101100111 (255) fucking fuckin freaking bloody freakin friggin effin effing fuckn fucken frickin fukin f'n fckn flippin fkn motherfucking fckin f*cking fricken fukn fuccin fcking fukkin muthafuckin stinking f'ing f-ing stinkin fuggin fricking fn friggen frigging f*ckin motherfuckin f**king freaken freakn mothafuckin fuking f'in frikkin fing fxckin fecking fuckinq bloomin fracking fking
^011011010 (26) too tooo toooo tooooo toooooo immensely tooooooo tremendously toooooooo tooooooooo t00 toooooooooo to0 t0o tooooooooooo someeee toooooooooooo -too tooooooooooooo attttt toooooooooooooo ttoo rull tooooooooooooooo to0o w/so
^0110110110 (7) so s0 -so so- $o /so //so
^0110110111 (53) soo sooo soooo sooooo soooooo sooooooo soooooooo sooooooooo soooooooooo sooooooooooo soooooooooooo sooooooooooooo soso soooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooo sososo superrr sooooooooooooooooo ssooo so0o superrrr so0 soooooooooooooooooo sosososo sooooooooooooooooooo ssoo sssooo soooooooooooooooooooo #too s0o ssoooo s00 sooooooooooooooooooooo so0o0o sososososo soooooooooooooooooooooo sssoooo ssooooo superrrrr very2 s000 soooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooo _so_ soooooooooooooooooooooooooo /so/ sssooooo sosososososo
^011011100 (42) like lik lyk likee lk lyke liek lke liike likeee lika likk llike like- lik3 likke lile liiike likea loke iike lykee likw likr lykk lyk3 liks likd liik leik lilke aethalometer ilke laik liikee l1k3 morethan slike liik3 lkie likethe lije
^0110111010 (27) about abt a/b abut aboot abot aout abotu aboout abwt abour aobut about- abuot anout abput abiut aboit baout abbout aabout abouth abaut sbout aboud @biztools abouy
^0110111011 (33) bout bou bouts #imthetype boutt aboutt b0ut bowt ab0ut #youlooklikethetype boud abouut iwanted rabbids abouttt abowt bouh bouut bouu -about 6out bouttt aboutttt splaining boudd boutcha biut ineeded boout abtt boutchu bouht #bout
^011011110 (36) all alll allll alllll allllll alllllll alla allllllll all- alllllllll -all wads allllllllll beedle #fansgroup alllllllllll aall aaaall aaaaall allllllllllll aaall alllllllllllll somma aaalll -142 parappa clobbering aaaaaall allllllllllllll aaallll homefield oneof _all_ all/ alllllllllllllll aaaalll
^011011111000 (27) having havin needing havn haveing needin havinq hving avin havein havingg hvn hvin aving havng havinn hvng have'n disecting haviin instituting havinqq hvg havig haviing hav'n haing
^011011111001 (26) such voy fil vas folie daqui suchh nary paybacks daki conoces suchhh <> suuuch suuuuch suchhhh prefieres rumbo bisphenol huele olor ibas #collectivenouns suuch
^011011111010 (19) being bein kexp beinq beeing beingg bieng beinn beiin beign beening beinqq numbingly b'n beig #kexp beiing be'n beenin
^011011111011 (43) getting gettin gettn getn geting getin gettting qettin qettinq get'n gettinq gtn -get gettng getttin gettingg gttn getten gett'n gittin gettig gettinn gttin gettiin gettign getiing geeting gettiing qettn gettinqq -getting gtting #getting getttting gtin getitng gerrin /gets qettinqq geddin gettimg etting gettinng
^0110111111000 (28) following followin #following follwing follown followinq folowing followingg folllowing f0ll0wing fallowing allowin folling followng follwoing ffing followinggg followen folloing follow'n followinqq re-following folowin twugging follwin following- ffin followig
^0110111111001 (227) asking telling letting tellin callin ignoring treating stalking pissing askin begging allowing reminding unfollowing forcing mentioning blaming bothering inviting textin teasing lettin scaring bugging rting fooling pissin helpin neglecting txtn txtin torturing contacting dming harassing doubting treatin accusing telln punishing dissin taunting informing tricking askn disrespecting calln stalkin retweetin teachin
^01101111110100 (526) missing leaving calling losing changing paying teaching updating visiting hurting beating dropping chasing stealing shaking stopping answering crossing touching feeding charging blasting judging reaching blocking deleting avoiding leavin skipping ruining spamming biting encouraging licking interviewing dragging defending attacking gaining loosing shaving quitting repeating quoting naming copying punching pressing droppin demanding
^01101111110101 (228) giving putting showing keeping helping sending holding hitting bringing throwing adding cutting kicking blowing supporting joining pulling pushing fixing hittin puttin givin pointing blowin keepin rubbing tearing ripping showin throwin holdin shitting screwing brushing busting pickin cuttin bringin locking breakin turnin hooking pullin catchin usin tying pushin bustin beatin sendin
^01101111110110 (617) using selling offering seeking attending installing choosing facing discussing developing covering promoting spreading launching receiving entering managing accepting providing releasing increasing exploring improving announcing experiencing comparing collecting replacing donating investigating removing protecting converting producing purchasing delivering expanding battling owning solving targeting representing measuring reducing renting completing requesting forming describing maintaining
^011011111101110 (50) taking wearing becoming expecting takin carrying wearin sellin mulling takn expectin copping becomin takeing donning takinq wearn uploadin devising devoting #sagealert retaking tkng takingg becomming collectin selln wearinq chaperoning tkn takinn takein carring brandishing tking itook ruffling concocting bendin tkin lobbing takng proctoring keeling wear'n -taking takinqq wearingg take'n takiin
^011011111101111 (60) making buying killing makin saving creating killin raising introducing causing earning buyin preventing despicable costing maken accompanying makn makeing devouring granting makinq unwrapping snagging loaning wreaking depositing bettering creatin wreaks makein squashing makinn buyn makingg imake dispicable refunding -makes kiling make'n @ing kill'n makng killling makiin rasing mking diddy-dirty maing
^0110111111100 (64) watching watchin watchn re-reading defying watchinq rewatching #reading scrobbling #watching braving rereading waching watchingg re-watching whatching 977 watcing watchinn wacthing watchen watchng watch'n wathing watchiin watchinqq wathcing recapping watchig wachin wtching -watching whatchin watchinggg watchign watchiing dl'ing dvr'ing tivoing wtchin wtaching dl-ing wacthin warching wtchn -rascal watcin visca watchiinq wathching
^01101111111010 (35) seeing finding hearing remembering seein noticing discovering trusting imagining expressing hearin picturing findin acknowledging seing overhearing recognising iseen condoning comprehending stubbing seeinq see'n rememberin misplacing remebering seeeing reiterating c'n rehabilitating hearinq imet retyping seening rembering
^01101111111011 (177) loving enjoying liking celebrating lovin rockin digging livin missin kickin awaiting bumpin diggin reppin readin anticipating enjoyin resisting admiring appreciating praising luvin blastin slappin surfin likin dedicating reliving smashin rediscovering coppin thankin grabbin rippin draggin lamenting celebratin bummin relishing missn savoring rockn hackin winging downloadin reconsidering spreadin kickn servin representin
^0110111111110 (38) doing doin doinq accomplishing doingg doiin doinn duin up2 handlin attt doinqq faring doinggg doinnn doin' do'n doiing d0in dewin dooin hypin copin dooing releasin doiinq doingggg doinnnn duing doinng d0ing doind doign doig doooin -doing doning dooooin
^01101111111110 (117) eating drinking cooking craving eatin baking baked drinkin ordering cookin sipping grabbing chewing dim sliced grilling roasting carving frying spilling brewed eatn eatting tater chugging cravin snorting drinkn digesting toasting @having inhaling bakin eattin microwaved stackin drankin sweetened slurping eatinq marinating bbqing cookn chewin eatingg nomming microwaving reheated guzzling overcooked
