Data Sets

The following are a list of current data files available in the repository. Each file is associated with a .info descriptor, describing specific details the users made at time of recording. In addition, each dataset is grouped under a task description. The majority of the datafiles have been compressed using gzip. Remember to save the raw data to your local disk, and to use the toolkit utilities to browse them.

Monitoring Doors:

This collection of data involves Xavier moving directly forward parallel to the wall down corridors at a slow speed, with the pan/tilt head panned to the right, allowing it to view doorways. Over 800 snapshots are available in which Xavier's speed, lighting and distance to the wall are maintained fairly constant.
  • 10-12-93: 125 Snapshots. Raw Data / Description
  • Raw Data / Description
  • 1-10-94a: 170 Snapshots. Raw Data / Description
  • 1-10-94b: Raw Data / Description
  • 1-7-94a: 147 Snapshots. Raw Data / Description
  • 11-3-93c: Raw Data / Description
  • 11-3-93: (The experiments reported in a workshop paper were conducted on this data set) Raw Data / Description
  • Revenge of the Monitoring Doors:

    As above, but the speed, lighting and distance to the wall are more variable. About 500 snapshots are present. Moved offline.

    Finding Bins:

    Xavier moves towards and around blue recycling bins outside its laboratory. The camera faces forward. Speed, lighting and distance to bin are highly variable. Approximately a hundred snapshots exist. Moved offline.

    Wean Runs:

    As opposed to the above, no visual data is available. Xavier wanders using its reactive behavior around the hallways of CMU. A detailed postscript map of its routes are available online to assist with this dataset. Several thousand snapshots exist. Moved offline.
    Last Updated: 14July94 23:00