Unhappily Ever After: Opening Sequence

The sixth episode, "Run," began with different opening credits than the first five episodes. The theme song changes to Hit the Road Jack. During the credits Mr. Floppy mouths the male vocals and dances around in sunglasses and with a cigarette, while during the female vocals we see various clips of Jennie, Tiffany, and Maureen from different episodes. The original theme song was sung by Bobcat, and shows Jack and Jennifer, then the kids, then Jack being kicked out the house, then walking to his new apartment as someone shoots a robber dead next to him. The new version of the opening credits is also used with the reruns of the first five episodes as well.

After five years, I've finally gotten around to digitizing the original theme music. The sample is kinda scratchy (it's like that on my audio cassette that I recorded it to back in 1995). There is a fourth season episode that contains the original theme music, and some day, I'll try to get a better sample from that.

The lyrics to the original opening theme are:

We married young,
Because of Cupid.
And had three kids,
Because we were stupid.

She kicked me out,
She's not my honey.
But she still wants me,
When she needs money.

Now I'm alone,
Come rain or sunny.
But who needs love,
I've got my bunny.

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