^01101111111111 (24) playing hiring playin playn #my6 playinq adays playingg play'n plying playng playen palying djn plaing playiin playing| playing- plyin plyn cohosting playinqq blastinq 1*561*463*2147
^01110000 (10) her baited heer hayleys leahs h3r <> j-lo's $y tinys
^011100010 (32) yo yoo <> y0 yerr thata witcho chur irv getcho braun's -rolls hys mesha free's ura necole -yo maaaa #pleaseexcusemy gotti's -her #c'mon yousa ijaz urrrr yeer sitcho w/yo maaah -crosses scoe
^011100011 (113) ya yah ye cha youuu yaa youuuu yaaa youuuuu herr yahh yaaaa uuu yas uuuu youuuuuu yooou kpopers yaaaaa yoooou yaah mert yuuu youuuuuuu u- uuuuu yha chuu yeww yooooou yaaaaaa yoouu uuuuuu yourt chaa youuuuuuuu ya's meeeh you^^ yewww yooouuu yoooooou yoouuu demm yuhhh yaaaaaaa youuuuuuuuu uuuuuuu the- yis
^01110010 (57) me mee meee meeee meeeee meeeeee mehh meeh meeeeeee mhe meeeeeeee meeeeeeeee me/ mhee meeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeee me) meeeeeeeeeeeee chocula ussss me^^ meeeeeeeeeeeeee @amber_lily me:') @microsofttag me:'( meeeeeeeeeeeeeee me1 meehh meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @911 meah me/us me^ 212-697-9767 ♍ƺ me// meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee m3h me( mmee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me@ me_ me| meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 708-524-1553 meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jumpfly
^011100110 (21) us <> shikari us- @skate4cancer <> @ocremix #tetley <> embezzling #churpchurp jck fancite @singforacure porkies us/ sakineh us) topguest lgbtwitter
^0111001110 (75) myself yourself themselves himself itself herself urself ourselves yourselves yaself yoself oneself themself <> youself thyself meself maself yurself hisself ourself myslef yrself urselves yerself theirselves theyself myslf myselff themselfs myself- ykb2's urslf yoursel mysel mahself @jasonkincaid yo'self myside miself yourselfs <> theirself demselves ourselfs jove <> masar themselve @leenarao
^01110011110 (43) him eachother you- him/her himm hym herrr hiim himmm him- viggle hime herrrr you/ her/him her- themmm congeniality usss himmmm herrrrr eachotha themmmm it^^ himmmmm you!' herrrrrr him/ <> me!' kittin usssss her/ themmmmm it:') heeer theeem 1-888-652-3315 <> 2)hug someone- r) yooooooooooou
^011100111110 (12) them thm themm them- it/ it) dhem theem it2 them/ thim them)
^011100111111 (13) em schmap _' em'! splainin `em vega4 it!' shanedawsontv em- yersel werevertumorro emrt
^01110100 (23) you youu yous yoou you's youse ypu oyu youi yoiu me-i youy you'se iever y-you yopu you-i -you- /you/ you&i youguys _you_ yiou
^011101010 (95) yall y'all dey ya'll chu yal somethings yaw thay abouts yeen ido #you #2omf yalll yawl isaid idid #somf uz -u dhey isay y’all thems chall 2omf tey deyy #toomanypeople uou juh iiiiii yll y'll ya'all yallll yinz #youcantbeuglyand #drakeseyebrows #twoofmyfollowers unnu yhall y'al thye theyyy #they ya`ll #someofmyfollowers ya'l
^011101011 (52) u yu yuh yhu uu yuu yew y0u yuhh youh yhuu iget yoy yooh yuo u̶̲̥̅̊ yue juu ʊ dya youz yyou dyu youhh yiu yuuh ΰ ʋ u.i yyu yhew yuee icome somepeople yhue yewh ileave eyou tyou it-i υ yhou you'on yhuuu youuh whenu uue yuou me&i
^01110110 (35) it itt iit ittt itttt iht ittttt itttttt eht ittttttt iiit itttttttt neatlysaid <> ihtt iiiit igaf ittttttttt iiht iiiiit <> spinrite eeet iot itttttttttt iiiiiit <> myhair <> imove eeeet myday ehtt zebedee #sandraroseface
^01110111000 (57) mine yours mines ours urs theirs hers mankind puberty your's minee yurs her's urz myn alphabetically their's mineee ww3 miness ur's you-know-who minez mine- yourss yers mineeee sauron our's #onyourside thiers constantinople myne y-o-u myheart me&you mineeeee yoursss miine yourz minesss #gottabeyou that) gimmes sinzu ures punk'd! #7millionbeliebers para-para-paradise miiiine
^01110111001 (43) everything everythin everthing evrything everythang everythinq everythng eveything everythingg everyting evrythng errthang errything #everything errthing erything everythinggg errythang evrythin erthang 1thing erthing everythingggg jony everythig everytin everyhing everithing everythign everythn everyhting everythinqq everythink erythang everything- everythiing everythinggggg errrthang everythg everyword evreything everysong er'thing
^01110111010 (85) nothing nothin nun nuthin nuttin nuffin 10x noting nthn nowt nuthn nuthing 100x nothingg nothn nothinq nutin notin nuffn nutn whatevers #nodisrespect nuttn nothinggg #dontmeantobrag 1000x zilch nothinn #nothing nothng nutting nufin nuin nout nothinqq nthng nthing nothingggg nufn nofin nothen nthin nottin nttn nought ntg nothinnn nothign n0thing nothig
^011101110110 (108) something somethin sumthin sumthing sumn somthing sth sumthn sumtin smth somthin suttin sumin somethinq summin treaters somethingg someting sumfin smthn somethn somethng summat smthng smthing sum'n sumthng smthg somn sumtn smething sometin somethign sum10 soemthing somethinn somethinggg somethig sumpin somin sumting something/someone somtin somehting somthn someshit sumptin something- smtg thereabouts
^011101110111 (36) anything anythin nething anythng anythingg anythinq anyting anythang anyth anytin anthing anythinggg anyfin vaart anythn anythign nethin nything anyhting #anything anything- anythg anythingggg nothing- anythink anythig anythinqq somethingggg nethng anyhing woodsen endsmeat anything/anyone aything anythiing enything
^0111011110 (19) anyone anybody any1 ne1 #amitheonlyone anyonee nebody neone anybdy #anyone anyoneee -anyone anybodyy nyone anbody #icantbetheonlyperson enyone #folding #anybody
^01110111110 (67) someone somebody some1 sum1 sumbody sumone somone #weallgotthatonefriend sombody #that1friend sumbdy #iwasthekid #imthekindofperson som1 somebdy sm1 #weallhavethatonefollower someonee #iloveaboy somebodyy #thatoneperson #iwasthatkid #icantdateagirl #ihaveafriend #icantbewithsomeone #nevertrustagirl sme1 sumbodi smeone smbdy #imoneofthosepeople jiabao #ihatefemales #girlslikeboys someome #icantstandpeople smebody smebdy somene smone #someone someoneee #iwantsomebody #thatonefriend somebodi #iknowthisonegirl sumbodii -someone <> #thatonepersoninschool
^011101111110 (61) everyone everybody every1 errbody everbody evry1 evryone erbody errybody evrybody everone everybdy eveyone everyonee erybody everybodyy evrybdy everyoneee #everyone erryone everygirl errrbody eveybody #everybody ever1 er'body err1 everyone- ev1 everybodi erebody eryone everybodyyy ery1 err'body erry1 every0ne errone aundrea errrrbody -everyone everybodii kennedi eveyrone everyboy er1 everyoneeeee erybdy evreyone errrybody
^011101111111 (218) nobody #oomf whoever oomf #oneofmyfollowers noone no1 #1omf whomever rocsi #oomfs #theuglyfriend #agoodboyfriend whoeva #arealboyfriend nobdy joseline #everygirl #whoeverimarry meeka oomfs #arealwifey yandy #hardestthingtodo #1waytopissmeoff #goodpussy #oomf's #rihannasforehead kimbella #chucknorriz #arealwife #gooddick #agoodgirlfriend nobodyy #arealgirlfriend #chrisbrownsbowtie #myex <> #goodsex #iknowsomeonethat #thatonefriendwho #fabsteeth #onethingiveneverdone #neverinamillionyears elease benzino draya #yomomma 1omf #that1friendthat
^0111100000 (24) ready prepared destined rdy readyy prepped liable redy readyyy readi readii readdy redi readyyyy rady acclimated reaady reay reday readddy prepaired readt prep'd r3ady
^01111000010 (100) waiting praying preparing searching waitin applying rooting prepping patiently aiming prayin longing waitn striving auditioning bracing requiem uncalled impatiently searchin wating yearning feenin gunning shortlisted rootin #ihavenorespect accounted gasping waitng jonesing braced pining waitinq #ihavenotolerance vying preping #thankugod waitting <> groveling #imthankful feening th*nks watin waitingg #amomentofsilence specials/events preppin fiending
