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15-412 Lecture Notes

2013-08-31 M 15-412 Intro OpenOffice PDF
2013-09-02 W Projects OpenOffice PDF
2013-09-04 F Open Source Projects OpenOffice PDF
2013-09-07 M Labor Day, no lecture
2013-09-09 W Discussions about project ideas
2015-09-11 F Sprite/Amoeba comparison paper PS
2015-09-14 M Licenses (notions of goodness); "Specification layers != implementation layers"; OS-specific notions of goodness
2015-09-16 W Project-hunting discussions with some groups  
2015-09-18 F Project-hunting discussions with some groups  
2013-09-21 M ZFS and TRIM (Aditya Shantanu and Kirtikar Kashyap) PowerPoint PDF
2013-09-25 F xHCI Architecture (Xiaofan Li) PDF
2015-09-28 M No class - preempted by strategic planning  

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