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Adapt OpenAFS to the relevant Linux 2.6 kernel cataclysms.
Status: completed by Jonathan Curley.

Spring 2005 Projects


What we need for a draft proposal:

  • Brief summary of what project does (link to summary page is fine)
  • Statement on what you want to add
  • Features of the code base:
    • brief outline of chunks of code base (e.g., per-platform "modules", common-code "modules"), with lines-of-code breakdown by chunk
    • approximate percentage which is assembly language
    • status of compiler/linker/debugger tool chain (if non-standard)
    • license flavor
    • Standard acceptance process for code in this project
  • Details of what you propose to accomplish:
    • Lines of code you expect to write
    • Type of code you expect to write (plug-in, device driver, mutate 1% of every existing file, ...)
    • List of rough milestones and time estimates (in weeks)
    • estimated person responsibility breakdown (including estimated lines of code)
    • Who else is working in the area
  • Resources:
    • How many machines of what type will be necessary
    • Which machines you plan to provide
    • What will be resident in 412 "lab" (how many IP addresses?)

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