^01111000011 (40) looking lookin lookn aimed mq opting lukin lookinq marveling look'n lukn loking loooking looken marvelling lookng luking lookingg loookin <> -looking lookinn lookiin lokking looing /looks lokin lookig lookinqq lookiing l00kin lkg webchick lucking lking lookinf lookign ooking lookg stareing
^01111000100 (39) coming comin comming cumin commin cummin derived cumn comn comeing cuming cominq comingg komin comen indistinguishable kumin cominn comein cmin cming runneth cominggg koming kummin come'n kumn comng cominqq comiin comig comign cmng comiing cooming comimg commn cum'n c0ming
^0111100010100 (47) due according related compared dedicated prior aims sentenced entitled urged gusting poised devoted rumored prone relating resistant akin reacting stairway comparable confined proportional <> belonging pertaining rumoured rying accordin indebted correlated proportionate averse acording inorder <> unbeknownst analogous compaired pursuant attributable accdg conforms ilisten purporting ladette superadded
^0111100010101 (57) starting planning struggling returning switching continuing startin jamming upgrading threatening plotting gong adjusting contributing projected plannin migrating planing proposing departing tending scrambling premiering grooving debuting adapting transitioning relocating startn conspiring flocking owing proceeding pledging pandering trin surrendering ministering unsubscribing defaulting taxiing adhering -points destine readjusting keynoting deferring roadtripping defecting emigrating
^0111100010110 (16) heading headed omw otw headin enroute venturing headn ontheway en-route -going #omw onmyway /goes headinq kwart
^0111100010111 (95) s/o shoutout #shoutout shoutouts #shoutouts shout-out s/0 #so shoutie s|o #itshouldbeillegal #itsnotokay s/o's #whenwasitcool #shouts s\o #shoutsout shotout shouties shout-outs #whendiditbecomecool s.o #ihaveatendency #shouldbeillegal #isayno #itsnotcool shouout #shotout #toast 2rt #whosaiditwasok #weallhavetried #uglygirlsarenotallowed #imaddicted #bigups #whenwasitokay shoutoutt #letshaveatoast #dontbescared shoutsout #imattracted #itwasnevercool <> #cantsayno #imoldenough #myaugustwish #sometimesitsbetter s/os #randomshoutout #specialshoutout
^011110001100 (17) going goign goiing reverting goig iwent goint gonig gooing giong goinng goning stooping goimg gping goung foing
^011110001101 (92) goin movin jammin crackin tryn shakin jumpin fixin hoppin goingg qoinq vibin stickin qoin goinn gng goinq groovin goiin vibing bouncin drippin crankin replyin slidin jamin rushin go'n crackn fittin goen goinggg g0in jonesin rolln gunnin respondin bossin goinqq g0ing gawn jumpn oing goinnn scrollin jaming planin qoinqq tryinn startinq
^0111100011100 (45) trying tryin wanting listenin pretending attempting replying unable responding refusing wantin subscribing clinging tring intending resorting tryingg raring tryinq tryng try'n vowing succumbing tyring wantn iused iuse listnin itry listen'n itried tryen fixn determind attemptin -tries tryig listinin tryiin -trying tryiing listenen lisnin fixen triying
^0111100011101 (27) listening needless #listening klick listning listeninq #slightlyaddicted listeing listenning listining lisening #lookingforward watching/listening listeningg listenig listenting listerning lisning re-listening #twittypop litening relistening listenign listeng lstening listeninqq -listening
^0111100011110 (11) able <> subjected authenticated www[dot]shipa[dot]mobi <> <> <> <> www[dot]tweetall[dot] hard-pressed
^0111100011111 (69) supposed suppose allowed addicted willing invited forced tempted referring determined allergic attracted eager delighted glued inclined spose compelled obligated refering sposed permitted unwilling accustomed willin conducive supose suposed suppost susceptible fated s'posed alergic suppossed privy reffering thisclose supossed impervious referrin adicted wiling tantamount supposd objecting alowed possed attuned alluding predisposed
^0111100100000 (298) changed broke fixed opened stole deleted ruined booked cleaned burned touched rocked busted burnt washed crashed cracked sorted painted smashed shaved pressed melted showered shook froze rang hid pooped nailed dyed copied scratched brushed wrecked decorated mastered licked doubled erased rubbed folded slowed jammed shat sprung carved squeezed trimmed boarded
^01111001000010 (11) spent spending wasting spendin wastin waisting biding elapsed spendn wreaked waistin
^01111001000011 (111) lost failed wasted drew experienced gained improved increased aged abandoned preferred borrowed neglected overslept violated gat misspelled misplaced muted inherited panicked waisted hrd rtd dvr'd matured conceded lacked unwrapped surrendered regained reclaimed vented enlarged tivo'd risked despised rehearsed weathered alienated goot mispelled misheard defected rote allotted squandered punctured dvred goy
^0111100100010 (12) left handed sprained dislocated lft leftt lefted leff leaved left- chanced lefttt
^0111100100011 (114) won died arrived joined scored reached landed begun graduated disappeared farted suffered escaped exploded sneezed collapsed participated caved succeeded fainted vanished remained emerged surpassed debuted fled peaked endured vomited burped wept blinked protested erupted breathed yawned surfaced hinted sinned averaged commenced surfed clinched withdrew competed subsided wokeup dissapeared fumbled barfed
^011110010010 (324) turned worked ran turns passed sold moved walked pulled kicked walks knocked drove jumped thrown pushed rolled switched popped ripped flew logged stepped freaked rode carried clicked pointed ruled slipped rained bumped wiped flipped dragged peed rushed plugged tripped poured dug tossed swept snuck hopped tucked creeped stretched climbed tapped
^0111100100110 (69) looked felt laughed yelled tasted screamed smiled smelled acted shouted stared waved lol'd smelt bitched giggled winked loled lookd behaves glanced chuckled honked barked moaned growled peeked blushed beeped lol'ed squealed gasped hollered cringed whistled whined glared lold grinned smirked hissed snored lolled holla'd lol-ed laffed meowed stuttered groaned flinched
^0111100100111 (74) met slept lived stayed cried waited fought dated studied danced prayed shopped chatted partied swam argued napped toured jizzed exercised flirted procrastinated skated wrestled skyped cryed browsed dined indulged hooped experimented coped babysat collaborated campaigned splurged majored stayd faught fangirled hungout sobbed snoozed got'em dabbled interacted fiddled interned golfed sleept
^011110010100 (328) born married pregnant dressed arrested fired charged injured hacked banned nominated suspended engaged organized tatted raped elected buried robbed stabbed rescued mistaken promoted sued jailed soaked infected kidnapped fined absent employed divorced hammered freed separated bullied disconnected eliminated organised sacked punished healed executed detained trashed tortured seated rewarded evacuated strapped
^0111100101010 (65) available featured required responsible ranked arriving underway avail exclusively eligible unavailable valued accountable abound obsolete slated auctioned unchanged afoot payable onsale encoded adrift viewable avaliable ineligible angling req'd required-redeem converging reqd availible deadlocked availble in-progress on-sale avalible earmarked avaiable redeemable availabe spotlighted waitlisted 4sale percolating off-limits avaible _up_ obtainable responsable
^0111100101011 (90) interested involved covered included snowed participating lacking dipped invested fluent madly resulted drenched situated enrolled reflected smothered aligned specializes intrested cm_all tolerated categorized outlawed specializing majoring immersed engrossed lodged uninterested engulfed participates submerged partaking proficient implanted awash pales deficient depicted implicated intersted mired entangled ingrained encased chiming cashes steeped remiss
^0111100101100 (15) posted added published submitted blogged bookmarked clipped dugg faved gorged transposed tributo yelped submited eye-fi'd
