The Link is the magazine of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science.

Its name recognizes the pioneering work of two of the School of Computer Science's co-founders, Allen Newell and Herb Simon, who invented the use of linked-list data structures for representing complex information.

But it also serves as the link between the School of Computer Science and more than 10,000 alumni, colleagues, parents and other friends around the world.

From the latest issue:

Scanning Gigapan's Horizons

Byron Spice Friday August 07, 2009
Researchers are picturing scientific uses for camera system, softwareThe GigaPan system makes it easy to generate giant panoramas using everyday digital cameras, but even it has its limits. Laura Tomokiyo, project scientist with the Robotics Institute, learned that the hard way --- on the North Slope of Alaska.  

Keeping Up with Keepon

Anne Watzman Friday August 07, 2009
Bouncy 'bot adds new dimensions to human-robot interaction  

As the Morris Worm Turned

Meghan Holohan Friday August 07, 2009
Twenty years later, cybersecurity remains a challenging set of problems At half past midnight on November 3, 1988, subscribers to an email list for TCP-IP developers received an ominous message: "There may be a virus loose on the Internet," it warned. 

Model Checking's Role Model

Jennifer Bails Friday August 07, 2009
Ed Clarke's graduate students stay in close contact with the TuringAward winner, whose educational legacy rivals his research outputBy Jennifer Bails(Wade H. Massie photo)It was the biggest speech that Edmund Clarke had ever delivered. Last Oct. 20, before the International Conference on Embedded Software in Atlanta, Clarke rose to give his official lecture as a winner of the 2007 A.M. Turing Award. 

Still Boldly Going

Jason Togyer Friday August 07, 2009
For Rick Rashid, the voyage from Iowa to building the world's largest computer science research organization went through Carnegie MellonBy Jason Togyer(Dan Hart illustration) 

Research Notebook: The Discipline of Machine Learning

Jason Togyer Friday August 07, 2009
A scientific field is best defined by the central question it studies. In machine learning, that question is: "How can we build computer systems that automatically improve with experience, and what are the fundamental laws that govern all learning processes?"