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From the latest issue:

Ace of Clubs

BY Jason Togyer - Friday August 19, 2011
A student-run chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery is getting noticed both on- and off-campusBy Jason TogyerChess. Water polo. Freestyle rapping. A cappella singing. Snowboarding. Swing dancing. Rowing. Baseball, foosball, racquetball and roller hockey.More than 250 student organizations are competing for the attention of CMU undergraduates. Some focus on sports or hobbies; others celebrate ethnic heritage or encourage involvement in politics and activism. 

CEO: Unisys refocused on service, growth

BY Jason Togyer - Thursday August 18, 2011
By Jason TogyerThe predecessors of today's Unisys Corp. pioneered some of the most amazing technological breakthroughs of the 20th century--the airplane auto-pilot, radar and microwave communications, and the first American-made commercially available computer, UNIVAC. 

Machines With Charisma

BY Mary Lynn Mack - Wednesday August 17, 2011
Can robots tell jokes? If they want to be accepted by humans, they can--and should, says grad student Heather KnightBy Mary Lynn MackSure, a person can be charismatic. But a robot?Heather Knight thinks so. Currently a doctoral student in the Robotics Institute, Knight says that if we want human-robot interaction to be as seamless as human-human interaction, then we'd better make sure robots are more charismatic. 

Speed Test

BY Jennifer Bails - Tuesday August 16, 2011
A new measurement standard for supercomputers owes a debt to the work of CMU's Christos FaloutsosBy Jennifer BailsIf you were shopping for a new car, you'd want to know more than just how long it takes for the vehicle to accelerate from zero to 60 mph at full throttle. A savvy buyer would also want some information about fuel economy, handling, braking and other performance metrics.When you're comparison shopping for supercomputers, you also need performance metrics--but you can't exactly flip through Consumer Reports for the answers. 

President: 'Cutting edge ideas' will spur new jobs

BY Jason Togyer - Monday August 15, 2011
By Jason TogyerThere's no plan for a robot uprising at Carnegie Mellon University. Not yet, anyway.That pronouncement comes direct from the United States Commander-in-Chief--President Obama, who visited the Robotics Institute's National Robotics Engineering Center in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood on June 24. 

Alumni Director's Message

BY Tina Carr - Sunday August 14, 2011
Above and BeyondI've often talked about how gifts of time are important, and how being a volunteer can make an impact.In Mark Dorgan's article in this same issue of The Link, you'll read about a group of volunteers--the Alumni Advisory Board--and how their gifts have impacted the School of Computer Science. As the board nears its 10th anniversary, I'd like to share just a few thoughts about what this dedicated alumni group has meant to me.