^0111100101101 (385) updated released announced confirmed listed shared launched installed reported revealed registered delivered recommended returned removed approved issued leaked continued solved exposed reduced shipped explained edited captured viewed reviewed recovered declared acquired awarded expired unveiled noted resolved restored renewed corrected unleashed generated aired identified unplugged dismissed secured activated expanded enabled funded
^0111100101110 (187) taken given known written led forgotten fallen shown spoken worn chosen proven printed selected developed driven drawn beaten trusted marked achieved established sworn defined appointed converted repeated respected traveled risen advised stored flown addressed expressed evolved shaken assured equipped overlooked timed adjusted rounded shifted disguised perceived favored crafted condemned travelled
^01111001011110 (153) followed kidding inspired hosted produced affected powered directed informed sponsored surrounded fooled controlled encouraged kiddin influenced blinded betrayed req possessed greeted accompanied fueled foiled awakened <> effected mesmerized startled plagued deceived curated seduced narrated aided pwnd governed swayed captivated moderated wowed sickened multiplied preceded overshadowed unaffected serenaded dazzled marred follwed
^01111001011111 (693) played killed created dropped saved held built blocked raised recorded answered offered caused sang accepted treated invented replaced attacked spotted served owned ignored retweeted tested defeated destroyed introduced warned placed presented requested provided interviewed hired performed supported struck punched slapped rejected denied crushed murdered trained traded filmed discussed recognized lifted
^01111001100 (35) needed meant expected planned designed promised scheduled deserved intended believed ment predicted opposed hoped stated feared apologized implied obliged planed forecasted envisioned warranted longed neede mean't overreacted maligned budgeted needed- apposed neeeded promissed xpected forcasted
^011110011010 (48) used entered linked committed applied donated upgraded refused attempted referred assigned posed transferred contributed volunteered commited programmed belonged ported relocated migrated traced attributed transfered appealed redirected resized extradited tended refered flocked likened promo'd comitted aught conformed delegated equated amounted purposed ministered usedd threatend consigned affixed adressed adhered sub'd
^0111100110110 (21) wanted tried subscribed replied refuse chose tryed wantd pinged replyed wntd wnted hesitated tryd wante wantedd triedd aspired wated wnated wanned
^0111100110111 (49) decided talked listened managed spoke lied responded admitted complained struggled ceases #shazam pretended pledged confessed vowed reacted proceeded resorted ceased succumbed apologised reverted tlked tlkd talkd retreated masturbated listend raved ranted bragged conspired inquired objected stooped waned manged regressed alluded clung desided emigrated reminisced talkedd consented corresponded enquired rsvp'ed
^0111100111000 (21) comes belongs cums differs dwells radiates originates come's reverts derives seeps corresponds comess cumz cmes goeth detracts komes cames kums comez
^0111100111001 (44) goes stays grows sits hangs shuts shines applies slows leans translates revolves dries cools boils crawls wanders go's bodes lurks descends hovers qoes goess kneels limps gose glides trickles plops veers goesss waddles dwindles ->♥<- goez applys slithers scurries prances prowls scampers g0es crouches
^0111100111010 (9) came appeared stumbled originated kame camee leapt believeth immigrated
^0111100111011 (12) went opted scrolled -goes whent wentt breezed wnet knelt wen't faired trudged
^011110011110 (15) forward fwd foward 4ward foreward 4wrd alikes frwd forwar forword forwrd forwad fwrd froward frwrd
^0111100111110 (6) seem belong tend ought pertain seeem
^0111100111111 (12) seems appears seemed relates pertains seens seem's -want seemz seemd seeems #hasalwaysbeenmydream
^011110100000 (25) tired exhausted drained knackered tiredd tierd unmotivated exausted tiired headachey tiiiired tiiired tird fullll nackered fulllll tyred tirred exhuasted exhasted knacked exhaused fullllll knackerd exhausteddd
^011110100001 (184) bored hungry sleepy starving stressed speechless boredd bord starvin boreddd #offthis tireddd skint boredddd hungryy sleeepy hungryyy outtie tiredddd sleeeepy sloww boreddddd confuzzled hunqry sleeeeepy hongry boreed hungryyyy zooted famished sleepyy singlee boooored scaredd booored borred tireddddd slpy outty boored hungy ungrounded freeeeeee weakk boredddddd dyinggg sleeeeeepy irratated b0red booooored
^011110100010 (245) sick drunk guilty shy sober worthy hyper grumpy hungover paranoid dizzy faded cranky tipsy chills grounded stoned refreshed giddy tense supportive crunk nostalgic goosebumps deprived weary prego buzzed pissy nauseous helpless bloated deserving homesick intoxicated preggo dehydrated energized starved preggers groggy sickk sunburnt fussy unwell dazed fearful frisky loopy drowsy
^011110100011 (44) mad madd od odee maddd vex tite madddd hipp ohdee maad odeee maaad maddddd #wenottogether maaaad o.d #9gagreader hypee odeeee madddddd #hoesonmydick maaaaad tiqht mahd happy- maddddddd maaaaaad close- sawdy oddd odeeeee #chocolatewasted madddddddd slickk demandin titee hiiigh s.o.l #katyperryfreetix odddd maaaddd mhadd mhad
^01111010010 (292) pissed confused angry surprised upset worried nervous curious disappointed annoyed impressed shocked depressed pleased concerned frustrated amazed joking convinced bothered confident distracted offended spoiled bummed irritated satisfied honored unhappy embarrassed thrilled amused overwhelmed optimistic entertained hopeful relieved clueless picky impatient biased suprised disturbed disgusted intrigued doomed misunderstood occupied dissapointed stunned
^011110100110 (38) proud scared jealous afraid aware ashamed capable terrified envious unaware wary jelous incapable jel appreciative considerate mindful scurred affraid apropos prouder afriad jeal pround disposed unafraid jelouse leery bereft scard jealouse skeered jelaous proudd disapproved skared desirous jelious
^011110100111 (48) excited thankful grateful stoked pumped anxious hyped psyched exited geeked amped chuffed greatful unprepared jazzed xcited excitedd exicted siked exciteddd thankfull excitedddd excitied tensed gratefull gr8ful tamad syked amp'd exciteddddd excited/nervous greatfull stoaked nervous/excited exicited excitd exctied unexcited gung-ho super-excited essited re-pissed thnkful pysched excitedddddd exciteed ill-prepared ecxited
^01111010100 (47) talking talkin complaining talkn bitching tlkn tlkin bragging raving +k talm tlking complainin talkinq braggin tawkin worryin talkingg talkinn talken talk'n tawkn griping complaing talkng talkiin talkinqq pretendin worring tlkng tlkinq tawking taling tlaking talkiing complaning talkign talkinggg talkig tlk'n takling fantasising fantasizes talikng tallking rantin worryn
^011110101010 (39) thinking thinkin dreaming worrying thinkn speakin reminiscing dreamin daydreaming fantasizing thnkn thinkinq boasting fretting think'n thinkingg thinkng thingking finkin speakn thnkin thinkinn tinkin thnking tinking thinkg thining thinken thiking thinkinqq thnkng thinking- thinkig finking -thinking thinging thiinkiin thinkinggg thinkiin
^011110101011 (51) saying sayin suggesting stating sayn jokin talmbout implying insisting 5'2 5'3 5'6 claimin forgettin 5'8 sayinq sayinn sayingg say'n sayen 6'6 @followermonitor insinuating tombout sayin'! assumin sayinnn realizin sayng joshin sayiin 6'9 a-changin 4'10 4gettin sayinggg exclaiming sayyin sayinnnn rtin inferring 4'9 saying- noticin saing sayinqq tambout trippin'! admittin twitpicin
^011110101100 (23) wonder dunno wondered duno donno dno dono wonda wounder dunnoe wunder wonderr overvalue wnder dunnoo #wonder dunoo wondr dontknow dnno dunnno wonderd wndr
