15-180(A): Research Topics in Software Architecture

aka the Software Architecture Reading Group (SARG)

David Garlan and Mary Shaw, proprietors


This course examines recent research results in software architecture, including topics such as notations for software architecture, formal specification of architectures, domain-specific software architectures, and tools for architectural design. This semester we will examine the breadth of software architecture research and look at how the research results are reaching practice. We will be concerned with information structures as well as program structures.

The theme this semester is architectural models

The seminar is open to anyone interested in software architecture. The seminar can be taken for credit (1/2 core unit in CS PhD program or 6 CMU units).

If you would like to receive notices and advance copies of the reading material, send e-mail to Compose with "SARG" in the subject line.


We meet from 12:00-1:30 in Wean Hall 8220. Lunch is provided. The original plan was to meet on mostly-alternate weeks starting January 22. However, we were unable to meet Jan 22, so we rescheduled a little. As a result, we always meet on Mondays, but we do not meet precisely on alternate weeks

January 22, 1996
February 5, 1995
ROOM: Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling (Ralph Melton moderates)
February 19, 1996
Enterprise Architectures (Marcel Becker moderates)
Note: only one week between meetings!
February 26, 1996
Several recent IEEE articles on software architecture (Mary Shaw and David Garlan moderate)
March 11, 1996
Configurable distributed systems (Rob DeLine moderates)
Note: only one week between meetings!
March 18, 1996
April 1, 1996
UniCon update (Greg Zelesnik moderates)
April 8, 1996
Update on ACME (David Garlan and Bob Monroe moderate
April 15, 1996
Relation between pattern languages and architecture description language (Jorge Luis Diaz-Herrera moderates)
April 29, 1996
Architecture work at Siemens (Rod Nord moderates)

Modified: 26 November 1996

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