Hello! I've recently moved to the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, where I am now an Assistant Professor. Come visit my new web page. This page is left for posterity.

Alona in Oslo, 2013

Formerly, I was a Post Doc working with Tom Mitchell at Carnegie Mellon University in the Machine Learning Department. My PhD thesis is available here.

I was a member of Tom's Brain Imaging Group. We developed Machine Learning techniques to better understand how the human brain represents and combines semantics and meaning. My research at CMU specifically focused on the composition of meaning for minimal phrases, like adjective-noun pairs. My research is funded by NSERC and an MNTP fellowship.

I have a BSc and MSc in Computing Science from the University of Alberta and completed a research internship with University of Alberta bioinformatics lab. My advisor there was Duane Szafron.

After I completed my MSc, I joined Google as a Software Engineer. Though I loved working at Google (and learned a great deal while there!), I missed research, and so returned to grad school.

Here's my CV.

I also have a blog, to which I post very rarely. I post when I solve a technical problem after finding no help on Google (my way of contributing to the internet knowledge base) or for interesting discoveries that are too small for a paper, but I still feel are worth sharing.

How's the thesis writing going, Alona? Update: it's done!!

That's a funny looking name....

Though my name looks complicated, it's really quite simple. Fyshe is just pronounced fish, and here's a limerick to help you remember the rest:

There once was a girl named Alona,
Whose parents gave her an iguana.
But the iguana grew mold,
The clime was too cold!
The reptile desires a hot sauna.

Interesting factoid: though my mom swears she made up the name, Alona means oak tree in Hebrew.


See also my Google Scholar page.

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  • Nicholas Lamb, Paul Lu, and Alona Fyshe. Trellis Driver: Distributing a Java Workflow Across a Network of Workstations. International Workshop on High Performance Scientific and Engineering Computing (HPSEC), 2004 pdf



  • Intermediate Statistics (10-705)
  • Machine Learning (10-701)
  • Statistical Machine Learning (10-702)
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models (10-708)
  • Algorithms in the Real World (15-853)
  • Systems Neuroscience (PITT MSNBIO/NROSCI 2012)
  • Statistical Models of the Brain (36-759)
  • Cognitive Neuroscience (85-765)
  • Multimedia Databases and Data Mining (15-826)
  • Advanced Cellular Neuroscience (03-762)

Teaching Assistant Positions


University of Alberta

  • Fall 2006, Introduction to Computing Science
  • Fall 2005, Introduction to Computing Science