AcmeStudio is a customizable editing environment and visualization tool for software architectural designs based on the Acme architectural description language (ADL). With AcmeStudio, you can define new Acme families and customize the environment to work with those families by defining diagram styles. AcmeStudio is an adaptable front-end that may be used in a variety of modeling and analysis applications. AcmeStudio is implemented as a plugin for Eclipse environment, an open source Java Integrated Development Environment. Eclipse provides a plugin-environment allowing easy extensions of AcmeStudio with new analyses and functionality, and customization of new architectural environments tailored to a particular organization.


  • Graphical editor for architectural designs
  • Edit designs in existing families (styles), or create new families and types
  • Create new diagram styles based on visualization conventions you define
  • Intergrated Armani constraint checker to check architectural design rules
  • Implemented as Eclipse plugin for portability and extensibility
  • Available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS X

Downloading and Using AcmeStudio

AcmeStudio is available as a free download. To use it, you must have Java JDK 1.5 or later installed on your machine. As part of the download process, we ask that you register with us. We will use this information for internal purposes only because we are interested in the types of organizations interested in using AcmeStudio. This information will not be released to any third party, and will not be used for any other purpose by Carnegie Mellon University.


We encourage you to register for the forum where you can post questions about Acme or AcmeStudio.