^011110101101 (23) wondering wonders debating deciding pondering unsure wonderin <> <> debatin ☠warning☠ <> woundering <> wondern wonderinq contemplatin decidin <> 1*what wondring wonderingg wondrin
^011110101110 (8) sure suree suuure suure sure- surre sures shuree
^0111101011110 (10) glad guessing assuming guessin gald gladd presuming qlad -glad guessn
^01111010111110 (21) hoping wishing considering contemplating dreading regretting wishin hopin hopeing considerin suspecting regreting wishn comtemplating hopen dreadin concidering hopn hopein contimplating whishing
^01111010111111 (60) whether knowing forgetting whom realizing explaining claiming proving knowin admitting realising wether #thatoneex #imthetypeofperson ands indicating #highschooltaughtme #thereisalwaysthat1person #collegetaughtme desiring #isitme #everybodyhasthat1follower #isitjustme #thatex forgeting ceasing #imthatgirlfriend #nevertellagirl #whotoldyou #2011musictaughtme #imthetypeofgirlfriend #thatfriend #lifehastaughtme explainin knwing #itsdisappointingtoknow and/ #everyonehasthat1friend #that1ex 4getting knwin weither knowinq admiting claming wheter explaing supposing #nevertellyourgirlfriend #weallhavethatonefriend
^01111011000 (55) back bak directly bck bac backk bacc baq bakk backkk baack backkkk baaack baaaack bacck baqq backkkkk baqk hither bakc bckk backkkkkk oooon bacl onnnnnnn baxk ooooon headlong -back @hmusa baccck onnnnnnnn backkkkkkk bacckk back/ @rebeccaminkoff thruuu baccc abck bakkk oooooon bqk back) bavk head-first backkkkkkkk bacckkk #freelancejob 6acc bacccck
^011110110010 (50) home homee hme homeee homeeee home- homeeeee webdesigner h0me 2sleep 2bed hooome homeeeeee bandicoot hoooome 2work hame bys hooooome homw homeeeeeee <> staffpointe hoome intown uptop homed <> hoooooome home/ unglued downstate <> hom3 homeeeeeeee captureplay hooooooome <> hoem homr hommeee 2school hommee homeeeeeeeee l$1 hmee upnorth <> tosleep <>
^011110110011 (110) least <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> loveablewiney rockthischicky <> <> <> xov <> <> <> leat <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> kwbc <> somepoint <> <> limeexchange <> <> <> <> <> <> #angelsoncam <> <> <> <> <>
^01111011010 (78) right rite ryt righ riqht rightt <> ryte rii ritee <> righttt riight <> pdtbid <> rght <> rightttt <> riite <> <> rigth pstbid <> <> <> righht <> <URL-> riteee <> <> <> rigt <> <> rgt <> <> righh <> rigght <> <> -right <> <> riqhtt
^0111101101100 (11) gone gonee goneee #offthat g0ne qonee menna gooone finne goone goooone
^0111101101101 (27) done accomplished forgiven rested dealt dne donee behaved partnered doneee endowed versed doneeee reciprocated finito delt done- d0ne acomplished re-done doneeeee wishers intentioned donezo doneeeeee plannd dones
^01111011011100 (10) asleep alseep asleeep aback aslp asleeeep asleep- aslee alsleep asleeeeep
^011110110111010 (29) awake alive tuned intact afloat hydrated phoneless schemin awakee baaaaack baaaaaack awakeee baaaaaaack alivee tunned awakeeee baaaaaaaack incommunicado aliveee computerless baaaaaaaaack awakeeeee aliveeee cowbelled awke backkkkkkkkk #suckafree awake- bizzack
^011110110111011 (44) alone safely depot softly peacefully hysterically vicariously unsaid uncontrollably sweetly soundly alonee profusely blankly wrecker aloneee a-twitter obscenities antwoord bygones adgabber aloneeee maniacally widdit bymyself <> <> alone- empty-handed aloneeeee uncontrolably willy-nilly hungrily aloooone dbest banke histerically contently rezed alooone depot's contentedly skeptically
^01111011011110 (69) possible happening raining snowing poppin necessary goodie happenin rainin poss storming evident hailing popin snowin poppn drizzling humanly craccin reachable occuring sleeting popn neccessary poppington brewin posible fixable rainning stormin happnin happing pop'n hapnin neccesary popppin nobler poppinn happenning hapening flurrying thunderstorming raing poppen official- poppinq brackin rainingg raininq necesary
^01111011011111 (35) wrong wrng rong wronq hannin awry wrongg incompatible amiss worng happs wron wronggg wrg wrong- wrongggg wr0ng shakkin wronqq hatnin crackalackin congruent untoward guuu hannen wronge guddie right/wrong goodi guddy wrooong wronng hattnin wronggggg shakiin
^011110111000 (88) starts ends begins dies continues opens stops returns fails closes sleeps arrives agrees finishes debuts quits stares expires airs premieres explodes disappears looms collapses ensues disappoints disagrees reopens rages cometh succeeds erupts prevails premiers commences thrives abounds resides competes evolves progresses surrenders vanishes dawns masturbates culminating changers falters rejoices reunites
^0111101110010 (57) sucks rocks sucked blows sux stinks rox isss rhymed rulez issss suckss stunk rawks sucksss personified suxx backfired suks isssss rulz suxs suckssss tastic cooperates suckz ruiner #grindsmygears issssss rockz jeebies sucksssss suuuucks suxxx suuucks malfunctioned isssssss suckks stanks is) succs iiis suck's suucks preserver issssssss rockss sukks suckssssss doesn't!!
^0111101110011 (66) works matters counts fits flies rains lasts exists lasted rhymes existed heals snows floats fades qualifies flys vibrates mattered syncs varies endures glows arises lingers unfolds persists beeps wrks resonates communicates backfires abides preys rotates overflows evaporates ryhmes resonated rymes overheats accumulates izzz fluctuates dissapears workss thaws prospers workz endureth
^011110111010 (446) calls wins hits offers runs plays leaves leads uses drops sets claims rolls picks shares passes speaks scores stands meets sings eats marks remains sticks tops causes loses watches strikes treats bites reads burns rides visits grabs crashes warns jumps shoots draws waits hosts dances targets lands controls rejects demands
^0111101110110 (329) shows changes beats moves presents answers cuts breaks covers costs kicks orders attacks bugs charges forces fights promises delays checks freaks matches suits fires ties gains touches surprises slides increases ships ruins signals battles shifts measures locks doubles trades suspects connects displays creeps favors logs bumps leaks edges plugs brushes
^0111101110111 (67) lives talks heads faces hearts minds bodies backs souls struggles mouths desires raps paths juices encounters noses necks graves egos freedoms raves arses gossips bellies imaginations femmes chests nests foreheads lifetimes innuendos hustles tummies forefathers behinds harbors labors backyards tounges deviants childhoods harrasment conquests #troops livelihoods waists lusts fasts destinies
^0111101111000 (24) open elaborate whitening mower widen seeding arched mowers wow's tinting coverings opn outstretched -open preheat akimbo embargoed whitener open- openn blaqk unasked glary open/close
^01111011110010 (53) clean warm clear dry secure cozy dried tidy bruised polished tame toasty articulate detached cramped cropped shaven inclement crumpled muddled puffed flyyy bloodied klean revitalized limber semi-detached sanitized misting spiffing lubricated disinfecting terraced trundle cleann puckered stary dryed sck breakfasted staid vacume spick gnash crinkled warmm roasty figi cosey childproof
^01111011110011 (56) wide calm counting bow upside scroll shutting winding slowing chicka calmed countin watered simmer trickle kneel gunned bogged chowing jot narrowing batten dumbing buckling dumbed hunkering paring slowin reciprocating slimmed hunkered clamping scarfing jotting twitterscope #holidaytreats wolfing bucketing watership windin shuting widee chowin quieting couting jotted #hands kalm simma eclat
^0111101111010 (172) broken trending closed packed cancelled stolen delayed shining canceled protected shattered damaged flooded aching postponed sealed reserved pounding sinking divided watering processed ticking functioning justified restricted repaired vibrating fulfilled manufactured booming corrupted looming lagging throbbing rigged stalled staged overturned clogged fractured numbered hunted overflowing threaded occurring filtered aborted serviced strained
