Course Staff


  1. MWF 12:00pm - 1:20pm GHC 4401 — Guy Blelloch, Margaret Reid-Miller
  2. Monday and Wednesday Main Lectures, Friday Review Lecture


A Tue 09:30am - 10:20am DH 2122 Naman Bharadwaj
B Tue 10:30am - 11:20am DH 1217 Sam Westrick
C Tue 12:30pm - 01:20pm WEH 5415 Isaac Lim
D Tue 12:30pm - 01:20pm WEH 5421 Nikki Ray
E Tue 01:30pm - 02:20pm SH 219 Esther Wang, Ronald Lai
F Tue 01:30pm - 02:20pm DH 1211 Ivan Wang
G Tue 03:30pm - 04:20pm GHC 4301 Ian Huang, Will Crichton

Course Staff

Any urgent questions should be directed to the 15-210 staff mailing list. TA office hours are generally held in GHC 4300, the area between Rashid Auditorium and the elevators, while instructor office hours are usually in the instructor's office.