Call for Papers

PROCAMS 2010 invites high quality and novel technical papers in all related areas including (but not limited to):

  • Computational illumination and imaging
  • Automatic detection of projector, camera and surface characteristics
  • Multi-view geometry applied to projectors and cameras
  • Geometric and photometric calibration
  • Radiometric compensation
  • Novel user-interfaces
  • People sensing
  • Environment modeling
  • Immersive and interactive displays
  • Application experiences
  • Architecture of projector-camera systems
  • Computer vision in the presence of projected information
  • Steerable projectors
  • Virtual keyboards
  • Novel applications
  • Projector-camera-based art
  • Historical or cultural exploration/preservation
  • Projector-camera supported computational photography

Technical Papers

Submissions can be up to 8 pages in length prepared in the CVPR format. The submission and review process is double blind.

Include supplemental pictures and/or video if appropriate and possible. Videos should be in a common format, e.g., MPEG-1, MPEG-4, XviD, or DivX.

Proceed to the Online Submission System

Paper submission deadline: March 30, 2010 (23:30 EST)
Paper Review starts: March 31, 2010
Paper Reviews due: April 23, 2010
Paper Acceptance notification: April 26, 2010
Final Manuscripts: April 30, 2010

Workshop Date: June 18, 2010

Please use the IEEE copyright form. Authors of accepted papers must mail the completed copyright from to IEEE (address included in the form).

Note: We will ask authors to explicitly commit to personally attend the workshop to present accepted papers, or to arrange for a suitable replacement presenter.

  IEEE International Workshop on Projector-Camera Systems

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