^01111011110110 (99) dead naked nude verified nearby bangin wounded shirtless topless barefoot undefeated unconscious upright extinct reborn photoshopped rampant unbeaten untouchable deceased captive 6ft ded untouched assed saucer nekkid outnumbered dormant winless comatose weightless blindfolded braindead colorblind motionless deadd half-naked mutilated brokenhearted nakey peephole braless 7ft dutchman pantless pantsless offsides upsidedown deaddd
^01111011110111 (121) straight grown mixed bk blown stuffed lit loaded str8 bn torn faced retired bent downhill tangled time's stacked battered toned nil spiked squared blended 2go juiced spirited packaged saturated molded sewn scoreless stitched wheeled oiled doobies st8 seeded shaded tethered crumbled manned greased stright flared hardbody thumps mutated jumbled evaporated
^0111101111100 (611) sleeping laughing dancing crying dying lying smiling screaming performing staring cheating breathing trippin yelling partying bleeding coughing laughin sleepin flirting tripping shouting ballin ringing sweating snoring lyin waving napping cryin buzzing sneezing dancin barking swearing slacking giggling itching volunteering peeing dyin lurking buggin hurtin drooling djing frontin screamin yawning farting
^0111101111101 (567) tweeting singing studying fighting texting smoking voting hating twittering hiding typing kissing mia tweetin suffering caring arguing smokin hatin practicing believing cheering babysitting clicking stressing singin procrastinating rapping grinding whining graduating cursing preaching twitting fasting revising moaning tagging fightin escaping showering choking rappin exercising retiring posing shootin grindin suckin protesting
^01111011111100 (371) reading writing learning posting blogging recording editing painting drawing downloading reporting uploading filming tracking browsing surfing viewing printing designing booking coding hacking smashing knitting recruiting organizing mixing processing reviewing researching presenting decorating handling filing linking mourning grading googling mapping consuming scanning syncing unpacking observing planting scheduling brainstorming marking tweaking rendering
^011110111111010 (165) living winning dating sharing shooting leading dressing serving landing dining investing connecting scoring brewing flooding sporting touring speeding pitching tuning coloring surviving bombing competing stabbing bidding bearing communicating shrinking negotiating slain mounting breeding parting thriving guiding wrecking merging shortening assisting smuggling headlining marvin's marvins grieving towing rioting looting colouring blending
^011110111111011 (47) sat opening speaking ending closing ace peak casting boarding airing taping drumming unveiling bartending mating unfolding reopening commencing greening sprinkling openin endin re-opening refereeing mothering rustling valedictorian slurred wole nyd openning ogt lkn disbanding trouncing convening razing gew bording imprinting deadline's skewering spking opportunity's likelike pre-recording infinitive
^01111011111110 (233) cleaning checking testing growing setting packing picking finishing fed signing washing filling cracking wrapping popping loading resting heating backing clearing sorting cooling firing lifting stuffing folding handing stocking curling pumping ironing stretching soaking drying shaping cleanin shoveling sweeping splitting mowing tossing weighing tidying topping chopping whipping growin spaced easing cranking
^01111011111111 (427) running driving moving walking turning flying riding rolling burning passing rocking jumping traveling failing sucking runnin spinning walkin halfway sticking crashing climbing banging floating flipping stepping diving knocking melting travelling drivin rushing creeping flowing drowning logging leaning crawling wandering bumping bouncing slipping crushing sliding hopping fading swinging sneaking cruising striking
^01111100 (36) up upp uppp upppp uhp up- uo uppppp stuffers fonder upppppp stuffer uup uppppppp uhpp up/ uprt upk uuup upppppppp uuuup upz red-handed upo uppppppppp uuuuup up) dvds/cds upppppppppp up^ uupp off-guard uuuppp offguard uppppppppppp
^011111010 (33) out outt owt out- outtt 0ut outttt <> ouut outtttt #callout outttttt ouuut @days2christmas out's oout outz ouy awt out/ -out otu ouuuut outtttttt ouht <> afoul iut outttttttt outtttttttt ouuuuut out2 out)
^01111101100 (29) over ova upto ovr inclusive overr inducing overrr ovah ovaa overrrr over- allover overrrrr 0ver o'er encompassing ovaaa oveer overrrrrr byyy -over d'best aflutter 0va overrrrrrr ovaaaa ovahh overe
^011111011010 (44) down dwn onnn downn onnnn innn downnn down- onnnnn innnn doon ashore downnnn innnnn onnnnnn up/down downnnnn d0wn innnnnn ooon basie donw doooown innnnnnn dowwn dooown dowm downnnnnn dowwwn dooooown dwnn dowwwwn up&down eastward inwards down/ off/on innnnnnnn doown onnnnnnnnn dowwwwwn downnnnnnn cross-legged doooooown
^0111110110110 (21) around arnd aroun roun arround aroundd bick around- aroud arounds aroung arond wilburys arounddd dwntown ar0und arounf aound arund by*rt aorund
^01111101101110 (37) outside inside downstairs upstairs indoors intervals ovation oot sores in-between outsidee in/out outhere nextdoor in's underfoot outsideee ouside ovations nside outside- outisde dwnstairs insidee downwind outthere downstair outsiide intp upstair outsideeee unaided n'roses pricking insyd outsde oustide
^011111011011110 (21) along fiddling aboard jiggy acquainted interferes coincides intouch collides reacquainted coincided alongs juxtaposed aquainted <> alonq wasikowska $850/day alng alongg 110/220v
^011111011011111 (57) together 2gether wisely w/me undone accordingly atcha w/you w/u 2getha togetha tgt w/it w/him w/them w/us togther toqether togethers atchu togather togetherr w/ya tgthr togeth 2geda togethe together- 2gthr togheter togetherrr togeather togethr w/others toghether 2gethr stabbers togehter 2it w/obama 2gther togetherrrr wimme downfield w/em 2geva nakedd with'em 2gather togeter
^01111101110 (23) off offf offs offff offfff off- 0ff offffff awf offfffff -off orf offffffff on's off/ off's ooff offfffffff (visit ofd owf offffffffff offffffffffff
^011111011110 (18) ago <> agoo <> <> <> aqo agoby agothe ago- telbec/ #shortterm agooo <> agoa <> agoin <>
^011111011111 (33) away daisies aways astray fetched awayy jieber amok away- awayyy awayyyy unpunished #mikeybdayvideobr awy awaaaay awaay awaaay hand-in-hand awayyyyy swatter amuck throughs asunder daises awaaaaay niente awaaaaaay pmquote awayyyyyy afield away/ amquote cry®
^0111111000 (149) tomorrow 2morrow tmrw tommorow tmr 2moro tomorow tommorrow tomarrow 2mrw tomoro tomo tomoz tmw tomm tomorro tomar onwards manana 2morro 2mar 2ma tml ethic 2morow toma tommrow 2marrow 2moz 2mm tmrrw 2maro tomrrow tomorrrow tomor tomorroww 2mrrw tmmrw tmro tommarow 2mro tomrw 2mor 2mo tomorrowww 2mao tomorrw raff mañana tommorw
^01111110010 (53) today 2day todayy galore tday todayyy todaay tdy todayyyy todaaay todaii taday 2dai todai todae 2dayy 2daii 2dae 2dy boyardee t0day tooday @1 todaaaay todayyyyy today/tomorrow tody toady today/ todat to-day tuday thismorning only) t'day todaee thusfar -today w/cancer todday tuhday toay todaayy freezeout w/school today) vandag 2dayyy -again todya
^01111110011 (84) tonight tonite 2nite 2night changer tonightt beckons 2nyt tonighttt kijken tnite toniqht kronehit goers w/friends tonightttt tonitee tnight tongiht tonyt today/tonight tonighttttt tanite tonght @7 2nyte @8 tonigt 2nt toniight @9 poopers alday 2nit toniteee w/hubby tnyt tonyte tonigth tanight tonighht lasnite tonightttttt @3 2nitee toniiiight w/fam toniiight buddz t0night
