Educational Technologies from Carnegie Mellon University


Presenter: Ananda Gunawardena,

Associate teaching Professor

School of Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University

Abstract: In this presentation we will demonstrate some educational technologies that are researched and developed at CMU. In particular, participants will be able to experience a Tablet PC based smart Math Program and an electronic book reader with interactive features that can be used to measure reading comprehension.


·         Download Conference Presentation (powerpoint) (pdf)

·         Download Workshop Handout

·         Tablet Math System – Tablet Math system is a smart tablet PC based (paper like) client and a web-based management tool for teachers. It is now deployed in several schools in US (Pennsylvania, Cleveland, St Louis, Florida). Kids love it. Teachers don’t have to grade, instead they can focus on improving teaching using smart scratch work analysis systems of the Tablet Math Whiz.

o       Brochure

o       5-Tablet Classroom Proposal

o       Using Tablet PC's in Early Mathematics Education

o       “The Writing on the Wall” – Newsweek – A case for Tablet PC in education

o       Integration and Perception of Tablet PC Software in Elementary Mathematics Education

o       Tablet Math Whiz Portal


§         If you would like to request an account, send mail to :

·        Reading Comprehension – Reading is personal. Comprehension takes an effort. We believe students will do active reading if the system to measure reading performance is a fun system to use. That is what CMU designed markup analysis tool is all about. It is really fun to use. System can be used with any web based content (or any document in HTML). If you need to check it out, please send email to :

o       Reading Comprehension System summary

o       Measure your own Reading Comprehension using the Markup Analysis Tool (MAT). Here is what you need to do.

§         Read the story about Mrs Smith and her Cat from

§         When you read the story DO NOT LOOK at the questions on the left.

§         Create a simple .txt file using notepad and copy and paste important parts of the story. Each line (or phrase) you copy from must be pasted into the txt file separated by a blank line. Click here to see an example. DO NOT copy everything you see. Carefully think about the important parts of the story. Later you need to answer questions just using the .txt file (not the original document)

§         Login to :

§         user: tretc01  (no password)

§         Click on the assignment “Mrs. Wilson and Her Cat” and submit the markup (markup is a documentation that summarizes the story)

§         When you submit this, you will get a score. The score is based on how much your markup and “expert” agrees regarding the content you selected.

§         Now using ONLY the .txt file, answer questions to the left. The URL is

DO NOT look at the story when you are answering questions. Just look at the summarized .txt file (or markup)

§         The score you get may be an indication of how well you will answer the questions. Obviously you may be using some prior knowledge to construct the answers from the summary. But based on tests we have done so far, the comparison score you get seems to be a pretty good indicator on how well you do in answering questions. Enjoy!!