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Wednesday July 6 - Friday July 8


Presentations 2011

  • Group A: Four videos on the web to show relevance of computing no matter what career
    Members: Claudia Lugo, Suzy Lebo, John Mihaloew, Kathy Weiss - Wisconsin
  • Group B: Computing in Our Student’s Lives: If you could take your students on a field trip to a location that illustrates the importance of computing in their lives, identify 4 such locations that would be near most schools.”
    Members: Phil Marchal, Laura Wojick, Tawanda Wright, Bill MacDonald
  • Group E: Computation and Careers: Imagine you are talking to a group of students at your school who are not involved with computing. Briefly describe 4 examples of uses of computation that have had a significant impact on fields other than computer science.
    Members: Christina, Evelyn, Joann, Julie & OmaR
  • Group F
  • Group G : Identify 4 games (board games, card games, online/computer games, etc.) that teach kids about computing principles specifically.
    Members:  Jeannette Anderson, Ellen Caranese, Wendy Fennell, Horman Hill
  • Group H/H2: Identify 4 movie/TV examples that portray computer use in a positive manner.
    Members: Dorene Hughes, Nancy Yauneridge, Terri Logan, The Mulhern
  • Group I: Web Resources for CS Opportunities for Women
    Members: Jacky Hanny, Janice Hill, Shannon Houtrouw, Barry Specter


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