^01111110100 (26) again agen indefinitely agian aqain againn agin agn againnn againnnn agaiin agan afresh on'em againnnnn agaaain agaain againg agaaaain here) againnnnnn aqainn <> agaaaaain toyou agaiiin
^011111101010 (43) later earlier sometime sooner lata l8r ltr laterr sumtime laterrr l8er working-from-home l8tr laterrrr soonest latr ealier paulista latah later- l8ter earlyer eariler inabit laterrrrr somtime w/dad lataa l8a tonight/ w/friend <> earlierr earler firsttt lateer sumtym erlier laterzzz laterrrrrr laterzz lataaa intravenously
^0111111010110 (203) anymore anyway lately asap anyways tbh lah nowadays afterwards aswell sha sia leh nomore alr whatsoever nonetheless pronto anyhow #nshit init anyday sef liao jor nshit mehn afterall altogether afterward ftl allday hor beforehand 2u nomo 4me fm4 jare somemore 2me tbf ttm neway enuh anot joor ley nemore lahh
^0111111010111 (150) yesterday everyday atm overnight 24/7 thingy lastnight rn overload irl nonstop lastnite 4u yest everynight yday 2m /usr/vello/heartbeat/heartbeat afar yesturday @grader bigtime tba everday ytd <> tmo unattended imaginable @home errday evryday 24-7 y'day mon-fri @work stealer fgs erryday ystrday yesterdayy 4life w/kids day1 defensively 12-6 overnite 11-4 incarnate yestaday
^01111110110 (23) soon shortly sooon soooon soonish sooooon aslong soooooon masquerading soon- sooooooon soonn sharpish soon-ish soooooooon soons s00n soonnn soonnnn sooonnn sooooooooon sooonn soonly
^01111110111 (38) though tho doe thou imo thoo thoe doee thooo thoughh doeee thoee thouu thouqh thow thereafter thoooo thoughhh th0 doeeee thooooo thoughhhh doeeeee y'know! thoooooo negl thoeee mehson thouqhh nshyt stillz thogh thouuu thgh tbhh thoguh etcetc thouugh
^011111110 (44) now noww nowww #now nowwww now- n0w <> nowwwww noow nows nooow noooow nowwwwww wingers nooooow -now naow nowwwwwww now/ nowwwwwwww noooooow |now nooww howdo niw nowz nowwwwwwwww noowww now) <> nooooooow nnow nooowww npw maur noooooooow <> thurrrr nowwwwwwwwww noooww neow nowe nowwwwwwwwwww
^0111111110 (25) there der dere ther thar theree thurr thereee there- derr thereeee therr <> <> thereeeee thurrr therre dhere jeliebers theere tehre thereeeeee deree thereeeeeee thare
^01111111110 (38) here heree chea ere hereee outchea hereeee hre hereeeee herre heaa onlinee hereeeeee chere heere -here heah whelmed herert heeere heeeere hereeeeeee herein overhere here/ outcheaa deaa h3r3 heeeeere heaaa onlineeee hereeeeeeee there/ whelming here^^ theaa now@ joyed
^0111111111100 (11) once 1ce 1nce #tweetbrain oncee @chesstweets over&over $2294 once- #once onceee
^0111111111101 (9) yet yett perchance yettt yetttt withstanding w/nothing yet) yettttt
^0111111111110 (256) forever slowly ages awhile granted lent 4ever vain dearly 24hrs 30mins 2days 10mins 5mins 30min 4eva 20mins 15mins 2yrs 2weeks unconditionally 5min 10min 15min 3days 20min foreva 1day 2hours 10yrs 3yrs 5hrs 5yrs 2min 2mins 45mins 1hour 2wks 6hrs 3hours 45min 12hrs 2months wimps 4yrs 6months foreverrr 4days 24hours 2years
^01111111111110 (264) somewhere twice everywhere anywhere nowhere properly backwards alike correctly differently abroad elsewhere quietly carefully gently aloud briefly sideways locally lightly freely illegally silently comfortably onstage globally tightly backward forwards sharply miserably someplace individually separately endlessly incorrectly privately internationally passionately wrongly sumwhere delilah annually steadily 20x internally outloud fbchristmas responsibly anonymously
^01111111111111 (65) either indeed anytime neither eventually immediately naturally instantly occasionally imho repeatedly simultaneously bec manually unexpectedly forsure faithfully momentarily eitha lyrically figuratively periodically logically metaphorically niether 4sure hypothetically right- vocally immediatly loso's immed occassionally fearlessly eather eitherr alsoo thusly carlitos unwillingly eithr indeeed neitha papa-paparazzi conceptually eaither indubitably anytym netime ither
^100000 (13) .. ,.. vodpod #wattpad .,.. descripción ..!!!!!! @twoofakind 1-425-998-1182 review� accses interruptz /lc
^100001 (51) ... …… here- #typesex #damnteenquote #soiknowitsreal #typeofsex ……. #aretheworst tinz &m #girlfeels ……… .,... -sign &b &r #omjdbyeah …….. #z comin'! at- #watchthis &a mmrs xvid-vomit ,,... #heysamewithme -factor #lpq <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< #retweetthesongs dj's! -town &d -shirt ………… #retweetthissong goin'! #lft &s #typehead ………. some- #buticouldnt how- rollin'! #outsidediddysparty comment- chat-
^1000100 (18) . again- .,. .,, though- yet- with- ..,. <> <> before- already- again/ bag- anymore- .!... fail- sucks-
^10001010 (110) .... ..... ...... ,, ....... ........ ,,, ......... .......... ,. ........... !.... ............ ,,,, ............. .., .............. ............... ................ !..... ................. ,,,,, ,.... .................. ................... .................... back- !...... ..................... ,,,,,, too- ...................... !!!..... ....................... ,..... ........................ ......................... !....... .......................... ,,,,,,, ........................... !!!!..... ..,, ever- ............................ ,,. !!!!, ............................. !........ yesterday-
^10001011 (33) ; ;; ); today- tonight- tomorrow- ;: #pr9anthonyryan ]; ($50 ($100 ($10 ($20 only- b/ 12:9 2:9 ($15 ($40 ($300 w/college &) ($60 tonite- 2day- 2nite- ($75 def's ($80 :*({ <> #mikumikudance
^10001100 (256) ?? ?! ??? !? ???? ?!? ?!?! .? ????? ..? ?!! !?! ?????? ??! ??!! ?!?!? ?!?!?! !?!? ?!!! ?.... ??????? !!? !!?? ..?? !?? !?!?! .?? ???????? ??... ??.. ??!!! ???!!! ?..... ????????? ???! ?!?!?!? !?!?!? ?!?!?!?! ?!!!! ?????????? ?!!? ???... .?! !!!? ,? .??? !??? ??????????? !!!??? ???!!
^10001101 (29) ? ?... ?.. ?. ?, #blogthings isn't! is- <> <> nowrt ?......... <> tight- ?.......... ?........... gently- too/ *." is/ onrt <> .?... tightly- !!!!!!? hasn't! closer- though/ ??!!??!!
^10001110 (14) ! !... !.. !. !!, y'all!! y'all!!! softly- …! y'all!!!! !.......... tho'! !!… ~!"
^10001111 (146) !! !!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!! .! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! ..! !!!!!!!!!! .!! !!!!!!!!!!! ..!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!.. !!... .!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!. ,! !!!.. .!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!... !!!. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .!!!!! !!!, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!.... .!.
^10010 (5) , !, <> either- earlier-
^1001100 (8) or nor 0r signifying #movietwitter andthe <> a'la
^10011010 (55) n nd den andd inna &' ndd &+ abd &&& &&' cah in- &* anf fulla nnd -&- *& (&) lihh &| bht byt &` +& &&* inta ihn puse on/ inot smiling- afore kopje &&` *&* ri8 &&+ in't `& widda inside- cuzza <> iree mussi [&&] aguh 4dat
^100110110 (26) & && and/or &/or #isbetterthan <> #moviesinmypants <> )& -n- #cometparcel <> w/great &- #fatindiebands or/and #replacesongnameswithcurry @wheeloffortune andf <> [&] <> w/little brown/ ansd <>
^100110111 (14) and (& annd -and adn aand whereby _and_ -and- etc- <> #iaptop απϑ (&&)
^100111000 (15) until till til untill +0900 intill tilll usd/btc unitl untl intil tiill tiil untiil unil
^1001110010 (17) before b4 befor be4 befo bfore beforee witht bfor bfr b/4 beofre bfo befoe b-4 bfre befre
^1001110011 (12) since sincee scince eversince 4.375% siince snce 4.500% #fetcheveryone sinse #igunzombie mpaka
^100111010 (13) while whilst wile howl's whist whiles wyl whiile whyl whie whille whilest l$20
^1001110110 (22) without w/o w/out <> witout w/no w.o widout w|o wivout wthout wout whitout wifout wihtout withoutt withouth w\o whithout wihout #without <>
^1001110111 (22) after despite afta aftr #aintnothinglike #theresnothinglike #aintnothingsexyabout #nothingfeelsbetterthan afterr afer dispite everydays ater 💑 -after #aintnothinlike #nothingsworsethan aftah insteada 01- w.o. afetr
^10011110 (1) as
