CMU 15-112 Schedule
Summer 2020

Date Event / Topics Homeworks / Practice
Week 1
Mon 18-May Getting Started | Getting Started With VSCode
Data Types and Operations
Variables and Functions
112-student-contract (due Mon 18-May at 11:59pm)
collab1 (due Mon 18-May at 11:59pm)
hw1 (due Tue 19-May at 5pm)
day1-practice (due never)
Tue 19-May Loops
collab2 (due Tuesday 19-May at 11:59pm)
hw2 (due Wednesday 20-May at 5pm)
unit2-practice (due never)
Wed 20-May Strings
collab3 (due Thu 21-May at 11:59pm)
hw3 (due Fri 22-May at 5pm)
unit3-practice (due never)
Thurs 21-May Testing and Exceptions
continue hw3
Fri 22-May 1D Lists and Tuples
Notice: Session One Course Add Deadline & Audit Grade Option Deadline & Drop Deadline to Receive Tuition Adjustment 1
collab4 (due Fri 22-May at 11:59pm)
hw4 (due Tue 26-May at 11:59pm)
unit5-practice (due never)
Week 2
Mon 25-May Memorial Day; No Classes
Tue 26-May Test 1 Review test1 (in recitation)
Wed 27-May 2D Lists writing-session4
collab5 (due Wed 27-May at 11:59pm)
hw5 (due Thu 28-May at 5pm)
unit5-practice (due never)
Thurs 28-May Graphics
collab6 (due Thurs 28-May at 11:59pm)
hw6 (due Fri 29-May at 5pm)
unit6-practice (due never)
Fri 29-May Animation Part 1: Event Based Animation
Worked Example From Lecture
Note: skip collab7 (no collab today)
hw7 (due Mon 1-Jun at 11:59pm)
unit7-practice (due never)
Week 3
Mon 1-Jun Test 2 Review test2 (in recitation)
Tue 2-Jun Animation Part 2: Time-Based Animations
Optional Lecture: We Build A Bootleg Version Of Your Favorite Arcade Game (You Pick)
Note: skip writing-session7 (no writing session today)
Note: skip collab8 (no collab today)
hw8 (due Thurs 4-Jun at 5pm)
Wed 3-Jun Animation Demos
continue hw8
Thurs 4-Jun Midterm Review
Fri 5-Jun Midterm Exam (in class)
No recitation today
Week 4
Mon 8-Jun Sets
Tue 9-Jun Recursion
More Efficiency
Wed 10-Jun Advanced Recursion
Thurs 11-Jun Advanced Recursion
Fri 12-Jun Test 3 Review (in class)
Test 3 (in recitation)
Week 5
Mon 15-Jun Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Notice: Session One Course Drop or Pass/Fail Grade Deadline; Assign Withdrawal Grade for Course Dropping After This Date
Tue 16-Jun OOPy Animation
Wed 17-Jun Large Project Design and Documentation
Term Project Assignment
Final Exam Review Part 1 (in recitation)
Thurs 18-Jun TP Mini-Lectures (each roughly 1 hour long)!
Topics TBD
Fri 19-Jun Final Exam
No recitation today
Week 6
Mon 22-Jun Topic TBD
This class is optional, attend for extra credit.
No recitation today
Tue 23-Jun Topic TBD
This class is optional, attend for extra credit.
No recitation today
Wed 24-Jun Topid TBD
This class is optional, attend for extra credit.
No recitation today
Thurs 25-Jun Topic TBD
This class is optional, attend for extra credit.
No recitation today
Fri 26-Jun Last Minute TP Office Hours During Class (location: GHC 4003)
Term Project Due @ 4:30PM
TP Showcase @ 5:30PM; attendance required
TP Grading Meetings, scheduled by your TP Mentor

Algorithmic Thinking
Internet of Things
Functions Redux
Limits of Computation
Monte Carlo Methods
Volunteering with Programming
Extra Topics
CS in the News
Notice: Nothing in this category will be covered this semester.