^10011111 (5) than thann thaan thatn tahn
^1010 (22) to t0 2make 2take 2know 2tell 2go2 2keep to/ 2stop 2use 2wear 2let 2g2 0o2 2change t2o tomake tosee tweepi's <> 2write
^10110 (8) of 0f ofthe #tinnitus of- -of ofmy ofv
^1011100 (17) for forr f0r fot 4the 4my -for 2see 4da fpr 2have 4ur forthe ofr ffor fooor 4his
^1011101000 (24) with alongside wtih wih w/all wiht woth withe whith w/other wirh wuth w/those witg iwth witj w/just with/for jasminlive wwith for/with qith wiyh <>
^1011101001 (41) w/ w/the w/my w/a w/your w/this w/his w/some w/ur witha /w witta w/our w/2 w/their w/new w\ w/these w/good w/da w/any withthe w/big w|my w/old withmy w/real w.a w/only w|the w/both downrt pneis w/guest w/two w/bad w/many w/same nggeri 2his w/small
^1011101010 (17) outta <> outa offa <> <> dnbheaven <> outtah otta <> outtta outtaa outof ouuta outaa <>
^1011101011 (42) wit wid wif w| wiff wiv widd withh witcha witchu witt wiith wiit unda withhh wiid witth wyt wifff whidd whid w// widt 2meet withcha wit'em witchuu widf <> wiif aqainst wiffff widdd wichu witchaa w` wift wittt wit'cha oo4 w/yall w/dat
^101110110 (19) by featuring @listensto #icd avec byy %u266b by- @griddlers twixt zeppelin's dancing's markmonet gainst varvara <> w/r/t <> <>
^1011101110 (24) from frm regarding 4rm frum 4m fromm fom to/from fr0m frome 4rom frim froom froma fromthe <> <> frmm ffrom frrom fr/ frumm ftom
^101110111100 (8) into onto in2 n2 on2 intoo backto <>
^101110111101 (17) through thru thro trough throught throu thruu throuqh thorugh throughh back2 throo trought byyyy threww throgh thruuuu
^101110111110 (39) between against towards among toward involving amongst btwn unto concerning b/w b/t resembling btween depicting againt propels againts agnst betwn 2wards agaisnt prohibiting aganist aginst betwen betwixt agst b/n amoung vis-a-vis devastates agianst agaist againist twards bewteen betweeen betweet
^10111011111100 (11) near beyond approaching surrounding affecting nearing jolts tootin beyong blithe beyound
^10111011111101 (17) behind above upon below beside underneath beneath inbetween bellow bhind behing apon bside behide permeating behindd twords
^10111011111110 (19) during across throughout durin atop amidst overlooking accross outweigh outweighs commemorating durring <> durning #crapnamesforpubs thruout <> <> throughtout
^10111011111111 (24) under within minus w/in 1of harms 90-watt paves totaling undr withing l0k4 w/i totalling $11.88 inhabiting english-news breth 95-watt system( #totc_new $10.85 #totc_pop w/n
^10111100 (4) at -at aat atthe
^10111101 (35) @ @the aht 5- #13thingsilove omwt #boarding <> 2win a/ #imfrom #someonetell otwt #kiashinewrote omw2 #ifitwasntfor marcyday @club #whostillwear est/ número ahtt <> inb 10am- pst/ @le 1513 icdc dexy's 9pm- 2co #flood09 10pm- #lulusdotcom
^10111110 (12) on onn 0n on- -on oin ohn <> jibber #crunchgear in/on /on
^10111111 (23) in iin i'n -in spanning <> in/near <> <> in/around <> <> <> endeth <> <> <> hairlista blanketing <> <> <> /in
^11000 (10) a ina sucha ɑ α awhole abig ª å _a
^11001 (8) an norah's w/an -an #neverbeendoneb4 chalean diagon ab+
^110100 (38) the thw heaven's hte tge nyc's tthe sydney's yhe tje beethoven's _the saturn's t/ mankind's jahvid malibu's dublin's `the handel's ithe allthe <> <> †ђξ auckland's <> tehran's toronto’s wub-fur thje thge _the_ thé jerusalem's tyhe tghe thte
^110101 (45) da tha thee teh dha thaa ona theee inda onna daa inthe theeee dhaa th3 onthe dhee rhe thew thhe yrk thaaa thd theeeee death's daaa tbe tne daaaa theeeeee inaa t3h rthe isthe thaaaa nthe zeee thwe trhe onaa theeeeeee thae d̶̲̥̅̊ tabitha's
^110110 (29) my myy -my jennifer's mha mhy 2my stacy's mmy me&my myi dora's @my onmy myh mhaa chaz's inmy mhyy congestive (my ourr //my stacys nmy m'y myii myyyyyyy ouur
^11011100 (10) your yoru y'all's 2ur anyone’s yyour you/your yoir you&your trayvon's
^11011101 (165) ur yur someone's everyone's yer someones everyones justin's thy ure everybody's somebody's anyone's justins @justinbieber's harry's u'r miley's nick's demi's anyones everybodys yalls yhur selena's you'r yourr niall's somebodys kevin's liam's zayn's harrys anybody's youur somebodies nicki's mileys cody's someone’s yurr yuhr beyonces jesse's urr nialls y'alls rihannas everybodies everyone’s
^11011110 (36) our god's google's god’s christ's efl @nickiminaj's allah's firefox's humanity's groupon's mcr's harm's alexa's @chrisbrogan's godaddy's 0ur #iran's @onedirection's carlito's avon's christ’s pavlov's #god's @oprah's @mariahcarey's @guykawasaki's iphoto's #lp33 @codysimpson's irans @thewantedmusic's nortel's warcraft's rageaholics @planetjedward's
^110111110 (13) their thier thine another's eachothers deir limbaugh's anothers eachother's att's theire another’s theiir
^110111111 (42) his beyonce's rihanna's his/her alex's josh's chris's satan's hiz liz's brandy's ash's jesus's thoroughbred/quarter kyu's lance's hiis bated kris's her/his bended tiny's rhianna's hisz @kimkardashian's jada's #weer saddam's barrymore's victim’s evra's yoda's pinocchio's solange's rhiannas napoleon's rach's shindong's jermaine's kaitlyn's tamara's @joejonas's
^111000000 (13) post entry archive post- @famecrawler reporter-herald liveset picures shetterly #citizenradio closedthread bloggage newydd
^1110000010 (45) york year's orleans zealand hampshire yorker brunswick year’s yorkers york's #track zealand's pornographers braunfels york’s zealanders fangled paltz agentrank(tm zealander #york glype year's! york-based zeland yawk dance/electronica re-manufactured @blipfoto glarus orlean impressionz englanders yorker's #blipfoto hampshire's amerykah york- userbar york/john englander zealand’s yorkk libgig zealand-
^1110000011 (29) blog huffington blogpost foundry photoblog keyless stf momentile twitteristics sidewiki fishbowldc #acting otk 4u2 tumblelog <> skepchick synthtopia jrt blog-post newpages ecash wizbang fsl teammn photo(s techblog #pc36100 infowarskc
^1110000100 (22) video videoclip plu wire) vdo vidoe #wheresgeorge #dodge musicvideo vidio rwrd+bns video) vedio vide0 viedo 3-cute freeswitch imns) vid- vdeo <> vido
^11100001010 (62) news herald headlines inquirer regatta news- technica sun-times #twithelp fanhouse dealbook oped twittascope ireport cnetnews post-gazette times-picayune scitech post-standard courier-journal gleaner oklahoman american-statesman newsobama newsline tribune-review times-union soccernet collegian newser roundups wsbk mafioso star-tribune blogsearch approaching/nakedeyeng world-herald news/ ewn @mvn yomiuri daybook newsbreak crossdown journal-constitution upfronts newsblog science&nature deportes newsworld
^111000010110 (69) update alert #lastfm digest inverter guarded submits elevated kos aggregator subcategory ncaaf ncaab pnl o.s.t. ballesteros #pid <> serverload echl <> nieuwste a312 vento rideshare annonce updt t114 <> tensei airdate a325 #rochdale a142 a226 a231 a222 mentioners conds n5520 t331 <> a131 saywa iphonecategory fcst gespot @16 a345 @21
^111000010111 (232) review report reports giveaway reviews preview poll journal analysis survey highlights downloads chart sources tutorial index rating headline commentary summary recap tribune q&a roundup auctions probe keywords collision chronicle hazard slideshow wallpapers bulletin briefing transcript observer gazette briefs examiner hands-on handbook biography reflections incidents crackdown round-up sentinel faq burglary dispatch
^11100001100 (21) photo photoset wfpk sys-time a2news happenings1now bugfix autocheckin dewpt bg1 12challenge the-absolute-funniest-posts utclat/lon ds18b20 suivre tiles/sec #freeclassifieds shop-vac internetradio
^11100001101 (648) re q cc np cr correction #5 overheard #7 #8 #6 attn #9 ooc #10 psa sn ahora lat/lon © fw 1bd 2bd averages #11 retwitter bbg <> stupidtweets interviewer #mcp wvht apd qotd newsflash 3bd ubd #gtnews #googlenews mwd xfire ffffound noch ::d obs sidenote ovrhrd hn footed hinky
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